[Suggestion] How to avoid wild spawnkill

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  1. Sghignifiss

    During playtime I very often come across many spamfests quite everywhere.

    People prefer to take control of a base just sitting around the enemy spawnroom and shooting to anyone who dares to get the nose outside the shield on the door.

    The worst I've seen so far is camping around a sunderer, maybe very near of it so its turret cannot aim at enemies, and keep on killing anyone how spawns from there instead of just destroying the sunderer and get back to the action. This is, IMHO, what goes most against game objectives accomplishement (= conquer a base, push back enemies, destroy critical objectives such as sunderers...) and goes most to a mere grindfest.

    My personal feeling is that these behaviours should not be permitted as they just kill the fun of all those spawnkilled (and I personally don't think it is a fair way to win a battle...) and also of those who actually use to spawnkill: there's no strategy in it, it's just sitting around.

    Both spawnkilling types (within bases and around sunderers) I think are due to a lack of proper early defence system for the spawning faction:

    - shields in bases don't give a real possibility to fight back the spawnkilling enemies
    - sunderers just do not provide any type of spawn defence

    So my suggestion is: why not providing some kind of "ultra shield" that gives the just-spawned player some sort of invulnerability for about, say, 5 seconds right after the spawn? In this way the player that has just spawned could actually move not too far from spawn point (but safely) to a good cover and shoot back to spawnkilling enemies that are in the open.

    I agree that giving some sort of invulnerability to players could be dangerous, but I think that the fear to be killed and to fight against players that can't be killed should keep enemies a little more far from spawning points, giving to the spawning faction the time to regroup and fight fairly.

    What do you think about it?
  2. Purg

    Camping spawn rooms is a legitimate tactic that doesn't allow a wave of enemy to storm out of their spawn and stop you from capping an area. It's good tactical sense. If our squad decides to take the Crown, we have a squad that'll go straight to their spawn, a squad each for the cap points and a few infiltrators to flip the vehicle spawn and grab a Sundy. The key to this sort of attack is to limit the amount of enemy being able to counter. There's no SCU so endless waves of infantry can storm out of their spawn until the point flips. Why let them?

    I like to MAX and a Sunderer is a big juicy target for my Falcons. I'll go for the nice big XP bonus taking out the Sunderer. Agreed that killing spawning players is merely cheese instead of simply destroying the Sunderer.
  3. RedNoak

    yeah, spawnkilling is a valid tactic and a needed one.

    how are u supposed to do it in a different way? the game mechanics require u to camp the enemy spawnpoint.

    also the sunderer thingy.
    think about a tech or amp station with these walls around. once u dirven the enemy off the base, they regroup at a sundy spawnpoint behind a hill. then u fight em back. if u pushed them far enough u will see their sunderer, but since it was a infantry battle, maybe there arent that much HA around. and even if there are enough HA's, it takes a while to destroy a sunderer... so u camp it until its destroyed... also i cant blame people if they are willingly letting the sundy alive to farm some kills. sorry but that spawnpoint doesnt do u any good anymore... if u spawn there its your fault. stop spawning and sooner or later the sundy will get destroyed. also i've noticed that many people dont even bother to get into the sundy turrets... i mean if u would have 2 manned turrets of anti infantry gun, believe me there would be no sundyspawnkilling ...... ; )

    and no the spwan protection is a terrible idea... this would dhift the balance too much on the defender side.... think about it, in a bio lab this would mean that they can reach the A point and the SCU without risk of beeing killed, while beeing able to kill any resistance witjout getting scrached
  4. KoSGunny

    Spawn somewhere else.

    I've been spawn-killed plenty of times. It forces me to choose:

    Spawn somewhere else, or try again now that I know he's there and hope I win the firefight. He's not cheating, griefing, or harming his team: So take your pick of what you can do about it above.
  5. 13lackCats

    Defending your base from your spawn point is a VERY bad idea.

    Try defending the base in the open country, where you have a chance to win.
  6. Sghignifiss

    I agree with you, go to storm a spawn point is a good choice, but wouldn't be more fun to actually fight and shoot at fighting enemies instead of shooting at a shielded door? Enemies could still be holded near the spawn point, but at least they would be outside the room. It would be more difficult to mantain position for the attackers, for sure, but wouldn't it add some more challange (and maybe some more time) to capture a base?
  7. Purg

    Call me nutty but I get more joy out of crushing the enemy with a superior and well executed attack rather than leave the back door open for the sake of having something to shoot at. Why bother taking out an SCU when you can just shoot at endless waves of enemies? Because it's tactically sound to choke off your enemy as much as possible. Not only do I participate in attacks like this but also defences where the enemy is camping our spawn room or taken out an SCU.

    There's no need to shoot at a shielded door as it achieves nothing but free certs for a nearby engineer. A counter attack through other means is still possible. Air, gal drop, mass squad deploy, sunderer, spawn beacon, grab armor from a neighboring base - the enemy still has viable options that still pose a huge threat. Choke the immediate threat and determining how to deal with the counters is the fun part.
  8. Zaik

    If your spawn is camped you lost the base.

    The end.

    If they put SCUs in every base it'd be the exact same thing, not sure why people don't understand this.