[Suggestion] How to avoid Patching QQ

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Whet, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Whet

    Don't put an exact date on when you will release the patches, because they should always come out when their fully ready and may need delays. like my old high school AP Chem teacher used to say: "no expectations, no disappointment" (Then he proceeded to fail the whole class).
  2. Arquin

    That would just end up like Half-Life 3.
  3. VSDerp

    won't work in this community.
  4. Hael

    SOE does a pretty good job of just offering up half-***** incomplete patch notes as a solution to the QQ problem, since half of the changes they make are undocumented anyway
  5. Playful Pony

    Yeah, I agree. Always problematic when they put out information on something that they don't end up keeping. Even when I do know that delays may occur, that they usually do and I should be ready for them, I still can't help being disapointed when they don't show as intended. Even more so when the delay is announced the day before the patch was to go live =p.

    Also, when you remove things from the patch please also remove it from the officially posted patch notes...
  6. Erik

    The date was a goal/time frame. It should be understood that anything like this is subject to change. You would think people would have been gaming long enough to realize this. The dates are nice to have a time frame. People simply need to chill out a little bit, be patient, and act like adults.