[Guide] How to allow Planetside 1 through your firewall (Windows 10)

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    ok you need to let the game pass through the firewall. if you have windows 10 do this: type control panel, click system and security, you will see windows firewall click allow an app through windows firewall, click change settings, click allow another app, find planetside oldschool and allow it.
    now share this with the community!
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    No problem!
    Oh that sheld consiept is awesome! Hope they put it in September!
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    Ha ha...no, they don't have the ability, funding, team, or will to do so.
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    ah thats a shame
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    sorry guys but if i don't bump this up then i'd never be able to have fun like you vets did in 1999. :(
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    Get the game or make an account (Not sure if you can log in with your PS2 account):
    https://www.planetside.com/register (Download top right: ca 1,6 gigs)

    If anything, taking a tour of the game once is recommended.
    It will be interesting to most to just check out the place.
    Also, since BFR doesnt work in the main game, you can still check em out in VR training like the NC "AT-ST" :D.

    You have to make exceptions in the Firewall for Launcher.exe and Planetside.exe
    Search_Windows Firewall_Allow an app_Change settings_Add another app. Browse and add the two files.
    You only need the private network checked.

    Lastly, you need to start the launcher with admin rights. Right click and select Run as admin.

    Common errors and fixes:
    Launcher wont start: You need to run it as admin, if it "is", but still not working do the right click run as admin every time.
    No servers in the server list: You need to open up the 2 mentioned files in the firewall.
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    wate so bfr's dont exist in the classic?
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