How to aim while moving in a lightning?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Okjoek, May 18, 2018.

  1. Okjoek

    Is there some kind of 3rd person HUD or something I can get to know where my crosshair is while driving?
  2. Dosatron01

    Recursion Stat Tracker has a built in crosshair even for 3rd person if you are looking for that.
  3. Klypto

    You press T when you want to shoot for about .5 seconds then press T again. Been doing that for years.
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  4. Metalsheep

    Klypto pretty much said it. Third person mode is pretty smooth for aiming on the move. It takes getting a feel for where the shot will go, or you can use an overlay. You can also use 3rd person to help negate the slight movement/recoil from the shot if you are stationary and shelling a static object like a Turret or Sunderer at long range.
  5. SmittyJensen

    Aim ahead. More depending on how far away you are. Once you get a feel for it you can gauge it without any addons. Actually I wasn't even aware there were add-ons to help with this until now..

    Practice in the VR room some to get the hang of it.

    Success in this game is largely about timing and accurately guessing where your opponent will be in the immediate future.
  6. LegendarySalmonSnake

    Should also take note of the turret not being able to rotate as fast as your 3rd person camera. This means that you can miss by a mile if you try to snapshot or fire while driving in too rough terrain even if your aim is perfect.
  7. typnct

    intuition, as simple as that
    all you need to do is to use 3rd person more and get used to the movement and aiming

    the best training is to shoot targets at 3rd person from about 200 100 meters
    then getting closer and closer
    and finally starting to move and shoot while looking where your turret is

    i usually just go for 1st person just so i could see when i hit a huge bump thats going to disrupt my aim
    anyway for 3rd person id suggest using heat rounds and not ap as it is too much demanding in 3rd person and a miss might mean death for you :D
    anyway train hard and keep at it! its not something that you will master overnight or a day
  8. Klypto

    Uh, what I was saying is:
    • Line up the target in 3rd person
    • press T to switch to first person
    • finalize aim and shoot
    • press T to switch back to 3rd person
    • Look around while reloading
    • Repeat.
    The whole process takes like 0.5 seconds. You can't do this with viper though.

    Shooting in 3rd person in a tank is annoying as any hull rotation would have to be compensated for by an offset of your aim to the left / right or the shot goes wide. I only shoot in 3rd for fun or to bypass declination limiters while on inclines which is technically a bug/exploit but whatever.