How the Nvidia circuit board camo came to life.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by ICaseyI, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. IamSalvation

    Link? You only get the Bundle... but i can say i like it :)
  2. kingduckling

    so you didnt get the sc at all?
  3. IamSalvation

    You don´t get SC.. you get the Bossts, the Camos, the Zepher PX... thats what they say on the nvidia EU Page and thats what you get...
  4. Nacasatu

    Yeah EU players got jipped with that deal, but I saw the camo in game on a sunderer (at night) and thought it looked cool. Not very useful as a camo though but it still looked good, maybe it's your graphics settings that drop it's coolness down ?
    Anyway, yeah, AMD deals they're doing currently with the free games are a better deal imo.
  5. Kwanza

    Geeze would love that camo :( I just bought the 680 the other day and already cashed in my code. :(
  6. Luewen

    You can tell that to the shops here at Finland. For any card above 660 Ti you get 110 euros coupon that you can change to SC for PS2, gold for WoT or whatever the hawken currency is.

    And you can tell to my friend that already got the SC from coupon, that he doesnt get SC from EU card puchases.
  7. IamSalvation

    ok, just looked at my Bonus Card, the "No SC Code" seems to be for: CZ, ES, IT, TR, DE, FR and PL.
    So yes, the northern European Countrys and England seem to have another deal.
  8. schwarzklang

    This that camo on TR and VS yellow too?
  9. TheSinKing

  10. Skullface360

    I want this camo and live in the US any way of obtaining it?
  11. tickay

    anyone has a screenie for the vs one?

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