How people r cheating in Planetside 2

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  1. UnholyFury

    They are using a program called "Auto Hot Key", a program that you can macro to auto press keys.

    So one could tie running forward to Q spotting and constantly spot everyone you look at as you run forward for example.

    This is being used by a lot of "top" players, and its really not fair considering any new or newish players, who are already at a marked disadvantage, are even more so because of this cheat. This would exacerbate new players not sticking with the game, which is a shame, because we need fresh blood to keep this game alive.

    If you were using KAMU's Easy Anti-Cheat, you could configure it to detect any 3rd party program as something considered cheating for your game, and take appropriate action ( terminate client, report user for cheating, etc ). Very easy web-based interface to see a summary of all goings on.

    I recommend Easy Anti Cheat, and more diligence in detecting hackers and exploiters, which in a shooter game, is really the death knell of the product.

    As to all you players using this, you don't need to, and that shows weakness that you do use it. You aren't helping to maintain the game by exploiting it, and driving away fresh blood.
  2. JustGotSuspended

    they could.....

    oh wait there's a cooldown on the spot key, try it yourself, its (3 presses I believe) and then you can spot for a bit.

    First myth *poof* debunked.

    Thanks for the advertisement though, but I really doubt your program can do anything about macros since...macros are macros lol. That would be like telling us you can detect who can ban whoever binds instant action to or J.

    And seriously, if people want to trouble themselves to play with macros, let them. Macros are more of a hindrance to them than anything. Being predictable is the best way to die, and macros won't be able to substitute for skill. It's harder to play with a macro than without.
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  3. JibbaJabba

    Let them. I just don't care.

    You can't bind Q key to movement or you'll exhaust the spot. Try it yourself. Just spam Q at some distant area with enemies to try to get free spots. It will stop detecting after a moment. Dev added that back in like 2013??

    If they want to bind their mouse 1 button to simultaneously press Q, sure go ahead. There are times when you do NOT want to Q spot, even if firing. They'll just get dunked on more.

    And if they want to do other macro related stuff like ducking... by all means, knock yourself out. Again, you'll just get dunked on even more. A macro is no substitute for skillful use of a duck.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for more anti-cheat measures. But I just don't care if people use Macros against me. It's really pathetic to see. The people using them have no idea how sad they look or what people think of them.
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  4. DarkStarAnubis

    Anything that can inject raw keyboard/mouse events can be used for that purpose: there are tons of tools like AHK (simply because they have a role in automated GUI testing, nothing to do with cheating...) but any programmer could write a small application to do that (much better since it would not have any known signature) and even better sophisticated gaming mice and keyboards nowadays have on-board processors and memory to do exactly the same, either by recording actions or be programmed. Good look in detecting that.

    Having said that, why bother? You think newbies in PS2 are killed by auto-bobbing macros (I have seen those...) ? They are killed by players moving better, scanning the minimap, knowing every corner of the bases, burst-firing and chaining headshots with their Betelgeuse like there is no tomorrow.
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  5. Towie

    There was an early hack written in AHK - and worth pointing out that AHK is a fully fledged programming language and far more sophisticated than simply being able to press a key. It can scan the screen for images in realtime (even providing a level of programmable allowance for imprecision in the graphical comparison) and take action on what it sees.

    So let's say for an example - it can spot when the enemy dorito is in just the right position for an auto-fire based on what it sees on the minimap for range and hit the LMB. Hell you can even stream your videos and claim it to be a 'drag shot' - nobody would bat an eyelid.

    Let's also say that it could provide a rudimentary level of recoil compensation, it's not going to be precise but it's better than nothing.

    Best of all, it doesn't fiddle with any game assets, doesn't need to be injected into the game code and doesn't need to access internal game structures - it just literally operates on what it sees on-screen. This isn't going to make you god-like - which may actually be beneficial from a statistical perspective.

    There are two ways you can run AHK programs, either interpreted (not recommended from a performance point of view) or compiled. Battleye can easily see both (i'm assuming at the moment that BE is still operational - hasn't appeared to run on my machine for a while). Or you would have to run one of the BE bypasses - you will likely be caught at some point though.
    Or maybe some day run it all in hardware - being an external cheating method, it would never be detected.

    Game writers will have to get to grips with the fact that external hardware is getting more sophisticated - programmable keyboards and mice can make a difference and it's only a matter of time before stuff comes out with autohotkey-like functionality (it might even be around already).

    I said that in April 2019....
  6. JustGotSuspended

    There are in fact keyboards/mice with a "sniping" button, that lowers you sensitivity as long as you hold it down. I have the asus rog gladius, which is a mouse with that feature. Good thing I don't snipe, and I like a challenge anyways; besides you can literally press shift while ads using sniper or nvs to get perfect accuracy for a sec.

    These things are obvious to spot when someone is streaming or sharing videos of their gameplay, but harder to tell in game. Ofc, they aren't detectable by anti-cheats or even investigations. You're not technically cheating when using these features....but you're technically cheating.

    There is a solution though, if the game doesn't want to evolve to accommodate this "smart" hardware. They can simply make the game incompatible with those items. Drastic solution, but would work better than trying to catch individual "cheaters" abusing these features.
  7. RabidIBM

    Yeah, the constant Q spot is easy to debunk, as many have pointed out the use limit.

    That said, there does seem to be a persistent attitude that cheating is a problem. I don't personally have the skill to definitively say whether someone is a cheater or not, but I do have the experience in gaming communities and the business sense to know that such rumours shouldn't be ignored. A but of publicity involving accused cheaters and how to prove that they aren't cheating, and even the occasional one getting caught and publicly shamed (because I strongly doubt there is zero cheating going on) would do a lot to reassure the player base that issue is being taken seriously.

    The reason this would be worth it is because we've all been in a platoon where someone is rambling on about how there is so much cheating going on. Trouble is newer players who don't know better might believe it and stop playing.
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  8. OldSchoolD

    I'd rather see developer's resources focused on reverting the direction this game is being taken into (killing big fights). Or developing new continents. Or embracing the gaming industry's trend of microtransactions and accepting new payment methods so new players in non central countries can also fund the game if they want to. Or making something unique of the robot faction so more players would be interested in subscribing to play it (btw lower the sub prices too, anything above 5 shekels a month is a no-no). Or developing new weapons and vehicles. Anything but using time to pretend to tackle an issue that barely bothers anyone in this game.
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  9. RabidIBM

    I wouldn't worry about the resource cost on this one, hand the accusation records off to a couple YouTubers, have them bring some outfit mates along who would probably do this for free, catch the guy red handed. How? I don't know, but I imagine you could make an aim bot tweak out by suddenly decloaking 6 stalkers unexpectedly, watch the aim bot spin the guy around and head shot 2 of them before he turns it off. Guilty!

    It would be a part time casual project for a handful of people, unlike the amount of paid work that went into the sanctuary. "Social hub"? Psh.
  10. JustGotSuspended

  11. Clone117

    All i can say is im pretty sure ps4 server is getting attacks via ddos or somethin atm.
  12. brutes359

    Cheaters are nothing new in planetside. Not even in ps4. I see the Japanese troops clan doing it all the time. Had on dude the other day get pelted by two separate striker rocket launchers from the side of a valkary. Three mags, 80% hits at least. Dude want even smoking when he got out of range. Aimbot is really common now the Ambushers are a thing and its most often paired with shotguns and by easy mode airborne infantry farmers (ESF's with ground attack builds) You can usually spot them because they will be able to keep their noseguns trained on single targets even while doing arching maneuvers and orbiting their target. Its actually really funny to see it in the air, as it causes the aircraft to affectively fly backwards to continue tracking its target.

    Also, i agree about the sanctuary crap. I would have much rather the devs put their recourses into anti cheat systems and new weaponry for vehicles and MAX's than some out of the way waiting room where you can read the collective toxins leaking into the general chat from the general playerbase.
  13. JustGotSuspended


    Sounds like lag advantage! What's more believable: all japanese r hacking, or all asia-pacific players are doing weird stuff thanks to their massive ping/latency advantage?

    I'll let the big brain woke subtle cheaters are everywhere dudes decide.

    Last paragraph I can definitely agree with
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  14. brutes359

    Lagging doesnt explain the ability to keep a nose gun on an ESF trained on individual infantry's heads....nor does it explain getting hit markers on an esf without it taking damage. if there where no hitmarkers, than yea, it can be lag. But theres been plenty of times of whole teams unloading into single players from that clan with no results. hit markers and all. it is becoming more common then you think.
  15. Nikushimi

  16. iller

    Autohotkey's useful for Base-Building and managing the Voice-Chat options. There's no reason to have it added to the f***ing useless Anti-cheat this game runs that's got 20 different "Bypasser" methods already when it comes to the REAL cheat programs and packet spoofing techniques widely used. Let's not forget a couple years ago that this was a Game that didn't even have its Hitbox Geometry secured. Autohotkey is like a pseudo-exploit at BEST on the *** end of a long list of exploits that needed attention way more, way sooner

    Full disclosure: I don't run Autokotkey alongside Planetside and I never needed to. I only use it alongside Maya and Photoshop generally. My Nostromo gamepad already has macros built into it and no other MMO games that Prohibit Autohotkey specifically, have ever prevented me from using those macros so what is even the point of this thread? ...I don't wanna hear it when the Devs themselves are just fine with those damned Recursion overlay shenanigans
  17. iller

    Actually it does and it's kinda embarrassing just HOW MUCH it does.

    See the biggest limitation to Latency Interpolation... is that it doesn't have any sort of pattern monitoring A.I. built into it, to basically interpret for the target what that target's default behavior would look like when either the Pilot's Client, or that target's Client is lagging. ....THEREFORE...

    ...The Target .... ======================>>>>>>>> Just moves in a straight line on their screen, until the Pilot's packets stop "dropping". This is WHY lag switches are so damned powerful to any player who can track heads in a straight line where the target's vector-velocity doesn't speed up or slow down. And if the target is already standing still, then even a 1/4 second of lag (or lagswitching) is all that's needed when it's a bunch of headshots.

    ...and such a brief period of lagging can be infinitely explained away with "Plausible Deniability" so long as the Pilot doesn't overuse it to the point that their Nosegun Stats start looking too much like the stats of a LongShot Sniper rifle (45% acc, 80% HSR, etc)