How often have you played on Hossin after implenation of VP system

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by kesuga7, Nov 13, 2015.

  1. kesuga7

    On connery NC I have not seen hossin open once that had some decent continent pop. on it

    I like hossin :( Well at least after Indarside stalemates I miss hossin because you don't ussualy have massive stalemates on it
  2. ElricVIII

    Not once. I enjoyed it, too. Now it's either ghost cap it or don't set foot on it at all.
  3. Inex

    Well, that depends on whether you mean #1: "Was Hossin unlocked" or #2: "Was there a decent fight on Hossin".

    #2 hasn't happened in months. And unfortunately you've only got maybe a 1/4 - 1/5 chance of seeing Hossin open when you log in to Connery. Not that it matters, without a decent fight there everybody just goes to Indar anyway - preventing a decent fight from happening there which causes everybody to go to.... you get the idea.

    Every night I say a little prayer to my Malorn shrine that they'll lock Indar on Connery for three weeks again this Christmas.
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  4. Tiedemann

    Seems to work great on Cobalt. Indar is still there most of the time but I'm good as long as I never have to go there. The biggest issue I've seen so far is that the pop balance is much worse now and then on the other continents after they introduced the system. Don't if it's a coincidence.
  5. Onhil

    Ah the best three weeks of my time playing PS2. Hadn't it been for the constant air superiority TR had because of the Indar lockdown it would have been perfect
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  6. theVelvetAlley

    I like Hossin. You don't get vehicles camping your spawn room at every base like you do on Indar.

    Since the benefit to Hossin has changed, people are less driven to go there. Vehicle repairs are small potatoes compared to half price maxes.
  7. Liewec123

    sadly these days i don't think theres a choice where to play, you go where the pop is,
    theres usually one full map and the rest are ghost towns.
    i wouldn't mind playing on hossin, but the pop is generally on indar or amerish.

    esamir is my favourite.
    big, flat, simple.
  8. Foxirus

    Whats a "Hossin"?
  9. toast2250

    Many here say how they like Hossin yet there is barely any people on it.

    Its because it blows, the terrain is awful and foggy. People wanted Hossin simply because they wanted it.

    They should have saved their time and theme hossified Indar instead, plain and simple.
    Indar is like de_dust2 from CSSource.
  10. Cheetoh

    The VP system killed Hossin, but that's what they wanted.

    DBG is only interested in milking the remaining players by turning the game into a farm before its shutdown.
  11. kesuga7

    You have a point Toast

    Indar has become


    Anyone familiar with those games knows what im talking about

    I despise dustbowl!! :mad: same old **** everydam time on map votes!
  12. Cheetoh

    Yeah, nobody wants to play anything else, so those games are forever stuck in time and can never move forward.

    Their huge player base won't let them, but PS2 doesn't have the same following nor is it balanced properly.

    To think people will still be around farming Indar 2 or 3 years from now is laughable.