How often do you quit a game session when you're done?

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  1. Gremmel

    Because I can't remember ever doing it. It's 100% ragequits. This is the only game this happens to me. Now no matter what I say everyones response will be "get good" but I already am. I'm far above average. And with me doing well while playing I can't imagine the average player ever not ragequitting. This game just ******* sucks balls doesn't it. I keep coming back every few months but it never changes. BR100 cheese farming ******** death 100% of the time. Just boring
  2. PKSpark

    I use concussion grenades to break their smug. It's very effective!
  3. Scr1nRusher

    Yes..yes let the Warp Flow through you........

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  4. Thardus

    Guess what?
    Get gud.
    If you're dying to something, learn why, and try to figure out what to do differently next time, even if "Different" is simply going to a different fight. What happens to you is never entirely out of your hands.
  5. Jubikus

    most people ragequit here and there reasons always differ one might not ragequit because hes doing bad but command chat is being dumb and they dont want to bother with the stupid at that time some dumb friendly blew up their tank or TKd them one more time than they want to deal with at the time or too much enemy air or tanks and its frustrating to deal with theese are all vatying degrees of rage quitting one might not be completely livid because they are getting owned and ragequitting but they are still like eh too much air/tanks/******** teammates **** this ill come back later.

    Then you have people that just log out after an alert or just a few hours of playing all went well and they are just like eh thats enough for me.

    Me personally its like a 50/50 a soft ragequit half the time (welp tank just died think ive had enough) or something along those lines and the other half is alert ended thats enough for today.
  6. Rentago

    i hardly consider myself better than average and im never in a situation where im just getting farmed. If the base is getting rolled that hard i usually just spawn a base away to pull a vehicle or something to thin the ****ters out before they make way to the next base.

    I think people expect this game to be call of duty where its infantry combat only, and it is all about kill/death ratios where in a game with support classes it requires a bit of a coordinated effort to capture and defend bases. I do however agree this game is **** and it is because it doesnt focus on needed features from PS1 but rather lazy quick implemented bandaid fixes and monetization.

    Spawn camping is still an enforced "meta" to capture a base.
    I still dont see player studio infantry body armor cosmetics.

    They are doing terrible in both making revenue for this game and making an actual game to play.
  7. Pirbi

    I usually decide I'm tired and quit after the next death. I don't think I've ever rage quit.
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  8. Neo3602

    I usually just play until I get bored or if there is an alert going on I'll just play until it's finished.
  9. TombsClawtooth

    Being good in this game has little or nothing to do with skill.

    It's simply a matter of positioning yourself in the best fight where you hold the biggest advantage and can play as cheaply as possible.

    If you're rage quitting, you're purposefully staying at a disadvantage to your enemy and allowing them to farm you.
  10. Taemien

    Hardly ever. And when I do, its not because of the game, but because my static squad (static because its the same players I group with every time) did or didn't do something that ticked me off.

    But never because of the game. I'm a competitive player. I dish out BS and I expect it in return from my enemy/opponent. I thrive in difficult situations. I love coming up with ways to beat impossible odds. KDR doesn't mean squat to me except as a tool to see about how well I'm doing with a particular weapon in effectiveness. But it goes out the window and favor of winning.

    There's two quotes I go by when I play by Vince Lombardi (yeah the guy they named the Super Bowl trophy after in case it sounds familar):

    And then George S. Patton:

    Is all this too deep for a video game? For many sure it might be. But for me, Planetside 2 and any other PVP game is one about competition. How can you go about it like its just a little fun thing like Super Mario Bros? No, when you play, your opponent isn't AI, its not some computer running a routine, its not some pattern to be hopped or ran through. Its a living breathing person.

    Your opponent is meant to be respected as a human being. He is your opponent, honor them as such. Honor them with a contest of will and mettle. When I go into a game I try to outsmart, outplay, and outwit my opponents. I will use every legitimate underhanded scheme I have available to beat them. I expect him to do the same. Doing so engages the mind and makes us both better for it in the long run.

    This is very intense for many. Maybe too much so. If it is, then I highly recommend that you play something that isn't PVP. Because once you start getting angry, you start taking things personally. This isn't personal. Its a simple contest. You see, everything I said above will make many think, "Holy crap, this guy takes this game way too seriously!" And they'll likely make a comment about how I need to get outside or some other personal attack (in a vain attempt to hide their own ineptitude or insecurity).

    But consider this....
    I'm not the one who gets upset at a video game. :D

    I am merely explaining why that is. I enjoy video games and I enjoy the challenge that comes from them. But I also understand that I do not lose (when I do) because someone else won. They won because I lost. Its my doing or inaction that led them to win, and for me to lose. Winning isn't some nefarious thing that other people do. Its a goal that we all should strive for.

    Others take the contest personally, get angry and log off in frustration. I don't do that. I don't get upset at a game. Its merely a means, a set of images and sounds to go along with a set of rules that we play by. An inanimate thing. Its an empty vessel, one we fill with our own essence when we contest each other, nothing more.

    So think about that if you feel the need to get upset and log off. There's no reason for those feelings.
  11. JojoTheSlayer

    Never... If anything frustration or unfairness usually keeps me playing longer.
    I usually leave if I am done playing and the current fight, whatever it was, is over.

    The thing is, know your limits and exploit your strengths. Even if you are faster and quicker than some random guy you corner with HA shield up and only land headshots, but he still kills you because of some lag compensation benefit. There are still ways to take that guy down, like flanking, indirect weapons, baiting etc... When I get frustrated I tend to want to try all tactics before I leave, within reason of course, so that is not really possible if I was a rage quitter.

    While I am more focused on the win rather than K/D ratio etc I can also use tactics other might think are bad because it upsets their stats. These are tactics like flow tactics. Basically, if you have to get somewhere and it takes 5 seconds from start, but whenever the enemy kills you it takes them 10 seconds to restock. Its a given that if you keep pushing, and dying, you will eventually win control over the enemy area because they will not be able to keep up over time. Similar to "human wave" in real world tactics one might say...

    Whit that in mind one can scale ones success regardless of one being killed allot or not.
    Lets say the main goal is to defend the base, but between doing that and your spawn you have 4 problems.
    1) The fing camping ESF with AI weapons.
    2) The mid fighters.
    3) CC campers.
    4) Enemy AMS.

    If you, against all odds, managed to complete them all. You did well above average, but even if you only manged to complete two of them. You will still feel you did a good job. Decied the ESF took skill. Killing two of the 5 mid fighters took skill or just brains etc.

    Bottom line is, rage quiting is just a state of mind.
  12. johnway

    Depends on the situation really. But i mostly stop after an hour or so after i've got my 5 ribbons and played between 1-2 hours. After an hour its usually diminishing returns so i stop.

    The only other times i quit are:

    1. There's nothing happening and can't get into a good fight.
    2. An alerts over and it seems like a logical place to stop.
    3. tech issues
    4. I rage quit. its very rare i do this and its usually to wipe the slate clean and take a breather.

    The only way that i play longer than expected is if i get into an large, epic entertaining battle or session and i am getting a hell of a lot of certs. If there is a biodome farm i stay until its over.

    Whenever theres a biodome defence and everyone is locked in/out of the base, i pull out a sniper rifle and get shooting.
  13. CorporationUSA

    I don't think I've ever rage quit any game, and I generally play games with large learning curves and hardcore communities.
  14. Vurvu

    There's an invention, recently made, called the Rage-Quit Latency Checker.

    It works like this:

    RQLC > 200ms = You don't know what's going on, but it feels like you're not to blame.
    RQLC > 150ms = A lot was going on at the time. Could have gone both ways.
    RQLC > 100ms = I almost won that before he got round that corner.
    RQLC > 50ms = I'm really enjoying this game. And it's nicely balanced.
    RQLC > 0ms = I should really stop playing this game at 65.
  15. zaspacer

    I *HIGHLY* suggest making 1 Character on each Faction on 2 Different Servers. This gives you MUCH more options in terms of what Server to play on, What Population Balance to play with, What Population levels to play with, etc. Everytime I log in, I check to see which Server(/Faction) has the better offering, and go there.

    PS2 is an SOE game. Which means you can't expect them to make the game more playable as is, but instead you have to figure out Workarounds to make the game playable for yourself.

    I don't really Ragequit. For me it's more that I find the play options unusable (Population Imbalance, Servers I like locked, Populations too small, Gank Squad locking down Air, etc.), or I just get bored, or I have to do something else.
  16. No_STG

    What gets me is latency issues, while playing the Battlefront beta, shots registered, the games were smooth and good times had by all, here I feel like I'm rolling a dice, shoot at some chump, he shoots at me but it turns out that he had been shooting me first and I didn't actually do any damage to him even though I had hit markers and whatnot. BF4 at launch was pretty bad but PS2 is worse than that at times, especially in zerg fests.
  17. DeadlyPeanutt

    not coming back is an option ;)
  18. DeadlyPeanutt


    i have three characters, three factions, three servers... i play what is in prime time and where I can find a good battle
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  19. TheFlamingLemon

    I don't think I would ever ragequit this game if not for Heavy Assaults needing a role change, Scattermaxes needing a nerf, Raven Maxes needing a nerf, Liberators needing a nerf, and the god damn issues with lag that are summed up very nicely by this guy

  20. Littleman

    I only ragequit when no class I play seems to be successful and it's clear I'm not going to get my K/D above 1/1 this session. I can do 2:1 and 3:1 most of the times (lately, even greater) but sometimes it's like the world has turned against me, and that's just no fun.