How much ping is considered acceptable

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  1. ZeroErrorz

    mine is 350ms on average is it acceptable ?, i was being frowned upon on connery one day on connery for telling that ammount of ping while on matherson no one talked about it, i guess connery have bad history with asian...
  2. VonStalin

    To get good experience your ping should not be over 100.
    You have to choose the server closer to your location.
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  3. inyourmind

    not to be mean but that is a really horrible ping. anything over 150ms is quite bad.
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  4. NinjaTurtle

    I have 130ms from England to Waterson, can't really tell so it seems fine... I think
  5. GrandpaFlipfox

    100ms or less = :D
    100ms to 150ms = :cool:
    150ms to 200ms = :(
    200ms or more = :mad:
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  6. Kunavi

    I currently enjoy 80 to 117 at most. I notice no difference between the two extremes.
  7. LibertyRevolution

    The higher your ping, the easier the game is.. it is clientside, so all that matter is what happens on your screen..
    You can consistently kill people that think they are behind cover on their screen, as on yours they are in the open still.
    Be a lib gunner, enjoy the hate tells of the guys you killed that think they are inside buildings.

    You can also trade kills with just about anyone..

    High ping only hurts you in this game when interacting with terminals/generator..

    This was my experience making a character on Briggs with a 320ping.
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  8. DramaticExit

    Not so sure about that. I agree to an extent, but it can get to the point where nothing makes sense any more. I find that playing on Connery from the UK, life becomes extremely easy... But playing Briggs results in me just being confused, and dying to stuff which outright doesn't exist, as far as my client is concerned.
  9. Tentakewls

    I play with 250 ish, it's manageable but I find that after 300 the game starts acting weird(er), lots of teleports and rubberbanding make it very hard sometimes to hit anything. Movement prediction gets worse and you see people clip through the floor/walls pretty often. Not sure what you mean by acceptable tho.
  10. Tentakewls

    Rofl, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. High ping is an advantage? What's next? 20 fps in low is better than 120 in ultra? You've obviously never had to play with high ping for an extended amount of time. You obviously don't understand how client side works, or hit detection, or movement prediction...or anything really.
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  11. LibertyRevolution

    You have no idea what you are talking about.. It is you that has no idea how clientside works.
    Only thing that matters in planetside is what happens on your screen.

    Unplug your network cable, shoot a few people and plug it back in, see what happens...
    That is the same thing as playing this with high ping!
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  12. Bumbil

    3x sigh

    Planetside 2 was/is my first FPS game that directly punish you when you have a good server connection. I can't count the situations that i stomped in the ground behind a wall SECONDS after i take cover.

    But yeah i really feel the advantage of being the first that can spawn a vehicle no matter when i was the third on the terminal.

    Sure this clientside thing helps people with bad connections feel good in the game and someone who feel good stay. But this also give hacks a far more open window.

    In the end i know this technical "innovation", so i didn't really feel like an idiot that is sometime just to slow. :)

    The funniest thing is when you flyin near a restricted area, flying back to safe, but getting hit just a single time, you die. Why? Because on the enemy client, YOU WAS STILL IN THAT AREA and THAT ....was just the "truth"....

  13. Tentakewls

    No it isn't, only hit detection is client based. Damage asignation isn't, meaning that TTK for any weapon is always theoretical TTK + ping, which means that with higher latency your TTK almost doubles unless you manage to predict how many shots it'll take to kill someone, which is imposible due to overshiled/nanoweave/headshots/armshots/legshots/etc. Also, dying behind cover happens more often to anyone with high ping since you'll always be behind what the server says ( technically, server is behind what you do ), so it's hardly an "advantage". Movement prediction makes people sink on the ground/clip through walls on your screen ( making it impossible for you to shoot them ) but dosn't affects theirs, which means they can shoot you and you can't do anything about it ( similar to the icarus jumpjet bug). There are hundreds of other problems with high latency. Nice try tho, guess you are just mad about being killed behind cover and wanted to whine about it.
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  14. LibertyRevolution

    The sever doesn't matter.. it is clientside. If my client tells the server I hit you with 7 bullets you die.
    This can be 5 secs after our engagement, you will still die...
    You have no idea what you are talking about, and I'm not going to argue it with you.
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  15. faykid

    sometimes my router blacks out, and i do not get kicked from the server during the reboot. if i am in cover at that moment, i can scout and see the enemy's disposition (its like the game is paused). but when i'm back on-line, i'm standing in the same place doing exactly the same thing i was doing before the internet cut off
    i don't think anything you do after the disconnect will affect anybody else. while scouting, i shoot at people randomly, but after the reboot nothing proves my damage was delivered. i just resume from where i was
  16. LibertyRevolution

    I have had my internet go out for a few seconds while playing in a biolab, everyone else was frozen, yet was running around still.
    I was shooting dudes, got no kill confirmations, realized my cable was out.
    Then less than 10secs later when my internet came back, I got 5 kills instantly...
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  17. faykid

    could it depend on the duration of the disconnect? my router reboot was longer than 10 seconds.
    anyway, if it really works like you said... dear god... what have you done???
  18. LibertyRevolution

    Doing it on purpose is bannable... DON'T GET ANY IDEAS !!!

    This is what it looks like...

    Anyways.. this thread is getting way off topic.. I'm stop posting now.
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  19. KnightCole

    Yeah, playing with high ping, must be why late at night Mattherson becomes a hack fest. All them europeans come on with thier 500 ping and none of my shots register on them or something.

    I unload 20 rounds into a guy from inches and when he kills me it shows his shield isnt even down 25%....its like WUT!? buuuulllll fother muckin **** I did only 25% dmg to ur shield...i killed you...2 times over...and its that all the time after about 10pm here in Michigan time when I log into the game.

    Meanwhile, when I play early morning hit detect seems ok, guys dont seem to overly absurd in hitpoints...all seems normal. But by about 6pm every night, the game goes full on derp mode...
  20. Tentakewls

    If you hit me "5 seconds after our engagement", you'd have a 5k latency, at 1k latency things start warping and teleporting around making the game unplayable. At that point, you'd be standing still acording to the server, meaning that you'd just die to absolutely anything. Obvious as this is, seems you can't quite grasp the concept that if you have high latency you are always "behind" of what happens. The only people who say that high latency is an advantage are:

    1- Misinformed people like yourself
    2- People comparing client side hit detection with server side hit detection, in which case they are making reference to the "advantage" of not having all the disadvantages of high latency.

    And yes, please stop posting if you have never played with high latency, because you are just embarrassing yourself. Also, comparing hacks, being disconnected and having high latency is just ridiculous.
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