How much have yall spent so far?

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  1. Meiu

    Another uneducated person without the understanding of pay2win. Pay2win requires something that is ONLY accessible through money that gives an advantage that can ONLY be handled by also investing that amount of money. This game you have access to everything that isn't cosmetics through time invested or money. This is a pay2avoidgrinding, not pay2win. It only appears pay2win to you because that is the best way you can rationalize your inefficiency and inadequacies.
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  2. Roobarb

    £30 on Alpha Squad
    £30 on SC
    £8 on a month's membership.

    Happy with my purchase so far. I too would like server unlock for my stuff, I certainly won't be re-buying it all if I decide to create an Alt character at a later date.
  3. VoidMagic

    @100 I'd say... and still have plenty of SC banked for funzies
    and pretty much everything I want.. might buy that L33T sticker
    for my Scythe wind shield lol...
  4. Freyar

    People complaining about $5 cosmetics are just.. eh. I find 50sc for one-time-use camos to be a bit of a joke. I switch back and forth on cosmetics as much as I want, so.. I'm already saving by having bought the permanent ones.
  5. commandline

    Alpha Squad package seems to be popular. I thinking about grabbing it next month.
  6. wyld

    I spent my time finding out that I wont be spending my money on this crap.
  7. IshanDeston

    2 Euro and 50 cent :)

    Maybe i'll spend the rest of those SC as well, but with those prices i am much to stingy.
  8. Jawa

    9€ for 2k during Black Friday.

    Waiting for another sale before I probably grab some more.
  9. D0n

    25 so far, I am waiting to find more useful weapons to spend more unlocking them, I am running trials, as far as cosmetics go, it is not my priority so I only have a few on me.

    Next double station cash I will probably spend 40 or 50.

    I am just not that vain for cosmetics and do not like spending money on stuff I won't use (certain weapons).
  10. d1spatch

    I've spent $60 so far, may drop more down the line for a few cosmetics and a renewed premium membership if things progress well.
  11. Kenny007

    As far as I know, Alpha Squad was ended on the 16th of November; it was an early support sort of thing.

    As for me, I've got $90 in right now I think:

    $40 Alpha Squad
    $20 on SC (double sale)
    $30 for 2 months sub

    Whether or not I keep the sub going depends on the state of the game in two months. Likely won't buy more SC outside of 3X sales as I don't really need it. Happy to support the game if it continues to improve though.
  12. Karrs

    About € 39, I believe. Three-month subscription. And enjoying every last damn cent of it. Haven't been this addicted to a videogame in years!

    However, since I kind of forbade my wife to buy Farmville Cash some time ago, I get these looks when I mention Station Cash... well-deserved looks, of course. :p So I haven't spent more, yet... I have to come up with a believable story first about how I *need* that Bulldog on my bus... The experience-boost from the subscription kind of makes up for it, though.
  13. Gavyne

    $35-$40 total, and I'm pretty set. I had sc I bought back when they had double & triple sc days stored in my account from a year ago when I played EQ1. So technically I haven't spent any money on this game recently. One of the cheapest games I've played given the amount of time I'm logging into this fine game.

    Edit: I'll say I never intended on playing this game, I never knew what Planetside 1 was about and didn't really look into Planetside 2 at all. But since it was free to play, and I was just getting bored of BF3, I downloaded it and played it for a full day for free. Got hooked and now I'm playing Planetside 2 fulltime and gladly spend money on it.
  14. Jarek

    $15 total, 10 of those during Black Friday. I'll probably invest another $10-20 if they have a Christmas double or triple sale.

    I would have bought this game for full price if it hadn't been free to play, so I don't mind spending some money on it.
  15. RoosterNE

    $240 for 2 1 year subs for my son and I.
    $200 for SC
    $80 for 2x Alpha Squad. $520 thus far.
  16. Nekky

    $40 for Alpha
    $42 or so for 3 month sub
    Around $100 - $120 for SC

    I don't mind supporting a game I enjoy and throwing some money at them.
  17. MasterChief096

    $40 for Alpha Squad, wish I had kept my money.
  18. Rahabib

    still waiting for full details on the account wide purchases and server transfers.
  19. Zakuak

    I only spent $15 or $20 IIRC over the weekend....Camo for my weps and armor. I had to do something to cover up the blue on my NC dude, don't get me wrong I like NC but not the colors.

    I'll probably sign up for the monthly, it's a good game thus far.
    I could see my self dropping a load of cash on it but I have to grind some of the gear to have that sense of accomplishment I guess. If I bought it all now I fear I would burn out in a month and walk away then again the gameplay is simply brilliant, so maybe I will drop some more cash on
  20. Traswill

    Nothing, yet. I want to see if I still enjoy the game after the initial hype wears off, and I also want to see some of the changes they're going to make in the next couple months. I personally think this is a very well balanced game and I'm very impressed with it, so if it stays this way after the next couple updates, I'll put money into it.