How much effect will ammo printer have on xp earning for Engy and ammo Sundy?

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  1. PorkSocks

    Ammo Printer resupplies all the weapons of the vehicle if the main pilot has it equiped.

    If you are cloaked when the tick goes off, you lose it, which is a pretty big bummer as someone who lone wolf's SMG Infiltrator fairly often.
  2. DeadAlive99

    That's interesting, I could have sworn I read somewhere that it only resupplies the gun you're currently controlling, but I checked the patch notes and it's not there. Must have been something else.
  3. RobotNinja

    You don't want to sit in the middle of a heated battle waiting for one clip from your ammo printer implant.

    Engineers are still piling up mountains of certs if you follow the flow of battle. If you're standing around waiting for one guy to need ammo then no...get out of here. Go do something useful.
  4. zaspacer

    There is no doubt that *if* Ammo Printer is used to any degree, it will impact other resupply and/or extended supply sources. Ammo Packs, Ammo Sundy, Terminals, Munitions Pouch, Ammunition Belt, etc. It will also affect choice of weapons, range of operations, gameplay options, choice of Class, choice of Vehicle, etc.

    This is a consequence of any major (paradigm) shift in the way the game's hard divisions-of-powers (unit roles) are altered/blurred.

    Tedious but relevant discussion:

    This is not to say the impact of any particular major paradigm shift is necessarily a good or bad change. That largely depends on a number of factors: what the change is, what the trend of changes has been, overall impact(s) of the change, perceived impact(s) of the change, what the preference of each player/dev is, etc.

    The pattern from SOE/DBG Devs has been to periodically jump into big changes. In general, at best these changes add to the scope and scale and wonder of the game, at worst these changes just shuffle around already existing powers arbitrarily or with the intent of favoring certain niche player types. And of course, also at worst is when these changes destroy the gameplay players enjoy/celebrate.

    Reddit is for the kiddie masses who want to get drunk on a shallow social orgy. It's like a crowded, noisy bar.

    Enjoy it for what it is if that's your thing, and sometimes you can luck into decent (albeit usually fragmented and schizo) discussions there. But it's largely toxic in terms of discussions and in terms of the personalities that show up.

    This forum is a mixed bag. It's lost a lot with the loss of Oracle of Death. It's lost a lot of people and energy over the years. The Devs have gone largely both rogue and incommunicado. And more. But it's still got some good peeps, and they are pretty experienced/seasons, and it's generally not too toxic outside of a few posts/posters here and there.
  5. PlanetBound

    I see a use for it for vehicles. Not so much infantry. The 60 seconds is a long time to wait for one rocket or a clip of whatever you are carrying.
  6. DeadAlive99

    It's unfortunate the Devs don't interact here. It would be great if they did.
  7. DeadAlive99

    My view on that is that it will work good for sporadic fire. That will give the printer time to catch up. AA is a great example because sometimes you'll have one aircraft come in range, you scare them off, and then it's another 30 seconds or more before another one shows up. With a varied pace, the printer could completely keep up in some situations, and others, it could extend the front line time by several minutes before you run out.

    That could make a significant difference when holding a line or base cap, especially with a small squad vs. limited resistance.
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  8. zaspacer

    I would love for the Devs to be active like communally they were during the Higby era. Roadmaps, streams, etc. I think Higby and his group were positively outstanding on that front. Someone should have snatched up Higby cheap after the firesale that saw him axed. I wouldn't employ Higby to nitty-gritty balance a new game I was funding, but I'd sure as heck bring him in to lay down the foundations and craft/run the community and spirit. (and will do if I ever find the funds and opportunity somewhere down the road)

    But the Devs involved on these forums? I'm just not really that in interested in that:
    1) it turns too many posters into fanboys, too many Devs into prima donnas, and can turn things too cliqueish
    2) it can spoil the whole vibe and focus of the forum community (especially in productive and non-rose-colored-glasses sense)
    3) Devs are in the know (to varying degrees) on what they are working on, but largely they're not the geniuses people envision them to be. The farther the game ages from launch, the less the Devs tend to be even competent on their own game. And invariably the and others always struggle with being honest about this in the interactions with them.
    4) it spoils the separation of them and us; diminishes the non-Dev personalities and discussions, diminishes the independent thought/culture that can develop
    5) it is one of the main things that makes reddit such a toxic mess
  9. CNR4806

    Not much. Ammo XP cap is so hilariously low, losing a few ticks every now and then isn't going to change much unless you suck at resupplying.
  10. DeadAlive99

    I realize there are downsides, but on every gaming forum I've been on where they don't interact, the number one complaint interaction. I'm not saying I need to see 100 posts every day, but zero is a little too low for me. Forums where I have seen interaction, the good has outweighed the bad. People like to know, or at least believe, that their voices are being heard, and just dropping in here and there to say, 'yes we're considering that', or, 'no, that will never go in', or 'interesting idea, I'll pass it along to the team', goes a very long way.

    Having said that, what they used to do here would be great too, far better than nothing.

    As for reddit, it is internationally known as a toilet. I doubt dev presence effects that. People, especially young gamers, love being obnoxious jerks, and reddit gives them that 'freedom'.
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  11. TR5L4Y3R

    personally i don't think it will have this much impact ... it will likely benefit loners but in squads and generaly large fights ammopacks give you ammo much much quicker .. it's not realy a contest ..
    even as a pilot having a accompanieing ammosundy will be way quicker for resupplying ... we are speaking about a implant that at best gives you ammo every minute vs packs that fully suply you within a couple seconds ...
  12. TheSheriff

    So far, none.
    'Most' (and I mean me) die in vehicles long before I'd ever choose the ammo implant over something much more useful.
    Same goes for brown types (infantry).
    For new players doing engie its still a good thing to cert ammo up a bit.
  13. stalkish

    LOL why do you refer to them as 'brown types' is it some sort of military thing?
    I chuckled at it, but ive no idea where it comes from.
  14. _Kettenblatt_

    Xp earning of engineer/sunderer should be the same. Ammo printer starts only to count (60-120 seconds) when you lose 1 bullet from total amount of magazineS not the current mag in use.
    Ammo-,Pack/Sunder shouldn't have any problems to refill the whole ammo of infantery/ vehicles while the implant-delay isn't done.

    I use it (max implant) only for sniper-rifle (8. mag) and I wasn't out of ammo. Its only a bit helpful when you 're playing as lone wolf at other classes with smg or something like that.
  15. NikolaiLev

    Easy fix. Increase XP gained from ammo supply.

    Oh my god increasing XP rewards god forbid we compensate for new changes! :rolleyes: