How many shots to kill a collusus tank? too OP?

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  1. alienprobe

    Specifically how many bombardment strikes? i found a collusus by himself drove over him and was bombarding him for like 1 or 2 mins straight and i didnt even pop his shield... He didnt even have a entourage, maybe 1 or 2 other vehicles in the bubble i couldnt see properly.. It felt almost like he was using hacks..

    Am i just meant to run the whole time??? i cant even engange a collusus.... If my bastion sees it and drives directly above it, i should be able to kill it.. You can run and hide in amp stations, i should be able to kill you if i catch you out in the open..... was not the case today.
  2. Johannes Kaiser

    Not sure, maybe the shield has increased resistance against Bastiom bombardments. Makes sense, since it's the designed counter and being cracked easier and faster than an egg would not help it do its job.
  3. Pelojian

    sounds to me more like you aren't used to effective anti air that you can't torch in 10 seconds.
    remember they have the pay a **** ton of resources just to counter bastions on top of that it's far more terrain restricted then the bastion which can literally ignore terrain.

    do try to remember what happened to ground fights when the bastion and spamable orbital strikes were added.
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  4. Goodkat

    Get your allied ground to go kill it. You don't need to be able to effectively counter everything. If you have no allied ground because you are trying to farm the other two factions on the other side of the map, then you deserve to die.
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  5. Twin Suns

    The flying overpowered brick $&@!house is actually crying.

    Good, now the shoe is on the other foot. Kiss my @&! Bastion users!
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