How many players have considered attempting a pacifist run?

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  1. EnsignPistol

    So, noticing that there's no kill requirements for gaining battle ranks in this game, it got me thinking about the parameters of doing a pacifist "run" of Planetside 2.
    • The overall objective would be to get a character to Battle Rank 100 without killing anybody. A more hardcore interpretation of this objective would require you to do so with absolutely no kills, necessitating you delete your character and start over if you're directly responsible for anyone's death, but a more relaxed version might allow for accidental deaths and have the goal to be to kill as few people as possible.
    • With the release of directives, most of them related to killing people, an 100% pacifist run might also include the completion of all directives that can be done without killing anybody. Vehicle destruction kills for some class directives would be rather interesting to do, since you can only destroy empty vehicles, and wouldn't be allowed to kill anyone as collateral damage for doing so.
    • Most activities not related to killing people, repairing, resupplying, healing and reviving, spotting targets, laying down motion sensors etc., are non-controversial. However, I'm debating whether certain actions that contribute more directly to killing, such as driver assists, shooting to wound, use of weapons in a suppressive fire role only, etc. would be okay as well.
    If I ever get to the point where I feel like having more than one character, I was thinking about having a VS alt for a pacifist run like this. Have you ever considered doing such a run? Have you actually done one before? What objectives did you set, and what rules did you follow? What other kinds of rulesets have you considered playing with in game? Leave a reply with your ideas if this interests you.
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  2. Foxirus

    Inb4 someone named Ghandi does it.
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  3. DrPapaPenguin

    Oppa Ghandi Style!
  4. NC_agent00kevin

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  5. Ribero

    z167 If I got the name right, has a character like this. "z167DoNoHarm".
  6. vsae

    What a waste of time.
    If you want to be more special, git gud at shooters. You will get much more recognition.
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  7. CNR4806

    1. Get repair/ammo Sundy
    2. Sit in it all day
    3. ???
    4. Profit!

    If I remember correctly, Sunderer directive have 7 objectives, 2 of which requires you to kill people (Roadkill and Gun Kill), so you can theoratically complete it without killing anyone with your own hands.
  8. Cinnamon

    You wouldn't be able to do a sunderer. Someone flies an ESF into your sunderer and it's game over. Vehicles wouldn't work at all.
  9. DatVanuMan

    No one in this game has ever went without killing some other human being!
    Are you saying you HATE violence?
  10. Lifodd

    i tried it once, got to BR20, i was the best medic around.
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  11. DevDevBooday

    There is a bloke on TR on Briggs who is doing it, I think he is BR 40 something now. He just plays medic. Cant remember his name atm.

    He is a bloody good medic.
  12. Haquim

    Reminds me of "World of Peacecraft"

    If you want to try that you should wait for the later phases of the resource revamp.
    If you get to BR100 by ANT-driving&co im gonna annoy Higby until they implement a feature that lets me gift you 2500SC.
  13. KenDelta

    I believe it can be achived but it would take A LONG time because ammo supplying is capped.

    sidenote , Is healing capped ?
    Is recon detecting capped ?
    What about repairing ?
  14. Lazaruz

    When the game first came out, there was a lot of talk about how you can make progress any way you wanted to. You wouldn't have to shoot a single person to get XP, you could just pilot a Gal or drive a Sundy. For the longest time that just wasn't true, since the XP you got from doing those things was nothing to smile about. But now, seeing how many different XP bonuses and ribbons there are from spawning, deploy kills, etc. I feel that the peaceful logistics provider progression is a very plausible option.

    Couple weeks ago, I spent a whole night dropping people from a Gal, with a couple ram kills here and there. And at the end of the night I had made about 60-70% of the certs I would have normally if my boots were on the ground.
  15. Luke15g

    If you will not serve in combat, then you will serve on the firing line!

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  16. z1967

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  17. Radical Raxuss

    Hack everything, blow up empty turrets, drive a Valkyrie, spot all the things, etc.

    Plenty of ways to do it and still be a benefit to the team. I've done pacifist runs on my characters, but never an account purely for not killing. I'd get bored out of my mind.

    You'd probably be the best Infiltrator if you did this, though.
  18. Bonom Denej

    Good luck buddy.
  19. DFDelta

    I have tried a "do not use certs" challenge, made it to BR30 shortly after launch. Have deleted that character a few weeks ago.
    Out of boredom I have started him anew 2 days ago IDontEvenNeedCerts just for the lulz.

    Now a pacifist run would be interesting, too.......
    Time to buy another character slot... *sigh*
  20. Kcalehc

    Ammo supply and prox repair caps don't appear to apply to squad mates; or they are significantly higher if they do, high enough I've not managed to hit them. Plus you get bonus xp for them too.