How many CPU threads does PS2 PC version use?

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  1. Voodoo4500

    How many CPU threads does PS2 PC version use? Planning on upgrading from an i7 6700k (4 core) to an i7 9900k (8 core) CPU and wondering if this will improve performance with the extra CPU cores. My video card is a 1080TI and im using a 144hz monitor so the current bottleneck is the CPU.

    Please if you don't know with 100% certainty the answer to this question please do NOT reply to this thread.
  2. iller

    It's kind a trick Question, because according to one of SOE's own engineers back at the time they were optimizing ALL the Game's assets, the REAL problem was that you had every Soldier in the Render range of the Client pushing all of the Shader, Texture, Mipmap/specular data, item Attachment Data, animation variables, AND physics variables in a completely redundant fashion through a tiny little CPU Cache bottleneck that may not have even been properly utilizing the L3 cache.

    Yeah there was plenty of instances where someone turned up Graphics to Maximum (thus removing any Texture downscaling) and it would use like 3-1/2 cores when they were in an Area with the widest possible variety of Game Assets. But the real issue for people with earlier Intels and especially Bulldoze AMDs, was their Frequency bottle neck and cache sizes and having MORE than 4 physical cores could actually lose anywhere from 2% to 15% performance due to the logic processes *wanting* to split up the load but meanwhile the Game made all of that data sequentially Dependent.

    I actually heard not-so-good things about a 9900k from an outfit member that it was having a firmware timing hitching bug with Planetside and who knows if they EVER fixed that?

    Bottom Line: If this is mainly an upgrade for gaming only, and you DO NOT encode Video every day and you don't Raytrace Render every day in Maya / Blender like I do, then I would just look for the fastest Skylake/Kabbylake i5 you can find, or look into a 2600 / 3600 Ryzen with BIG Cache sizes - and then Overclock it AND the BUS to 4.2ghz / 4.3ghz b/c either option will have less total overhead and less opportunity for framerate Hitching when a ton of infantry are all in your vicinity. Otherwise, you're just totally overpaying for HYPERTHEADING that you will seldom use and that Ps2 will NEVER use
  3. OneShadowWarrior

    Seeing your specs, it should be more than capable of running the game with not many issues. PS does run on multi-cores but it is more than 7 years old and the DX11 update was not optimized for higher end systems in today’s market.

    Will the software of the game use it all and with no DX12 options or more graphics settings. Nope.

    A upgrade would be futile unless you needed it. Save your money, till technology takes a better leap.

    I run a I7 7700 with a 2080 RTX card and won’t replace it till my computer blows up in 10 years, hardware leaps are great but no point if the games don’t support it with their software.
  4. Towie

    PS2 will use all the cores that you have - but - thanks to interdependencies within the code, there is no way it will utilise all cores 100%.

    I remember when the early many-core Ryzens came out and people were posting CPU plots showing all cores being used - but (and it's a big but) - most were 20% utilised or lower.

    It's only the very more recent games that manage to truly utilise more than 4 cores well. DX12 itself is multi-threaded so that helps.

    i7 9900k is a great gaming CPU and you'll likely get a boost over the 6700k but clock speed and other efficiencies will have way more to do with that than core count (with PS2).
  5. JibbaJabba

    I knew at one time (via perfmon collector set I ran to do some perf troubleshooting)

    But.... It doesn't matter.

    If for example it runs 5-10 threads if you crush those down to 4 cores instead of 6-8 it will make little impact. All but 1-2 of those threads have little impact on your overall framerate and "lesser" threads being on the same core won't have nearly as much impact as raw clockspeed.

    That's ultimately what you need for this game: IPC and raw clockspeed. High core count (beyond 4) will have little impact.

    If you really want the answer just add the "threads" column to the details display tab in task manager. Fire up the game and get on a continent then tab out and take a look.

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