How many certs returned post update?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by EViLMinD, May 19, 2015.

  1. EViLMinD

    I had about 1700 certs yesterday. Now, I have 55,538.

    Yes, I know why. I like lots of zoom.

    Anyone else get a big number? What's the biggest? Let's see it. Whip it out.
  2. Mad Hatter

    Well I thought I had a lot with 33k returned, but you put me to shame.
  3. TorigomaSET

    about 7k here. Never realized how much I put into it. TT__TT and sadly, almost every one of those went back in.....
  4. Peebuddy

    I got nearly 5k which was really nice.

    And since I only bought the 500 cert zoom for my AP-prowler and the 150 cert zoom for the rest I was sitting on a clean 3k certs to reallocate.

    It was really nice to free up certs from guns I don't use anymore and put them to better use.
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  5. EViLMinD

    Good stuff. I was able to max out the new Gal abilities, and get back the optics I want, with about 4k certs to spare. Cheers DB.
  6. ALTRego

    Most of my characters, 4k-6k in certs returned, Evil. I prefer a more skirmish style of gameplay versus the bombing or shelling of mortar lines.
  7. Pelojian

    Got about 4-5K certs on my TR toon around 1.5K on my alts. anyone else noticed that the skyguard now has 2.5x and 3x optics?
  8. LodeTria

    Been there for as long as I can remember.
  9. TheKhopesh

    Had 3,223.
    Went to 13,337.
  10. EViLMinD

    Re-doing all my loadouts was a choir. Took a while to recreate them. Tinker. Came up with cooler loadout names than last time though. Big Bird of Love and Air Supply are my new repair and ammo Gals.
  11. RedArmy

    went from 7663 to 13825 - after rebuying it all im down to 8622
  12. Calisai

    29799 certs refunded.

    So yeah, I had logged off with 49353 prior to the patch, so....


    Gotta love the big number... now I gotta go on another shopping spree.
  13. EViLMinD

    That's a lot of certs to be sitting on. I feel compelled to spend mine once i get 3k.