How many AT mines can a flash (With minegard) withstand?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kriegson, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Kriegson

    Hit one (or possibly a cluster) with MG1 and naturally blew the F*** up, but it cleared the way for a sundy, so good trade.
    Any idea how many, if any, mines you can take with that 75% reduction?
  2. veselie

    I tested mine guard lvl 2 and I went red and died 1 second after it hit the mine. 75% I guess will put it near critical damage put not on fire.
  3. Spadar

    It can never take more than one mine. One mine puts a maxed mineguard flash to ~50% hp, second kills it.
  4. Crayv

    I'm usually disappointed when my mines kill a Flash and not some other vehicle. 90 Infantry resources for a puny flash and a kill or two.

    Also even if the Flash did survive the two mines wouldn't the blast still kill the driver?
  5. Gundem

    Tank Mines react differently to infantry then Proxy Mines, I think they only deal about 50% of your HP per mine.
  6. Ripshaft

    with max mineguard it seems to be almost exactly 100% of the flash's health for 2 mines, the flash seems to briefly have 1 hp on fire before exploding when hit with 2 mines.

    I've tried running around with eod III, but given the rendering behaviour of mines it's not a realistic trade for the energy - I've basically come to view mines as an occupational hazard of flash dancing. The mine placement most people use is nonsensical, but it's consistently nonsensical so you start to get a feel for where to expect them.
  7. Cyrek

    One mine seems to put it at 40% health with full MG, its funny because the flash will still be up but the driver will be dead from the explosion.
  8. lawn gnome

    for the sake of realism, i think a flash with mineguard should be able to survive one or two mines, but the exposed driver (and possibly passenger) should probably die. also the flash should be launched 10-50 meters into the air.
  9. LibertyRevolution

    You can only survive 1 tank mine on a flash. Double tank mine will kill even a maxed minegaurd flash.
    Mineguard 3 will make it live and not be on fire, so you have time to rep it.
    If you want to live through the mine along with your flash, you need to have on flak armor 3 on your character.
  10. Sincore

    I think that it would be cool if Max Mineguard prevented mines from detonating while also reducing the damage they deal. Seems relatively pointless now considering that in most situations mines are placed in groups of 2-3 and the driver typically doesn't even survive the detonation even with mineguard.