How long is SOE going to just ignore the VS underpopulation?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ztiller, May 25, 2014.

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  1. Ztiller

    So because the VS population have dropped so much that we are not overpop on one server, it's perfectly acceptable that we are 25% on all the other servers?
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  2. ColonelChingles

    I think the thing is that it's important to figure out why the VS are underpopped on some servers and overpopped (or until recently were overpopped) on Mattherson.

    If it's due to VS having inferior weapons/equipment, then why was Mattherson largely VS-dominated? What attracted Mattherson players to VS?

    Furthermore the VS have some of the best-performing weapons in their categories. Not as many as the TR, but more than the NC at least. The best LMG in the game is the SV-88. The best battle rifle is the Eidolon. And they're tied with the TR for the best carbine, which is the Solstice Burst. The TR have the best of 5 categories, the VS are best in 3 categories, and the NC... they have the Phoenix.

    The Magrider is the best-performing tank. It is the most accurate and has the best anti-infantry secondary in the game. Also the most survivable (despite the complaints about the Vanguard and its shield).

    So no, it really can't be the weapons or equipment. They're mostly stellar (not as good as the TR, but at least you're ahead of the NC).

    As others have said, it might be a matter of aesthetics. Or perhaps a lack of leadership (the VS on Mattherson are the best organized, while the NC are anarchistic and the TR have been scattered since The Enclave left). Or something. But it's not the gear.
  3. minhalexus

    The VS pop has gone up in May.

    I dont really consider 30% pop a gamebreaking population.
    Especially when the other 2 factions have about equal pop, and not one faction dominating.

    The problem was when NC had 40% pop and other 2 had like 30% each.
    Now its like 35%-34% and 31%.

    With VS having the lowest. But since there is no dominating faction now, its not a game breaking difference.

    SOE created 3 factions mainly to balance off these small differences which would be major if only 2 factions existed.
  4. Venomoroth

    Sorry, but I cannot follow you there. IMO most weapons of the TR are utter bull.... cause of their HORRIBLE horizontal recoil which makes almost all of them useless. If there is one good performing carbine for tr then it should be the trac-5 imo - all others are useless or just too situational to be usefull. The Striker is still a ridiculous piece of crap and concerning lmg's tr is just not competitive at all - same goes out for the TR SMG's which are just underperforming on range compared to the Blitz or Sirius.

    You were right when you didn't mention the Prowler in the tank-comparison cause the prowler is SO bad designed at the moment. It might have its moments but the design is just a too weird mix of speed, anchor and a stupid mix of long range/short range weapons.

    I don't say these differences are game breaking or tooo bad for tr but it sometimes feels like tr will just never get any accurate and punshing mid range weapon for any sort of infantry.

    imo the ranking is: place 1 VS, place 2 NC (Just cause I like the Reaver, Vanguard and their MAX), place 3 TR
  5. Kerplunk

    Buff Magrider, it's pathetic now.

    Buff Scythe, it needs something.

    Give HA another heavy machine gun option.

    It's a start
  6. Venomoroth

    -.-' the magrider is SOOO damn awesome, it doesn't need any buffs and the scythe is just great at taking out most targets at enormous range with its nose gun and in addition has a very small and flat hit box
  7. -MJ12-

    I am a dedicated VS player, and I say it's good the way it is now.

    VS has lower pop because of their art style, as mentioned before. It is NOT because our weapons are weak.
    I am rather the underdog fighting against overpopulated factions instead of having cheap, OP weapons and fight together with hordes of 4th factioners. The latter would also unfortunately underline Highby's horribly silly statement that "VS only uses weapons if they are OP".o_O

    Also it is not SOEs job to compensate for kiddies with their common paranoia ("Does that look like spandex? Do I look gay?"). If you don't like the VS art style, don't play them.
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  8. Phyr

    Remember a month ago when everyone was complaining about the VS overpop? Good times.
  9. ColonelChingles

    I'm going by average kill per hour statistics to rank things. So although the TR like to complain about horizontal recoil, the stats show that it really doesn't stop them from killing more people than the NC or VS in those 5 categories. Even before the round of buffs for the TR they actually had the strongest complement of infantry weapons.

    Essentially the TR have the best sniper/scout rifle (the TRAP-M1), the best assault rifle (the T1B Cycler), and the best carbine (the TRAC-5 Burst). They are tied for best SMG (with the other two factions).

    The Armistice is actually an excellent SMG, although most of the SMGs are pretty well-balanced at the moment. Essentially all of them run around 22 AKPH, except the Hailstorm and the NS-7 which are underperforming (though not by that much).

    The Prowler Vulcan has issues, but the facts show that the Prowler completely destroys things with its main cannon. HE outperforms both the Magrider and Vanguard, and the AP cannon kills more vehicles than even the Vanguard's AP cannon. For killing things, the Prowler is the best tank. For staying alive, that award goes to the Magrider. The Vanguard (even pre-nerf) really sucked at doing both.

    I think the main issue is that the majority of infantry combat happens at short-medium ranges, so the TR actually do very well with their "pray and spray" arsenal of weapons. Is it perhaps a bit dull? Sure. But effective? Of course, more so than the other factions.

    I mean if you look at the NC's 200-damage tier of weapons, they don't do very well at all.
  10. Prudentia

    so the VS have the SVA/Orion.
    Thats One category. Counting Battlerifles as proper weapons and stating that a 143damage burst weapon could be a good weapon don't do you any good...
  11. -MJ12-

    No I don't. Can you show me the topics and tell me what server please (exept the Mattherson phenomenon)?

    I don't even...
  12. Ztiller

    Don't forget that the SVA got nerfed, and nobody uses Battle Rifles.
  13. CrashB111

    Because if we don't come in and start talking about it, then everyone gets it in their heads that the VS need some kind of buffing/upgrading to make everyone play them. You are all ignorant to the fact that doing so will turn Matherson back into a cesspool of 60% VS population rolling the other factions under crushing numbers.

    You only have yourselves to blame, Higby offered to move several large VS outfits off Matherson to balance you all out on other servers and they all declined.
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  14. ColonelChingles

    Actually since I last looked at it the Soltice Burst was outpaced by the T1B Cycler. Which is still a 143 damage burst weapon... but whatever. The VS no longer are tied for the "best" carbine.

    Battle rifles is a category in the game... not sure why they should be discounted.

    Still better than the NC though!
  15. Prudentia

    Oh i see, your Data is flawed.
    You are using KPH which is heavily influenced by how popular a gun is.
    The most Popular guns will have a very low KPH, because it will be your standard loadout, that you just stand around with often, adding alot of downtime to the KPH stat.
    Weapons that are very niche and bad will have a very high KPH as those are only used by few Auraxium farmers, who are most of the time pretty good players and seek only fights where they can get over with it fast.
  16. Posse

    Well, to be fair, iirc Ender offered Higby to move DA to Waterson and there was no response (I might be wrong though, this was before I joined DA), of course since DA isn't large at all, the pop imbalance wouldn't have changed that much, but it would have been something. Now it wouldn't make any sense to do it.
  17. ColonelChingles

    That is a good point, and one that I thought of actually. Which is why I did not include the latest generation of carbines and assault rifles.

    However the burst variants have enough users that it is appropriate to draw conclusions based on them.
  18. Longasc

    A lot of people like the NC and it's a good choice unless you want to buy fancy helmets. In general I would say purple is a worse color to have than blue/yellow, but I have seen this is not the case. XD
  19. FateJH

    Leg warmers were a privilege for veteran Vanu in Planetside 1. You got your first one at BR14 (third image).
  20. Maelthra

    Wait, what? People were complaining about VS overpop? I suppose maybe on Mattherson, but Lord Vanu knows they weren't talking about Waterson.
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