How long is a Planetside 2 meter?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by WTSherman, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. WTSherman

    Has anyone else noticed that the "meters" in Planetside 2 feel a little... off?

    I suppose we would need some testing in VR to get more solid numbers on what the difference is, but it feels like PS2 meters are significantly shorter than RL meters. I know this technically doesn't matter for the purpose of calculation so long as they're internally consistent, but it does feel weird and makes eyeballing distances difficult.

    Like for example... splashing ceilings with guns that have a "5m" blast radius, but the blast doesn't reach the floor. 5m is 16.4 feet... are we fighting in cathedrals? My ceiling is only about 9 feet tall.

    Or how if you splash a Viper (4m) against the back rail of a narrow bridge (like the one at Hvar northgate garrison), it doesn't reach the other rail. It's hard to tell for sure due to lack of player collision, but I'm pretty sure you can't fit more than 2-3 people standing shoulder to shoulder on that bridge? I don't know many people with 2m wide shoulders. I don't think it's actually off by quite that much (I don't know, maybe you can fit 4 people, and I don't know exactly how much of the bridge the blast *does* cover) but it still seems off.

    Or the pre-nerf AV grenade at "10m". 10m is pretty big.


    10m is ~11 yards (and some change), so supposedly if you put a pre-nerf AV grenade at the 11 yard line on this football field, one side of it would reach the endzone and the other would reach the 22 yard line. As ridiculous as the pre-nerf AV nade was, 10m should have been clearing entire rooms.

    Apparently according to the waypoint marker a Lightning is 5m wide... how many people can fit in front of a Lightning? Though that's also odd because I'm pretty sure a Lightning can't fit on those narrow foot-bridges I was talking about earlier. o_O

    Has anyone actually done some testing to figure this out? Are their meters actually feet? Are they actually giving us the diameter of blasts and calling it the radius?
  2. William Petersen

    Because damage falls off quickly (exponentially?) as distance from the center of the explosion increases?

    the 5 meter splash hitting ceilings and doing /no/ damage is a bit odd, though...
  3. WTSherman

    Yeah, that's the thing. I know that just about any splash weapon will basically get zero kills outside of 0.5m post-nerf, but no hit markers at all? As far as I know you would get a hit marker even if you only did 1 damage (which is what the very edge of any PS2 explosion is supposed to do).

    I don't have enough information yet to say just how much it's off by, but it does feel off.
  4. MrJengles

    Maybe something to do with having the player's perspective originate from their chest? And they made the meters smaller so we don't all feel like we're playing short folk.