How long does Ps2 usually take to DL?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by KhalidIslam, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. KhalidIslam

    I've started download and installation at 7 went to sleep and woke up at 3 in the morning and its still not done and I just got my computer today and its customized for gaming may someone tell me what's going on and if they experienced the same thing?
  2. unjulation

    well i had to re-install ps2 last night 'cos steam went manky after a crash and wouldn't play any of the games linked to steam -

    i started at about 8pm and did notice that the download speed was way slower that what i have experienced before from ps2 updates etc

    up at about 8am this morning and its done so it could well have been up to 12hrs

    but like i said it did seem a hell of a lot slower last night for some reason - what % of the download/install are you on atm?
  3. KhalidIslam

    well my ******* uninstalled it and reinstalled it and now it restarted from zip OMG LOL!!!
  4. KhalidIslam

    I was at 4,990 out of 8,333 or whatever the max is
  5. KhalidIslam

    I was at 50% but I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and now I'm back to 4.3 %
  6. YamiNoTenshi

    Well it kinda depends on the speed of your connection, they can't really do anything about your download being slow if you've got a slow internet connection.
  7. KhalidIslam

    Might have to check that. It shows a great connection. I should have just left it alone now I'm starting all over :( my fault though. Well I hope to see you guys sometime in the morning or afternoon see you all later.
  8. unjulation

  9. WaiZen

    It depends on your internet speed OP, personally It would take me around 10-20min. You can check your internet speed here:
  10. KhalidIslam

    I've did that and I have a 550 ping 0.25 Mbps download speed and a 1.13 Mbps
  11. KhalidIslam

    Could this be because of a wireless connection?
  12. Zerran


    Wireless will have a negative impact on your connection, but it shouldn't be THAT bad. Are you on 56k/dial-up or something?
  13. ThalonGauss

    Downloaded fast for me, but I didn't download it from steam.
  14. KhalidIslam

    no I have dsl or something like that
  15. Zerran

    Average dsl speeds are around 12 mbps download. (mega-bits per second. Offtopic but I wish mega-bits and mega-bytes used different acronyms, but w/e) Can't say what average ping would be, but certainly not 553 ms. For games you need less than 200 to be playable. Less than 100 is what you really want though.

    It's possible your ISP (internet service provider), is doing maintenance and will be slower for a little bit. If this continues though, you may want to contact them and see why you're getting such poor service.

    Alternatively if you use a shared connection (such as in a dorm), then it may just be that the other people there are using a lot of it up. Not a whole lot you can do in that case other than get a wireless card, but those are rather pricey for what you get.
  16. KhalidIslam

    I restarted a scan and my ping was 175
  17. Zerran

    Not ideal, but you should still be able to play with that. Hopefully your download speed has also improved. If so, it's quite possible your ISP was just doing maintenance over night and you should be good to go now.
  18. unjulation

    aye but 0.25mbs is realy slow - im not that au-fait with mega bits vs mega bytes but i would think that 0.25mbs download aint really very high i'm getting 6.5 megabits down load with rubbish British telecom copper phone cables with a ping of 45 and it was slow for me last night

    edited 'cos i got megabytes mixed up with megabits doh!
  19. KhalidIslam

    Yeah I did it again and have a 222 ping and a 0.41 Mbps download and a 4.03 Mbps Upload so it seems like its getting better but I think I'm going to call the cable company and run the main line to my computer instead of using wireless
  20. unjulation

    are you sure thats the right way round - 0.41 download and 4.03 upload goes against every thing ive come to expect by an isp, ive found that normally you get a better download vs upload

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