[Vehicle] HOW is the vanguard statistically the worst MBT

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  1. Badgerbomb

    I know this has probably been asked lots of times but screw dat. I would call myself an above average Vanguard pilot/driver, whatever you call it and when i have a good gunner with me i will dominate the battlefield. Lightnings? I won in a 3v1 against lightnigs. Other MBTs? With another friend helping me out we destroy them with ease, no matter how many and im not exagerating this. Is it because it is the hardest tank to master? Or is it because less people play NC because its like hard mode? Pliz, someone explain this to me...
  2. Keidranex

    I don't understand where you got the idea of it being statistically the worst MBT, perhaps they're pulled less in comparison to maggies and cert piñatas.
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  3. ATRA_Wampa-One

    It's a meme of the forums.

    Whenever someone brings up tank balance people are quick to point out that the Vanguard is "statistically the worst".
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  4. Keidranex

    Ahh, well, I'll always welcome a Vanguard buff to make it statistically average;)
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  5. axiom537

    It is statistically the worst MBT, because it performs worse then the other two MBT in a ALL metrics except ESF kills...
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  6. Badgerbomb

    A buff to the vanguard would probably ruin the server i play on :p.
  7. Badgerbomb

    1v1 me Bru XD
  8. axiom537

    What would that prove? Other then I am better then you...
  9. Keidranex

    Really? Odd, must be being used in bad hands. I'm not a great tanker but I've been able to completely annihilate other MBTs one on one, although, I can see it falling short against infantry in comparison.
  10. FocusLight

    It is an objective fact that the NC's arsenal is universally the most complete and capable one, you have gear tailored for all situations and requirements, there is nothing wrong with the NC arsenal at all, all the tools needed for anything is available to you.


    It's also an objective fact, that due to a variety of reasons the NC get the majority of all new players, but have issues retaining them. Stats prove this. NC has the lowest overall kills, the highest number of deaths and the highest number of team-kills. It goes to show then that the most balanced and able arsenal is in the hands of the least capable players. How many below average Vanguard drivers are there out there for every competent one?

    How many poor Reaver pilots exist for every capable one? How many sub-par NC infantry players exist for every good one?

    How do you think the lower overall capability affects the stats?

    If the NC had the Prowler, the Prowler would be the least effective tank.

    It's not down to the tools, it's down to the users of those tools and the fact that from what the stats tells us, the majority of them are inept.
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  11. Yuki10

    thats because the turd is slow and many people in this game don't do team play - they solo. Vanguard sucks for solo play - too slow and underpowered against other MBTs with two gunners.
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  12. XenoxusPrime

    If you actually bother to look it up the vanguard performs better than the magrider in almost every way and the vast majority of us already know that the prowler is on top in essentially every catagory.
  13. SavageBacon

    Mainly because people look at kill stats and are somehow amazed that the Prowler, the highest dps MBT, has the most kills... In a game where there are numerous targets that don't have the defensive/offensive blend that other MBTs have. I can almost guarantee that the number of MBT kills for an AP cannon is a small percentage relative to the total.
  14. Badgerbomb

    I tend to stay away from infantry crowded areas especially because i use the AP
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  15. axiom537

    Stats are the stats. How you perform is how you perform and is meaningless in a balance discussion.

    Oracle of Death

    Feel free to follow the link above and look at how the stats yourself. They are the actual performance numbers based off of all MBT's across all servers.
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  16. Pelojian

    any MBT is fairly underpowered 1/2 vs a 2/2 mbt. bad players exist on all sides, but more often i see far too many vanguards failing to extend beyond long range. newbies treat vanguard's poor reverse speed and turn rate like it's a death sentence.

    vanguards excel at close and so-so at midrange fighting, competent use of a vanguard backed up with infantry support is powerful anything the vanguard shoots at dies because the infantry are advancing and firing on the vanguard's target while the vanguard draws enemy fire.

    It's effective, but i rarely see it though.
  17. Badgerbomb

    I certainly get more trouble from prowlers but they will eventually go down
  18. ColonelChingles

    Vanguards are actually the most frequently pulled MBT compared to the Magrider and Prowler in terms of hours (814.3 versus 657.6 and 774.4 hours, respectively). They are the second most pulled MBT in terms of unique users (2,270 versus 1,867 and 2,441, respectively). However, this is likely a simple product of NC being the most populated faction.

    On the other hand, the Vanguard is indeed underperforming in all respects except AA capability and longevity.

    AP Cannon by Vehicle Kills Per Hour
    Prowler- 13.95
    Magrider- 11.94
    Vanguard- 11.32

    HE Cannon by Infantry Kills Per Hour
    Prowler- 44.79
    Magrider- 44.57
    Vanguard- 36.98

    In terms of MBT versus MBT combat, the Vanguard also is middle of the pack when taking into account its increased usage.

    MBT Kill:Usage Ratio
    Prowler AP + Vulcan- 96.10 (34,290+14,892 kills: 407.2+104.6 hours)
    Vanguard AP + Enforcer- 77.10 (38,623+12,319 kills: 491.2+169.5 hours)

    Magrider AP + Saron- 73.22 (27,670+14,912 kills: 363.8+217.8 hours)

    Reasons for this is likely due to the Vanguard's slowness and relatively low DPS.
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  19. Geddes

    A lot of people read stats and cry NERF blahblah!!! BUFF THIS OTHER THING!!!!!! when really the balance in ps2 is pretty good, player skill determining 98% of the outcome of an encounter, 1% luck, and maybe 1% weapon/vehicle balance issues
  20. lothbrook

    Anyone whos spent a decent amount of time understands why the VG underperforms, it has 2 stock advantages which are that it has increased armor and its main cannon velocity is slightly higher, both of these advantages are pointless however in a straight up fight and i'll explain why.

    The armor of a VGs front is higher on paper but in game it means nothing as the VGs front will take the same number of shots from a Magrider AP as a prowler would, and only take 1 additional shot from a prowler over a magrider, however that 1 additional shot doesn't require a reload increasing the TTK of a VG against a prowler to just .5 seconds higher than a magriders.

    So in a straight up fight without any flanking the VG is at a straight disadvantage against prowlers due to their insane DPS, and a single miss against a magrider, which is more than plausible, puts the VG at a disadvantage against magriders. This is obviously where the shield comes in, which means you can win that 1 single fight, but until the shield is back up you're at a disadvantage against every other MBT in the game.

    Then theres the velocity, which is only 25 m/s faster and overall minor benefit once you get used to how your tanks rounds perform.

    Add in slowest acceleration, reverse speed, turn rate, and reload speed and you have a sitting duck tank vs infantry that has no real way to fight back with how nerfed vehicle AOE has become.

    TLDR- VG armor advantage is nothing and the shield is only good for 1v1, while the tank is horrid for AI duty.
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