How is the Tengu?

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  1. Neo3602

  2. Eternaloptimist

    Only tried it in VR training. Pretty good TTK against stationary targets with no nanoweave (no! really?).

    Stats say 50 dmg x 4 pellets at 6m and 32 x 4 dmg at 45m. So 200 to 128 dmg? or am I getting that wrong?

    That's big hitting but only 500 rpm and uncharacteristically big hipfire CoF for an SMG. Also quite a bit less range than the NS7

    Nice, but I'm not tempted to buy one due to the need to ADS more than I would want when using an SMG.
  3. Liewec123

    honestly underwhelming imho!
    on PTS it was a shotgun for infils,
    on live it seems to hasve a reaaaaaly long TTk,
    i've sprayed folks with it, they've turned around and killed me with their LMGs...
    i'd put it on par with EM1 for dmg...
    this is not the infil shotgun you're looking for.
  4. Iridar51

    Check out my Highly Technical weapon guide for Tengu:

    Tengu gets much better once you realize you're not supposed to hip fire with it. And it has quite decent performance when aiming down sights. Devs are aware of the underwhelming hip fire issue, and Tengu is likely to receive some buffs and fixes soon.
  5. Kristan

    Already met plenty of NC players with those fancy toys.

    It loses to MCG in 1vs1 short range standoff.
  6. Rydenan

    It loses to everything in a 1v1 standoff.
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  7. Moz

    As long as you can get close, its god tier. Great SMG Infil weapon.

    Soon as you start to get to any sort of range it becomes pretty useless pretty fast.....

    But this is kinda exactly how i expected a "shotgun smg" to work TBH so I'm pretty happy with its power at close range traded off against woeful drop off.
  8. Rydenan

    Unless you're not keeping your crosshair on-target, any other weapon will kill faster, even within knifing range.