How is SOE ******* up so bad???

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tykune, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. AssaultPig

    to 'replicate a liver server' you need an equivalent number of players and system configurations to actually log into your testbed. Have you ever hopped onto the test server? Most of the time it's a ghost town, in my experience.

    I always wonder if the people who start these kinds of threads must be playing their first MMO. Sometimes there are bugs. Sometimes there is unscheduled downtime. That is the reality of developing an online game and PS2 has been pretty good about prompt fixes. Acting like bugs that affect a small minority of players are the end of the world is ******* dumb.
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  2. Santondouah

    Well, next time you answer me use your brain to actually make a point and not repeat what I just said.

    I indeed never said that PS2 and BF/CoD were similar and actually this difference in scale is against you: as you say it, BF/CoD and much lower scale FPSs with a much wider team behind 'em. This means that these games have much more people to fix it with potentially much more simple stuff to fix.

    Second, PS2 is definitely not a pay to win. A have a few BR100 in my outfits that never spent SC on weapons or anything related. They only bought visuals and they are doing really good without it. I can't understand how people manage to put "200 bucks" as one can read sometimes on the forum...

    Last, yes because it is a free to play does not mean they can do poorely on quality service and I assure you that PS2 teams are much more focused on quality and service than BF/CoD teams. Why ? Just because you DID NOT pay 60$ to play it and their only way to get money from players is to have a long lasting game with long term evolution so that players pay membership and buy SC. Simple example : I seriously doubt BF/CoD teams would do so much extra work time as PS2 teams do (at least pretends to on twitter).

    IMO these guys are really working hard and denying/crying/whining like a child every time they try to do something new is not a way to encourage dynamism in the evolution of this game. If they listened to you guys, the game would simply not change at all, forever. Maybe this patch was a bit "too much", I don't know. Only TIME will say. A few days after release is definetely not enough to say so. The same way, if you guys do not want to go to the PTS to make big scale tests and allow devs to detect EVERY potential issue with the patch, you guys only have the right to shut up and wait 'till it is fixed. As you said PS2 is played at a much bigger scale than BF/CoD and thus tests at lower scale may not allow detecting every potential issue related with the patch.

    In the end, I think that people like belong to BF4/CoD community : teen whiners (maybe you're older, I don't care), never happy about changes, always whining about anything, take advantage of the anonimity internet grants them to be an ***hole and insult whoever does not agree with them, and so on.
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  3. BloodMonarch

    Perhaps if you didn't have to download the 'whole' game again to effectively just play a patched version of the game on a different server more people would be on the test server.
  4. DmitryRain

    Today - player Daddy - used speed hack. Reported - & no reaction from SOE. Daddy buy SOE :)
    Hackers vs SOE = Hackers won.
  5. AssaultPig

    man, it's almost as though you need to have another, different version of the client to be able to test the next patch
  6. MasonSTL

    Dude you just agreed with him, then insulted his intelligence....

    thats 6 facepalms total in one thread Tykune.
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  7. KnightCole

    Think we need a bigger Facepalm jpeg...
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  8. Santondouah

    Yes every NC has Higby's personal phone number and eats with him every tuesday night. You VS should use you network and push TRay to give VS ZoE eye lasers that instakill anybody on sight.
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  9. CNR4806

    I hope this is big enough.

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  10. BloodMonarch

    Amazing that isn't it.....funny thing is the client isn't anything like 13GB...13 GB is mostly all the graphics content you've already downloaded for the main game!
  11. Villanuk

    Indeed Blood, you would think that is the Logical approach?
  12. KnightCole

    Ok, please...someone, explain to me the Role of the LMG in PS2?

    Cuz it isnt close in anymore, RoF and Hipfire is not good enough for it
    Medium range isnt it, Recoil, drift, Cof bloom and w/e other BS makes them not good enough for it.
    They sure as hell arent long range.

    LMGs are horrid now. CoF bloom is rediculous and something has TTK on them being 23 bullets and ****. What hit this game in this last patch? This is not the same PS2 I played 2 weeks ago.....

    23 rounds to drop a single guy, accouting for missing, maybe 18 rounds to kill him. This infil shot me up first but I turned around and put like 6 rounds in his head from maybe 12m, he wins...ugh. He never hit my head...that ding sound is very distinct.

    And Can the NC get a Recoil buff now? Cuz they have the CoF bloom of TR and crap but still retain thier high *** recoil. THAT make their guns horrible to handle....and I can handle recoil fairly well, but this CoF bloom is horrific now. I try to burst but it keeps activating the FSM which just serves to throw my aim off a good amount.

    Just hope this game returns to some semblence of normal soon....right now its not fun.....