How is S.O.E going to make a NS version of the lasher

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AdamRah, May 11, 2014.

  1. Gnomemercy

    Single shot the Baron is better than the Jackhammer, it also has access to slugs which JH users have been wanting for ages, Also all but infil and max can use the Baron.
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  2. p10k56

    Something like wh40k bolt gun. Slow velocity ammo with some small charge to do splash damage.
    It will be also neat if ammo was rocket propelled:cool:
  3. sucoon

    AdamRah, AdamRah2 or whatever you use, no one is intestet in you forumside2 flamewar. pls stop generating more and more threats to the same theme. thx
  4. Kunavi

    But isn't the Baron already a Lasher, with Frag Rounds? Seriously, NS have the best weapons.

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  5. Vikingo

    Good point, now it just needs a RoF increase to around 900 or so....
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  6. dracoio

    NS Napalm launcher
    My guess anyway
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  7. AdamRah

    reported for trolling, and overall unusefulness
  8. sucoon

    Wow a Troll reprots for Trolling, good work
  9. BillBoBaggins

    What's the frigging Baron?
  10. MostlyClueless

    I imagine the PS1 Rocklet Rifle or Plasma Thumper could be re-purposed into a Lasher like weapon.
  11. Beeman

    How 'bout somethin' like a WWII era anti-tank rifle?
  12. Whatupwidat

    Just because they're making an NS shotgun doesn't mean they're gonna make a MCG or Lasher version too - don't delude yourselves. It's not "not fair" either, for any whimpering NC players out there going "aww boo, but shotguns is our fing!" <- no, the NC "thing" isn't "shotguns" it's "shotguns on EVERYTHING including tanks, planes, quads, etc"

    I think personally, rather than having "an NS version of faction specific weapons" I'd much rather see the NC develop a better faction trait than "has lots of shotguns".
  13. EGuardian1

    But what about the Titan-150SG? The 150mm Shotgun on the Vanguard?


    NS version of Lasher - Nanite XM25 - only with nanites.
  14. Vixxing

    Thats called the "Jackhammer"...
  15. EGuardian1

    Air Hammer damages armor - Not even the Canister damages armor anymore. *sad face*
  16. NoctD

    TR Smasher will fire lava balls (Fracture/Striker-like golf balls) that burst upon impact. It will do less damage per shot but have a fire rate of 999RPM. It will most certainly NOT be boring! :)

    NC Sploder will fire 6 blue balls in a shotgun pattern, that explode upon impact. It will be pump action. It will be a MAX's worse nightmare! :eek:
  17. AdamRah

    how am i trolling? you're commenting on this post, no one cares about your opinion, it's not constructive, and lol typical troll trying to accuse O.P of being a troll when he's done nothing, get a life, don't get cocky on the forums because you're a paragon
  18. Trudriban

    With a barrel that long, you HAVE to be compensating for something
  19. Ronin Oni

    Easy... Thumper.

    Maybe when they release it they'll finally buff the Lasher?

    Who am I kidding, they'll make the Thumper what the Lasher should have always been (Simple fix, move some direct damage to splash. The splash on it is a joke and just keeps people from regening shields really)
  20. asmodraxus

    NS version of the lasher, look up the rocklet rifle from planetside 1 (its actually better then the lasher in ps2).

    6 shot low damage grenades that do splash damage, 6 shots will kill a heavy, has a rapid fire mode, also has the ability to swap out the ammo for an AA variant/ flak gun.