How exactly do you play the TR MAX?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Klondor, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Klondor

    I'm BR118 and unfortunately still have far too much trouble with the TR MAX. Specifically it's Anti-Personnel weaponry. I have yet to actually find any in-depth guides on youtube or around the net that explain what the TR MAX is particularly good at with it's Anti-personnel guns. So far it's only been "range is your friend" kind of responses, but the only chain guns i can manage to get kills with consistently are MRC3s at that kind of range, but it takes a ton of ammo just to bring down one person due to the horrid cone of fire of these chain guns.

    Maybe if someone who has enough time, could you make a video guide, or an in-depth text guide with some visual examples? Help me out here guys, i really want to make a TR max montage but a lot of the time, i have to pull anywhere from 4 to 5 maxes to get any degree of fun out of it.
  2. RRRIV

    deploy and create an area of denial. usually in hallways, choke points, or on the points.
  3. VhynSeven

    For what I saw on live play, M2 Mutilator seems to be the weapon of choice for many TR MAXes. Not that surprising, as it is a M1 Heavy Cycler with buffed magazine size and muzzle velocity. Players usually go arround with dual Mutilators, or a Mutilator paired with either a M6 Onslaught or a MRC3 Mercy for AI ordonnance (when the don't use dual M3 Pounders HEG...).

    If you are familiar with the deployment and use of the Engi's AI MANA Turret, then you can use the Lockdown ability of the MAX and act as an Turret. A TR MAX doing this is deadly to anything that enters its sight, but avoid staying locked for too long, as you become an esay target for enemy Heavies.
  4. Deffington

    I have the same problem with chainguns as you do. I just sticked to dual Pounders. But I don't play MAX much.
  5. bubbacon

    For me, I either run Onslaught/Mercy combo or dual pounders. Max auto repair.