How dose this work

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  1. Lina Garjzla

    NC started the meltdown alert on Indar and buy the end it is 35% VS 27%TR and 35% NC, and the VS gets the win.[IMG]

  2. JobiWan

    Whenever it's a draw, VS always seems to win. I have no idea why.
  3. Towie

    I don't think the 'rules' for winning an alert are fully documented - but i've also been in a continent alert where one faction won despite equal territory in the bar.

    Maybe those are rounded numbers - or maybe the wins-in-progress are taken into account ?

    A few days ago we were drawing in the last few minutes of a major facility alert so we decided to try and take another facility even though we didn't have time to win it fully. The battle turned into a draw despite us holding and converting the point so on a major facility at least, equal facilities does mean a draw.
  4. StaHoo33

    36+36+27=99 % this is still missing 1%, but system doesn't show tenth of % which was probably on Vanu side like 36,6%... All the time number is 100 as this marks 100% of territory. Blame the designers for not showing up exact numbers.
  5. Scrundle

    It's a programming quirk; VS is faction 1, NC is faction 2, TR are faction 3. In the event of any two factions perfectly drawing this number determines the win. I doubt it was intentional.
  6. AllRoundGoodGuy

    I'm sure there's a wrel joke somewhere.....
  7. Who Garou

    In addition to what others have said, I have to add that no faction starts the Meltdown Alert at this point (as far as I know).
    The sub-alerts and the continent capture alert are all started by timer. (I could be wrong).

    1) Warpgate Stablizing - after certain pop level achieved.
    2) Wait 30-45 minutes
    3) First Sub-Alert
    4) Wait 30-45 minutes
    5) Second Sub-alert
    6) Wait 30-45 minutes
    7) Continent Capture Alert

    As far as victory, if it is tied at the end, (in addition to what I have read of the posts below) it also is determined by last base captured if there is a tie (at least by what I have heard other players say).
  8. Desann

    Boy wouldn't it be great if dominating a map actually achieved victory for your faction...Oh wait we used to have that.
  9. Pacster3

    So you think it is some kind of coin flip then? Cause I definitely saw VS "losing"(and getting the same rewards as the faction that locked the continent) such a draw.
  10. FLHuk

    NC just won a cont alert on Cobalt where with ten seconds to go the VS equalled our 37%....

    It would be nice to know how the nanites decide this.
  11. Pacster3

    Yep, and we got the full rewards...just not the continent lock. Most of the time I noticed that VS gets the continent lock on Cobalt in that situation tho.