how does this high ping stuff work?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by miraculousmouse, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. miraculousmouse

    Is high ping what makes people seem like they are teleporting around when they strafe? But doesn't it make people harder to kill for the high pinger?
  2. Alan Kalane

    Yyyh, of course it is harder to play an online game with high ping...And yes, if people and vehicles seem to teleport or float in the air it's 99% lag (or drifter jump jets). I suggest calling for an IT or changing your ISP
  3. Klypto

    High ping players of both upload and download have a delay until the damage they do registers on the enemy and the damage done to them registers on them self. Basically a whole lot of bs kill trading because the server doesn't care to read packet timestamps and says all is fair in war.

    This can also lead to the lag wizardry of ADAD warping, which makes it much harder for the attacker to land his shots giving time for the delayed high ping packets to register shots on him first. ADAD is still very broken.
  4. Hatesphere

    that might help explain it a bit.
  5. miraculousmouse

    I have fine ping in Emerald, I live in Oklahoma so it's usually in the 80-99 range. Jw about the dudes that seem to warp around and when I ask them in /tell they say they live in Brazil or somewhere in Europe or they have really bad connections.
  6. Hatesphere

    I'm on the same server and i see it now and again, people who are "jumpy" and kind hitch around while walking, they arent really harder to kill but its a bit annoying. especially when trying to take down aircraft.