How does the new capture mechanic work?

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  1. Darsh

    Just a question, I haven't had the chance to try it yet since I've been pretty busy, but I read that influence and number of players on points no longer affect the capture time. Instead, bases have a standard capture timer. I like this idea alot tbh, because before, you could have 30 ppl at a base and still just see 1 person on point, which was just frustrating since no one wanted to just sit there in a vulnerable spot anyways. My main question about this new system tho is, on bigger bases, how does capping 1 or 2 of the 3 points affect the cap?
  2. WalrusJones

    Capture times are now static.

    This makes it so: As long as you can hold, and defend the point, you do not need to sit on it doing nothing.
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  3. Astealoth

    If an enemy territory has adjacency to a friendly territory, you can go to the enemy territory and flip the flags. Capture time is now completely dependent on how many flags you hold at the base. Number of people on the flag and influence percentage no longer scale the timer. Some other notes, everyone can now clearly see which zones are being captured on the map and exactly how long until it caps, at a glance.

    This new system has two intended effects. First, it's to try and promote defensive measures. In the old system one could just cut off enough influence and cap a zone before the enemy ever had a chance to respond. Now, since the enemy can see how much time they have to assemble and form a defense, they may be more inclined to do so. Secondly ghost capping is now considerably more difficult. A ghost capping territory is so blatantly obvious on the map and it takes a bit longer, so it is far more likely the owner faction will send someone to flip it back.

    Fairly simple and common sense changes, if you ask me.
  4. vastaitku

    In big bases you probably need to hold 2 of the points for the progress bar to move your way. Since the times are supposed to be static, having all 3 probably provides no additional benefit in terms of capture speed.
  5. Duvenel

    Pre-GU7, you only needed to own 2/3(if you were at a base with 3 capture points/nodes), to begin capping. I've played when all 3 factions were in one place and we all had 1 point each. So my faction ended up pushing the NC out and taking their point so we could take on the TR who owned the base. But it might make for some interesting fights now that things have changed.
  6. Darsh

    Ahh ok. So timer isn't exactly standard. Basically, a large base with 3 points takes 10 minutes assuming you own all 3 points.. But this can change at anytime since points will flip back and forth an so if I understand correctly 10 minutes is the fastest you will ever capture a base like a bio lab. I was thinking about a different way this could work so that the defenders have the advantage. IMO, defenders should always have an advantage when defending a base. So wouldn't the flowing suggestion be interesting? Timers are standard, but only start ticking once all points have been captured.. The defending faction only needs to recapture one point ( on a large base like tech plants ect ) to completely pause the timer. So the attackers have to control all points for the timer to be ticking down. If the defenders manage to recapture all 3 points, the hack is completely neutralized and the base is defended. No need for the defenders to rebuild the timer. Attackers will now have to restart from scratch and capture all 3 points to restart capping from the the beginning.

    I think a system like this would make any base much more defensible. Of course it means that we'd prolly have to play with the timers a but to see what's too long vs too short but I think it would make for some fun battles and defending would actually be fun, especially if there was an EXP reward associated to defending a base. Also capping a base would be more difficult so it would make it more challenging and the XP reward for capping a base could be significantly increased too.
  7. Katana

    Holding only 2 doesn't slow down the cap time as opposed to holding 3/3? Is that correct?

    Is this to speed up the process so the children don't get bored?

    If you can't hold all 3 the other team deserve the opportunity to win it back...
  8. Duvenel

    Damnit, I think I read somewhere that if a defender takes back 1/3 of the terminals then this will pause(or is it reset) the capture time of the attackers and if it's 2/3 then it gets reset back to the defenders ownership and the attackers have to start over again. But for the life of me I can't seem to find the post anymore...I forum lurk a lot and I don't sleep much, so it may be that I dreamt reading the post. Which now that I think about it is rather sad...

    Yes, I'm trying to revive a nearly month old thread because this is so sorely outdated and it's doing my head in trying to find the correct information about the finer details about base capture:

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