How does the (NC) AC-X11 Carbine stack up.

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Skizzik_NZ, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Skizzik_NZ

    Next to the other NC engineer weapons how does the AC-X11 compare?
  2. ron1n

    Poor man's GD-7F
  3. Uzii

    I can only offer a biased opinion, as I haven't used any of the other weapons since beta. But for raw damage, the AC-X11 is unmatched in the carbine category. Yes the 20 round clip is difficult to manage, yes the recoil is a *****, but like all the weapons, learning how to use it has the biggest effect on its performance.

    I find myself now switching to single fire mode quite often, even at fairly close range, and tapping the trigger, as opposed to holding it, or bursting it. With a compensator and the advanced foregrip, the recoil can be managed, and single shot helps with the limited ammo per magazine. I use the x2 reflex which I now love, compared to the x1 I used to use.

    I did have a Silencer equipped, and the High Velocity Ammo to compensate for the slower bullet travel time the silencer gave. But in all honesty the silencer isn't that great. I rarely use my minimap to find enemies when they fire their weapons, as the locational sound in this game is amazing. At times I have heard someone shout "Enemy engineer spotted", checked my map in the direction it came from, realise that no friendly is there, and then go hunting for the scumbag who spotted me. When using the silencer I didn't notice any change in the number of people engaging me, and although it looks cooler, it didn't help me enough to warrant having it. I also don't have the HV Ammo equipped any more, the added recoil isn't worth the slightly quicker travel time.

    I hope this helps people considering to use this gun, as I love it, the sheer damage is where it truly shines, but its shortcomings can be managed with proper attachments and handling.
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