How does a damage nerf make something more "hit and run"?

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  1. TR5L4Y3R

    regarding the esf play they should make esf flying more accessible imo ... as in allow me to set my mouse to rotate instead of rolling and allow me to strafe without the constant need to push the risebutton ... personaly i don't care about the whole realismthing about it as flying currently is it's incredibly difficult to aim and missing because your aircraft handles like a brick just ain't fun ... and i bet that's also the reason why people use aircraft far less ...
  2. Hajakizol

    Well if planes were more entry level friendly they would be less elite rewarding... And those who struggled to be elite honestly would feel shortchanged to get their power reduced. Problem with people is that most are average so most will lose to the elites. But if they remove some power from the elite and give it to the noobs the elites may actually like flying more because it would be a more target rich albeit dangerous sky.
  3. NubCannon

    In VR training i determined it takes 13 hornet missiles alone to kill a liberator 12 leave it on fire.
    additionally i noted that if you alternate between hornet missiles and the vortec, it takes 6 Hornet missiles and 2 mags from the vortec (tested by firing 2 hornet missiles followed by 1 mag then repeating)
  4. Crayv

    This has been a constant back and forth nerf and buffs regarding ESFs basically since launch.

    "Skies are empty we need things to be more newbie friendly to pilots"
    <SOE/DBG does something like add Coyotes>
    "I'm a 1337 pilot and I'm dying in 3v1 against noobs, this needs to be change to reward skill more"
    <SOE/DBG nerfs things like Coyotes>
    "The skies are empty..."
  5. zeroxpain

    joe we're nerfing hornets, make up a reason why we're nerfing them to tell the player, joe but i have no ide what to say, other random dev just make up som ****

    if they wanted hornets to be more hit and run they would have to kill in 1 or 2 missiles and the reload time shoud be very long
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