How do you qualify for the the Analyst Helmet?

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  1. HooskerDO

    September 8ths playtest has been the first playtest I have been able to attend. A couple of my friends and I got on to witness death-rays from the sky and see what new stuff was coming to live servers, and to get our hands the the Analyst Helmet.

    I got home from work at 6PM EST [ 3PM PT ] logged on and got my butt to Indar. I killed an hour, not knowing the time had been changed, and stayed on for a little bit killin aircraft at the Crown when the alert finally was over. In total I was running around Indar for a little over 3 hrs on the testserver. However, I inquired about why I didn't have the helmet yet on DBGs site and was told: " I checked our list of accounts which qualified for the Analyst Helmet, and I am not seeing your account on it. That would indicate that you did not qualify."

    So my question is; what was I supposed to do in order to qualify for the Analyst Helmet??
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  2. HooskerDO


    After some more back-and-forth with customer support I was informed that there was a delay with the grants for the Analyst Helmet and, despite the confusion of what I was told, I DID qualify for the helmet and should receiver it soon, which I have.

    All is on order. It seems that the method or system that is in place needs to be streamlined.

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