How do you play with friends in this game

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  1. FeistyAsItIs

    I have him as a friend in the game but how do i invite him to my game or join his?
  2. furballhero

    You have to have a character on the same server, same faction, make sure neither of you are already in a squad and then type /Squad invite (friends name), and then the squad leader has to invite everyone else via squad invite.

    There's other ways of doing this, add him to friends, or creat an outfit together and list the squad, but this is the more direct way.
  3. FeistyAsItIs

    How do you invite to squad outside of a game?
  4. furballhero

  5. Wombat

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  6. Tooks

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  7. furballhero

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  8. FeistyAsItIs

    like where u choose ur character and press play
  9. furballhero

    you have to be in game to invite them to squad, this isnt COD.

    although... it feels like it sometimes
  10. Tooks

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  11. FeistyAsItIs

    i invited to squad but how do i invite to game
  12. FeistyAsItIs

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  13. Distar

    You do not invite them to game. There are PERSISTENT servers. This is not CoD/BF where you join a specific Game Server. Planetside 2 Servers host thousands of players at once. So you join ONE server, and that it. Have you and your friend select the same Server during Character Creation and that is all you need to do. Then click play, and decide on a place to meet. Warp-Gate is best.

    There is no "game". the "game" is ongoing and never ends. There are no rounds, matches, or restarts. To invite a friend to play with you, you must first make sure that the characters that you are playing are in the same faction (vanu, NC, or TR), as well as in the same server (you will need to communicate this outside of the game via phone, or person). once you have established that both of you are on the same team, and in the same server you will hit esc. Go to the social tab at the bottom, and then find the friends tab on the left. Send him a friend request and wait for him to accept it. Once your there, stay in the social tab, under the "friends" category, and you will see his name. on the right side of his name you will see an icon that looks like this >>. Click on it and a menu will appear. In that menu, you will see a tab for "invite to squad". click on it and the invite will be send. He then must accept it and viola! you are in the same squad. After that, there is no special "squad spawn" or anything like that. The only thing that the squad does is give you the ability to use in game voip in a squad only, his name will be green, and you will be given extra points for helping him out. Aside from that, you will need to communicate and figure out where to spawn, and where to attack in order to stay together.

    If he was already in a squad your invite will not go through. All members being invited to a squad must first leave any squad that they are in. I hope this helps. Dont listen to the asshats who bash you for having a lack of knowledge. We all need help some times. If you ARE a troll, then i hate you for taking advantage of my niceness.
  15. Disrespecting

    I'm going to try my best to explain :)
    First make sure you're in the same Faction, and on the same server.
    After you've invited him to your squad, at spawn find the terminal that has a world globe on it.
    This will allow you to travel to three different maps on your server

    Look over these maps and your friend should be visible on one of them as a little circle with a number in it, just go to the map hes in and seek eachother out.

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