How do you make Twitch client record your videos?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Master, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Master

    They don't record your videos. I checked my twitch settings, checked my in-game settings, and still does not record videos. Was this intended or am I doing something wrong.
  2. Master

    No one uses the twitch client that was integrated into the game?
  3. Master

    Could it be steam that ruins the record function for the twitch api?
  4. Hydragarium

    Doubt it - Plenty of twitch streamers use Steam overlay enabled games (with it on of course)
  5. Potogasu D. Esu

    No steam doesn't ruin it. I'm forced to play with the PSG version urgh....

    You should contact twitch itself. This only happens when you stream with the planetside 2 twitch api. Planetside 2 is atm. the only game that makes use of the twitch api.

    Sorry for my broken english.
  6. Master

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