How do you maintain a decent KDR as an LA??

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by MasterCheef, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. aRtFuL

    If youn exclusively play LA or HA and you wish to talk about cert gain you are doing something wrong already.

    Less than half the fight is in CQC, and in open field infantry besides medic and eng are pretty ineffective as open fields are dominated by armor and air. On top of that even less than half of those fights are symmetric encounters, meaning one force is usually overwhelming another on a point and the losing side usually have 2 choices: retreat and redeploy, or get spawn camped. In either of those scenario what class you use is irrelevant and hardly affect the outcome.

    If you only play LA and HA and plans to be successful with it, chances are you are choicing only zerg vs zerg close-mid range non open field fights, which severely limits your play options and cert gain, which is why you would be doing something wrong already, an which is also why K/D is irrelevant because by play LA and HA exclusively you have already restricted your cert gain potential regardless of how good you are.

    If you had wanted to cert gain, you would've never play LA or HA unless absolutely required (ie. base capture that cannot be assisted by armor/air and there are enough infantry resistance to warrant it's use).

    So your whole point on cert gain dependent on K/D is irrelevant if you plan to use LA/HA exclusively. It is like saying I, an able person, limit myself to a handicap group and see who runs fastest in it.
  2. MasterCheef

    i play LA because its fun. I tried infiltrator and HA, got more kills with them- but to me they werent as fun.

    I took some of the suggestions posted here and decided to try a shotgun build. Today I''ve had my most successful run to date. We were assaulting a base and i jet-packed over the walls, surprising the enemy with shotgun blast to the face and quickly escaping to a ledge overhead to reload. Most of it was just luck i think, but i killed a good 6 people for i went down. 6 people without dying in a large infantry battle is huge for me.

    The shotgun is definitely situational though, as i wasnt able to reproduce that kind of success in everywhere.

    I still dont get how you guys avoid death streaks, Even if i stick to the roofs, i always seem to get hunted by other LAs or snipers. Dont take this as a whine though, im having immense fun as an LA.
  3. Jadith

    Ahh, I see your problem here. You should be hunting them, not the other way around. Did you know snipers never look behind them? Quick tap tap tap in the back of the head and you got a dead, frustrated sniper. As far as hunting other LA, you must be death from above. Most of the time, the LA with the high ground wins simply because they get the first couple of shots.

    You are Light Assault. You are the predator, everyone else the prey. Especially medics, **** medics.
  4. Jackalmaster

    best advice for someone playing LA is go more with theatrics and mobility and less trying to be like an HA. I have Lynx with laser sight, suppressed, soft ammo and nade bod with flash 2x and c4 2x. you can do alot of damage and cause alot of confusion if used correctly.
  5. Achmed20

    you obviously didnt read the whole post because i merly stated that IF you play LA and HA exlcusively, the only thing to measure your effectiveness is the KD ratio and the only way to gain certs is killing people/vehicles.

    im not sure where you read here that these classes are cert grinding machines :p
  6. RomulusX

    grenade launcher and grenade bandolier ;D
  7. shadowkhat

    wrong if your playing light assault right you can be 100% helpful to your team and never get a single kill... light assault class is a harrasing class.. you can spend your entire time hopping on ledges distracting the enemy and rarely even getting a kill with your squad racking up the kills and your just as effective as the medic or engineer... k/d means nothing only stupid people think it does... this game isn't about kills its about territory wtf does K/D fit in taking bases ... the sooner people figure that out the better the game will be less farming more taking territory. K/D needs to be removed from the game
  8. Achmed20

    ah, another one of those who lie to themselfs and believe they are way more useful when playing the meatshield.
    but i dont mind you, you are of use to me thats true. while you distract them and get shot, i shoot the rest of them.
    so, thank you unknown LA :)
  9. klor

    I read most of this thread but I'm short on time so I'll throw in a few things which may have been said.

    One of the most important things to use as light assault are your surroundings. Buildings, terrain and other forms of cover are your biggest asset. Learn to navigate around objects to get the jump on your opponents, getting above or behind them is a must for good kill streaks on LA.

    Use a shotgun or a hipfire optimized carbine (the ones with advanced laser) because you can force the engagement range to your optimal distance you should use a weapon to compliment that.

    Dropping C4 into a large group of enemies who dont see you above can net large multi-kills so unlock C4 x2 if you haven't. You wont regret it.

    I prefer nanoweave to the other options and I have it maxed. You should also try to level your jump jets as much as possible. More air time means more death from above and more escapes.

    You can use your jets to manipulate jump pads. You can stop half way or you can go places the pads aren't aimed, like the top of spawn areas or other buildings and rock formations. Here is an example of one way you can use the jump pad.

    Mobility is Light Assault's specialty, work on maneuvering yourself as you improve the kills will come.
  10. aRtFuL

    No you didn't read my post. I'm saying there is not effective way to gain cert regardless of your K/D, because LA is not an effective cert gainer anyways. So your point is totally invalid.

    Also, K/D is totally inaccurate cert gain indicator, as you don't lose cert from D, and you gain only from K, A, caps and killing/saving generators; and K/D ratio includes NOTHING in regards to A, caps and generator objectives.

    So your justification makes no sense. K/D is ratio is nothing more then an epeen tool.
  11. Suriakk

    I don't KDR is a stupid number that is ruining this game.
  12. Corezer

    in a game where players compete, and you have the opportunity to remove enemy player from the game (aka kill them) KD always matters.

    the extent can be reduced by objectives and the availiability of providing support functions, but KD will always matter.
  13. Krona

    Kill a bunch of dudes before you die.
  14. HerbertKnivez

    You want to use the LA for its advantages, get a 4x scope if you have a Mid range weapon, get a 6X scope if you have a long range waeapon. Get the front grip, get up high and take people down where they can't see you.
  15. Achmed20

    ah nevermind,
    you are allready making up imaginary stuff i never said (connecting cert gain to K/D for example) so there is not much sense into arguing here at all.
  16. Draczar

    Currently have a 1.7 K/D myself but thats probably because while I do play LA a lot, I'm also a pretty consistent lightning driver too.

    And yes KDR matters as a metric for determining how good you're doing (in the context of all the other stats as well). Yes you can be quite useful without getting kills or firing shots, but an alive soldier is much more effective than a dead one, especially if you're on the attacking side of a fight and it'll take you time to get back into the fray. And no, its not a matter of boasting or bragging about how well you're doing, for me its a personal goal to keep it at least above 1.5, because again dead soldiers are not useful soldiers and a dead enemy soldier is incapable of capturing points, repairing things or healing others and most importantly can't stop your own soldiers from capturing their points.

    But anyway, how to be an effective LA? Well for me the most important thing I learnt was crouch jetpacking which allows you to get through pretty much every window in the game. That and I've played a lot of Tribes in the past which teaches you very good jetpack fuel management skills such as "constant thrust for vertical distance, stutter thrust (turning it rapidly on and off) for horizontal distance". Also, something that I repeatedly forget is that flying straight up and running out of fuel (its embarrassing to admit I do this a lot if somebody catches me on a corner) usually makes you dead very quickly.

    Another important thing, but quite situational, is alternate fire modes on your carbine. Sometimes you're in a position as an LA where the enemy hasn't seen you and you're at a range where your default fire mode is a waste of ammo. I've gotten a lot of kills from sitting on a rooftop and switching to single shot to get a quick few bullets into the head before they know what hit them.

    And finally, learning how to aim and fire while also jetpacking over or around your enemy is a good skill. In this situation hipfiring is the only viable option because in sights you'll never be able to move the crosshair quickly enough, the main reason you'd do this is if your ambush fails or you get caught in the open and if thats the case then bullet avoidance is more important than bullet conservation.
  17. Ripshaft

    Items have nothing to do with your issue, it's just a matter of skills, not your shooting skills, but battle skills, knowing where to shoot from and how. You are a light assault, you are NOT a direct combat unit, though your performance in direct combat is still pretty decent. Your advantage is in your jetpack, you need to use it effectively to get the most out of your class. The only units you should be engaging directly except due to random chance are other light assaults. Everyone else you should be striking for a highly advantageous position, usually without them ever being aware of where you are. Both types of jetpacks provide ample solutions to achieve this, learn this and use it. It is extremely rare for me not to kill at least 5 people any time I spawn light assault, usually much more. Sure I die stupidly at times without killing anyone or having only killed a few people, but these are very rare.

    Edit: I also haven't even certed c4, I could make so many more kills each run if I did. I'm pure gun kills here (carbine and pistol), with the occasional knife.
    Edit again: Though it is somewhat situational, I wouldn't roll light assault if I was assaulting across an open field where there's no potential advantage. But for 90% of the map, which is rife with buildings and trees and hills, la can always find an advantage.
  18. Brusilov [TR]

    LA is the best class for killwhoring (next to sniping from the crown maybe). Cert your JetPack, constantly move, attack from behind using knife for lulz

    Although, if you have enough certs or are dedicated to LA the real answer is easy, albeit resource intensive:

    3 Grenades
    2 Underslung's
    2 C4's

    Pop up in an unexpected position, behind enemy lines... and try get at least 6 kills, running them all around the base before they take you down. hahaha
  19. MasterCheef

    My mobility and situational awareness must be terrible- i guarantee i wouldve died after that 2nd or 3rd guy. I know because ive done that exact same drop and got less kills with less people. Someone wouldve shot me in the back after that 2nd kill. Also- i notice that he takes several shots without dying. When i play LA, it feels like i get 2-shotted by most troops.

    great vid though.
  20. Rhumald

    If you play your light assault as a close quarters combatant, it can be rather easy, just upgrade your jumpjets as much as possible, grab a shotgun, any will do to be honest, as long as it has a good damage output and refire rate, grab the extended mag cert for that, and try as best you can to always force your enemies into close quarters situations, where shotguns are deadly, taking advantage of the fact that you can move in ways people normally can't, so you could, say, run out onto a balcony, and come back in through a window, or the roof, or just shoot them from the roof, who ever looks up when you "should, logically" still be on the ledge??

    Play cat and mouse with you LA, you being the mouse; your goal is to hide, and kill the cat if the opportunity presents itself, and it will present itself if you have a shotgun, and don't let yourself get stuck in long range scenarios with it.

    Remember: unless absolutely sure your whole blast will land on their face/back of head: double tap.
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