How do you maintain a decent KDR as an LA??

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by MasterCheef, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Ayre

    K/D 3.05

    1)Get a shotgun or a close range CQC.
    2) turn your mouse sensitivity down. Yes, down. Way down. I play with .30 sensitivity. It lets you control your shots far, far more and actually land those hits.

    The other half is knowing how to juke and escape. I can't teach you that, you gotta walk that road yourself.
  2. Ayre

    I would share this opinion but getting kills is LA's biggest job and greatest tool. Doing hit and runs and causing havoc can do so much more to win the battle than just footslogging as another HA. Even if its just distracting the engineers around a sunderer (by shooting them and their buddies) long enough for your friends to kill it you will be contributing a great deal to the fight.
  3. Viesel

    I never see this mentioned but my personal preference is Grenade Bandolier for suit slot combined with C4 and an underbarrel nade launcher you will have to try hard NOT to have a positive KDR. More often than not I get up someplace high, locate clusters of infantry, lob nades, mop up stragglers with made launcher, expend entire ammo supply, save C4 for MAX and vehicles, knife 2 people before going down. Then you respawn and repeat. The spot you pick and remaining mobile are key.
  4. jak

    I agree mostly with this except the underbarrel means a weaker gun and with the nades not always working...I've gone back to the better weapon over having the underbarrel.
  5. Chancellor Gowron

    Light Assault is my most played class, and I play infantry a lot more than I use vehicles.

    IMO LA is the best anti-infantry class in most situations.

    LA is the only class where I can infiltrate a base with like 40 enemies, get a quad kill, escape scott free and repeat as soon as my shields recharge.

    Especially in the air tower bases the jetpack allows you to absolutely run circles around everyone else.

    2x C4 and maxed out jetpack were the first things I certed into after release.
  6. shadowkhat

    who cares K/D means nothing in this game at all its only the stupid COD and BF kiddies that worry about it and it should be taken out of the game theres zero reason what so ever to have a k/d stat in planetside.
  7. Skiptis

    I can recommend using instant action to drop in on air tower bases before you see a capture bar for your faction on them and steering your drop pod to land on the tower. If you pull it off successfully and your faction hasn't made it inside the base yet you have a fairly good chance of seeing just how much havoc you can wreak on people who think they're safe. Any class can pull that particular trick, but LAs can (barring being shot down halfway up the side of a building) duplicate it at will.

    One common mistake, I think, is being too careful with the LA class. To be really effective you need to get in before everyone else and get so far in and so high up any hostiles will assume nothing will have had time to make it there yet. If you don't have a whole lot of confidence in yourself this can be very hard to work up the nerve for and when you do you'll fail often until you learn bases, learn people, learn the jump jets, learn how to hide and when to shoot.

    Keep moving, even if it's just to keep running around one of the ledges of a tower. Situational awareness is your most potent weapon. You're just as vulnerable to being shot in the back as anyone else. Don't be afraid to not take a shot if it looks too far. Don't regret letting people you shot down to half health that got behind cover some distance away from you go. You have more weapons than your main gun, use them.

    I read a story once, a secondhand tale told by a bard in a work of fiction, of a race of giants who lived on a planet who hated the sun and ran all their lives around it to stay in the shadow. LAs aren't a whole lot different, except the sun is where the enemy is looking for you. Keep running, stay out of sight and shoot whoever you can. Becoming a giant is just a matter of doing it well enough.
  8. Achmed20

    that is true for engies and medics but in no way is that true for LAs and HAs.
    these both classes basicly just gain certs from killing (or occasionally (de)fuse generators can capping).

    so ... please explain me how a bad K/D ratio means nothing while beeing LA or HA? u didnt kill so you failed your job.

    edit: i consider everythign below 1.0 as bad and i jsut have 1.3.
  9. Jadith

    While KDR in a capture and control game is a bit silly, I will give you some hints and tricks to being a better LA. i will also assume you read some of the suggestions above (i.e. C4)

    Take advantage of having more than one loadout slot. Set each slot to adapt to medium, close quarters, assualt, or what have you. Experiment, experiment, experiment. No one person can give you a strict loadout, and these need to fit your personal playstyle.

    The rejuvenation pack is highly underrated imo. C4 is incredible, don't get me wrong, but LA often do not have access to a medic. If you do not have C4 yet or just need more survivabilty than offensive capability, rejuv packs are your best bet. Nothing surprises an enemy more than that LA he has been chasing around suddenly shows up with full health. I also recommend certing into the armor that reduces your shield recharge. A quicker recharging shield is great for skirmishing gets you back into the action faster without risking hp loss with no medic around.

    Learn to think three dimensionally in combat. A common situation in fire fights involves an enemy retreating around cover (small walls, boxes, the edge of a building, etc). Instead of sticking your face around the corner, fly around the cover and shoot the enemy in the back. Instead of walking up a stair, fly up and shoot the enemy in the side of the head. See a grenade at your feet? Flying straight up can get you to safety without forcing a retreat. I could go on, but you get the idea.

    Flying while crouching is a MUST HAVE skill. The first time I spotted a LA fluidly crouch fly through a window, it blew mind figuratively and literally (he had a shotgun). Also, a crouched LA flying through the air between buildings is harder to hit. Practice at the warpgate or unoccupied base if needed, but learn to crouch while flying.

    Kill the medic. LA are great at getting the drop on medics skulking around out of the line of fire. While this will not necessarily increase your KDA, killing a medic will let your team wrest a building or control point from the enemy. Also, nothing sucks more than being shot in the back by some guy you killed five seconds ago.

    Learn how to skirmish and how to assault. Use hit and run tactics when you are by yourself, and never stick around if an unknown is shooting at you. If you surprise a group by yourself, fire off a few rounds and run. Even if you do not get the kill. Knowing a dead LA is on a roof means good job to the enemy. Knowing a LIVE LA is on the roof makes people nervous, and nervous people make mistakes. When you assault a building, toss a grenade, fire a grenade launcher round, or wait for friendlies to go in one entrance, then flank through a window, door, or the sky in general. Confusion is a tool you need to use at every opportunity. Even if you die doing it, your allies have likely won the fight while the enemy was dealing with you.
  10. shadowkhat

    K/D means nothing nothing nothing at all you can gain 100000000 times more certs by never firing a shot and just going and cappign a base so you can literally be BR 100 without firing a shot explain how K/D means anything.. i consider anyone who mentions K/D in this game a COD noob that should just go back and play a game where K/D actually matters. so **** about KD and play the game... you don't have to fire a shot to be good stop making people think K/D is all that matters
  11. Achmed20

    u still didnt explain how a Light assault or a heavy assault gains certs while contributing something usefull for the team.
    jsut standing on overcrowded cap points and playing meatshield is not considered beeing usefull.
    in case you dont understand "explain", i'll just qoute wiki here.
    killing is pretty much the only thing which will give light and heavy assaults XP/Certs. there is nothing else. no hacking, no healing, no ammo, no mines no nothing. its the whole purpose of this class. so if i miss something here. please point me into the right direction and keep your childish COD craptalk for yourself.
  12. KaosWarMonk

    Yeah practice. I LA most of the time and my K/D is slowly going up with time.... And I'm a pretty suicidal player.

    Also remember LA have to get pretyy close to the enemy so I think its to be expected that we die a lot.
  13. Achmed20

    i wish i could stick c4 on myself and just trigger it with my last breath ^^
  14. Skiptis

    Give it a rest. The OP wasn't asking how to pad his stats as much as possible, he was asking how to be more successful playing (LA) normally and was using KDR as an accessible comparison measure. Context, people. Just because some get overly attached to their KDR or tries to use it as proof for something after flying lib gunner for a month straight it doesn't mean you have to make a bandwagon out of playing whack-a-mole with a sledgehammer against anyone who uses the thing within reasonable limits.
  15. shadowkhat

    doesn't matter KD isn't valid to use to tell if your playing your class right ... LA is a harrasing class fly up on ledges break the enemies concentration while the rest of your squad is popping up the stairs.. you might not get a kill but you probly just saved 5 of your squadmates... KD doesn't and shouldn't ever matter in this game no class has the sole job of killing the enemy. infil's are doing just as good a job spotting for your squad or hackign terminals as they would be sitting on a ledge getting kill after kill, HA is doing just as good a job spraying bullets downrange keeping the enemies head down as he is firing rockets into tanks... this game isn't about killing its about taking and defending points and bases. if the game were only about killing you'd have to have a certain number of kills before you could take a base. so stop using KD as a reference it really does not matter at all
  16. shadowkhat

    no you can gain certs by standin on a point you don't even have to fire a shot. you never have to fire a single shot in this game to get certs. KD means nothing, its a stupid stat left over from COD and BF games so little kids can brag about how good they are.
  17. Achmed20

    i wont deny that K/D is a pretty much overrated value in general, but if you exlcusively playing an LA or HA and your K/D is below 1 (with over a week playtime), then you can be sure that you are doing something entirely wrong.
  18. Whargoul

    LA can get to places all the other classes cant and should be the first ones in a base blowing up the generators and getting the shields down for vechs to move in, blowing up vital stuff like enemy sundys and turrets that are keeping your team from advancing. Not just killing infantry - anyone can do that.
  19. SupaFlea

    Rule of thumb for me, is dont treat it like an assault class despite its name and if you like me have a more dignity that to camp with a spawn/sundy or hard to spot hid hole with a silenced carbine, treat the class like Scout/Recon class with a tad bit of Kamikazi thrown in. Since LA doesnt really have a proper viable usefulness in a squad, you main goal is be a pain in the ***.
    You have the ability to get in and out fast, use it to prioritize your targets to the support classes of the enemy. Medics first then engies,HA or Snipers etc.

    Once you unlock double C4 you will open up a whole new angle of assault. MAX buster and vehicle boomer. 2 C4 to back end of most vehicle except a sundy and its in pieces and 1 C4 can drop any max within about 5ft I think. Also have one of your loadouts as a recon setup with silencer etc gives the chance to sneak up around and behind the enemy lines, unload on them with 1 clip of carbine, silenced pistol grenade n c4 and get the heck out if you can. disrupt things for them as much as possible to atleast distract them from your own advancing troops.

    I got 2 marks in nano weave although most say just one is needed to which I found out after i dropped the certs in it

    Trac 5 S (Reflex x1, Silencer, Foregrip/Laser sight/GL, SP ammo)

    I change the barrel attachment a fair bit depending on my mood, Foregrip good from the midrange combat where you aiming down sights more.
    Laser sight for the close fighting helps get the most out of your class if you jetpack up n over you enemies in a defence etc, the same way most newby Heavies tap their extra shield as soon as they see an aggressive looking leaf.
    GL useful in alot of situations, takes off about 40% of a MAX health or 50% not exactly sure.
    Also I dont know if anyone can confirm this but launching the GL doesnt make show up on the Radar as it does if you fire an unsilenced weapon etc so still helps you remain stealthy and gives you an extra punch when you need it. Downside is it the GL becomes your number to slot and and your Pistol becomes number 3 and everything else moves down etc. Have died so many times because it changed to my GL instead of my Pistol and I believe the GL doesnt do any dmg withing 15ft of firing it.
  20. perspicacious

    LA suits some, not others. You'll need good spatial awareness, knowledge of your jetpack capability and, most of all, not attempt to engage head-on.

    Most good LA players with high KDR's engage unsuspecting targets 90% of the time.

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