How do you maintain a decent KDR as an LA??

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by MasterCheef, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. MasterCheef

    i find it impossible to kill more than i die. To me LA is so squishy and i can rarely outshoot anyone. My KDR is .55, and i feel like i'm doing well.

    i just want to know how some people have crazy KDRs in the 4s and up. The way i play, i dont see it being possible without avoiding MOST action. Do you camp? do you just have better CQC skills? nano weave?
  2. zarfoobla

    Practice. To be more precise, practice that consists of getting into a good position to start tearing up enemies from behind.

    Pretty much in the same boat as you. I dabble in all classes (except MAX) but primarily run LA, and most of my deaths when playing one comes from trying to get into a good point to start an ambush from rather than a straight up firefight. My KDR hovers around 0.7 so far, but I don't really care about that.
  3. Wolfwood82

    These people probably spend more time piloting vehicles/aircraft then they do foot zerging. Don't let it get to you, I barely manage just above 1.0.

    The trick is to pick your fights and avoid standing stalemates where you are constantly re-spawning and running into your death. Learn to attack from unexpected directions. Best thing I did was cert into shotguns. Not because they are super awesome and powerful but because you tend to learn how to ambush better when your limited to a range of 5m or so.
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  4. Dkamanus

    I'm on a 2.2 KDR on a total of 7300+ kills. It's practice. Know when to stay, when to jump out, when to fly and wait, or just to keep flying.
  5. Dasmasterneko

    I find that as NC and with whatever gun i am using i can outgun pretty much anyone assuming i aim high enough. It dishes out incredible amounts of damage but the trick i find is to have safe room to reload. For me light assault is the default go-to class when i just want to kill.

    The highest KD's are usually when i can use my jetpack to get high ground. Its easy to simply duck for cover if they break the shields and if not just mow them down. Ammo is a concern but i usually switch to semi-auto and take out mid range targets.
  6. Bacon County Rebel

    Find the range that you can kill with whatever gun you are using, don't engage people outside of that range.
    Don't engage people you wont be able to kill, like a max at full health or multiple people from the front.
    Attack from rooftops or towers, jump jet to window ledges and shoot inside or sneak up behind someone.
    If you take fire, run away and flank them. Know where your enemies are coming from, predict where they will go and ambush them.
    Listen for your targets, listen for their calls they are different, listen for their gunfire they are different, listen for footsteps.
    You are a master assassin, you pick your targets to kill then vanish.
  7. Minsc

    You have to practice how to move in unexpected ways and get behind people. Never stop moving. Also, flying when an enemy can see you is a death sentence unless you are flying directly over them to safety. People can't actually shoot straight up.

    LA really clicked for me once I got a shotgun. My KDR is around 1.8, but I am somewhat streak-y. I'll have runs where I get 10+ kills and runs where I just can't get into position and die over and over (especially when trying to C4 a sundie).
  8. Eric Smith

    Light Assault is all about mobility. Jump over your opponents to get behind him, strafe while hip firing, drop C-4 on a Max's head, get up on a ledge and shoot people from an angle they're not expecting, fly away from your opponents if they get the drop on you, etc. Just keep moving. This means that the FPS is very important; if you have any framerate issues you may not be able to play a LA well, as frame drops may make it impossible to pull off all of the mobility tricks you need to do.
  9. MasterCheef

    maybe its my connection, but i usually only hear two "flinches" before i die- to almost anything. I dont even get a chance to hide or run around to confuse the enemy. Are your LAs as squishy too? It literally feels like half the players are using shottys on me.

    One time i magically was able to out shoot people and had like 5-6 kills in a row. i dotn know if it was luck or ping.
  10. VKhaun

    I don't... with adrenaline suit slot and a jet pack lv3 I can fly over the hill the sundy is behind, hop onto a tower ledge or over a base wall to a generator building, sprint to the confilcted point and kill someone guarding... all in the time it takes them to respawn LOL. Seriously. Sunderers have a faster respawn than bases plus you are faster and can get over obstacles.

    If I shotgun one poor sod then die every life, I'm doing a fine job. I am forcing them to commit at least twice my number to defense at all times or lose that point.

    It's a shooter game and you get a carbine weapon selection, so of course you can -and I do- get a decent KDR if you want to or get the opportunity to, but this is a team based game on a large scale. Going 9:1 running around like a fool all over a base hiding and sneaking and rushing is not better than going 11:8 and being a constant harassing presence keeping forces occupied, forcing new mines to be laid, burster MAX's distracted, engineers not repairing things, etc etc etc.

    Of course it's a game above all else. It's not BAD to run around going 9:1 being a stunt man. If you have fun that way then go for it, but you shouldn't feel obligated to play that way. Suicide troops are very effective when combined with mobility and mobile spawn points.
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  11. justme

    get pro
  12. Caracal

    This is my first FPS since i played goldeneye on the 64 with my buddies. When I first started this game, my kdr was worse than yours. hahaha i really messed up my kdr something bad when i started out. But, I am getting it up to the 1.00 status that I am shooting for.

    Sometimes i fall into the habit of treating LA like I am a heavy or an infiltrator. After I die a few times, i found it helpful to take a step back, and think about if I am actually playing like a heavy or an infiltrator. Am I rushing in on foot, am I trying to shoot from ridiculous ranges? If I am, i am not taking advantage of that vital 1-2 seconds it takes someone to figure out where I am shooting from. Asking myself these type of questions usually snaps me back into LA mode, and I finish out the session in 1.15-1.8 kdr.

    Also, learn your gun. Shoot the wall, at the warp gate, and learn how to move your mouse to keep a tight bullet pattern. Then, kdr be damned, just go out and shoot some stuff. The further an enemy is away from you, the less damage you will do per bullet. The distance where your damage starts to suck depends on the gun you are using. So, take a night and just focus on getting a feel for that. While doing so, try to count your bullets. Once you do this, now you know how far away you should be before shooting, and saying HEY LOOK AT ME, I AM SHOOTING YOU LULZ!
  13. Sea of Ink

    I really don't think an LA can manage 4.0+ unless they are just crazy, crazy good. 4.0+ is for the flyboys and spamming libs.
  14. Rogueghost

    How do you not do good as the LA?
    With myself getting on average of 8 frames in large battles its the ONLY infantry class I can get large amounts of kills with.
    I'v only gotten around 30 kills as HA 16 as medic 24~ as inf 100 something as max, but that doesn't count. And around 500 as engi but that was inside a prowler, so I wouldn't count that either.
    And well over 1,000 kills as LA, i'm not amazing at this game either with a kdr around ~0.7
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  15. Trysaeder

    Grow sme balls and don't be afraid of being aggressive. Accept that you will die eventually and quite often, so go all out and kill as many people as possible. A silencer might help if you're not great at shooting consecutive enemies.
  16. Strilac

    never stand on ground level to long, its not confy, especially with your zerg, always be in more depopulated part, taking enemies from behind.

    Use terrain, when i play light assault, with every life i look which piece of terrain i will use, or what should my patrol route be.
    If i notice enemy in some building, i plan most unexpected way to come and kill them.

    When attacking go for the generators, and engeniers fixing them or turrets, when defending protect those.
    In either attack or defence, its good to flank the other team, and their spawn, and slow them down by killing them, distracting them, until main force pushes trough and obliterates them.
    Also since you are mobile, and usually up high, you have duty for spotting tanks and sundies.

    Get a shotgun.
    Since you can jump, your fighting potential is most pronounced in CQC with ability to jump over heads, or swoop down on someone, and shotgun actually makes it possible that you actually kill with constitency playing like that
  17. Gary

    Using 200 certs and some pretty basic tactical choices.... Flashbangs!
  18. Badname3073

    Taunt your opponents after you killed them (press V then 6), they will think you're a boss.
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  19. gunshooter

    Learn to aim and don't be an idiot. 2:1 is easily doable on an LA, 3:1 if you're extra careful. I am actually annoyed if i'm playing LA and only manage 2:1 in a session, with such amazing ambush capability you should be killing more than you die easily.

    Yes, you die a lot. But in your short lives are many kill opportunities.
  20. ParaxleNC

    This right here is probably your overall best tip.

    LA is going to die frequently, because we get to put ourselves in ridiculous situations. The key is to make those situations be on OUR terms. Flank, use cover, dont be afraid to run if you are outmatched.
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