How do you get honor/loyalty?

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  1. Marik

    Ceres is on hiatus, so here's a quick question:
    What are the exact terms of honor/loyalty?
    I don't get it. Sometimes I do nothing. Really NOTHING in the base (because I had something else to do for a short time) and get some, because it was successfully defended, sometimes (actually very often) not.
    It's the same with attacking bases.

    It would be friendly if someone could enlighten me.


    Wie bekommt man Ehre/Loyalität?

    So auf Ceres ist erstmal Pause, deswegen mal ne Kurze Frage:
    Was sind die genauen Bedingungen um Ehre/Loyalität zu erhalten?
    Ich versteh es nicht. Manchmal mache ich Garnichts. Wirklich GARNICHTS in der Basis (weil ich kurz was anderes zu tun hatte) und bekomme welches, weil sie erfolgreich verteidigt wurde, manchmal wieder rum (eigentlich sehr oft) halt nicht.
    Genauso ist es auch wenn ich Basen angreife.

    Es währe Freundlich wenn mich jemand erleuchten könnte.
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  2. NotziMad

    I think you could look at it like the relationship between XP and Certs ; where merit = certs and XP = loyalty.

    As to how that merit is rewarded, I'm not quite sure, but that might work like ribbons (ie: you gain a ribbon after achieving so many things)
  3. Johannes Kaiser

    Unsure, but I think you need to have scored at least some counting points and appear in the leaderboard (even if it is on place 10001245 with only one point scored). But I didn't explicitly test that.
  4. Liewec123

    I've had times were I've been top 10 at every base cap for 15 minutes and got nothing
    then suddenly it starts working and I get loyalty for all of the defends/caps for the rest of the play session,
    No idea why sometimes we get no merit!
  5. Ziggurat8

    I was in a biofarm for over an hour last night and it seemed like I was getting loyalty ticks every time I did something near a contested/captured control point. Reviving, healing, killing. It all seemed related to my proximity to a control point but it might just have been when we reached "resecured" status on the base.

    I wasn't doing anything special. Just farming and flipping points as a medic but I got a ton of loyalty. My whole outfit (that were online) were in the SOI too. Maybe that had something to do with it since I was reviving/savior them.
  6. Blam320

    You earn Loyalty by doing activities with your Outfit.
  7. Marik

    I hope you can see it, but I was "involved" in the attack on Saerro, for example. But I didn't actually do anything. Just dropped a sundy and then I was near the C flag. And I didn't even gain any experience points.
    Still, I earned loyalty/ honor. And no, my team was not there. I joined a squad because of it, but they weren't fighting anywhere near there.

    I'm not complaining that I got it, I just find it amazing how inconsistent the conditions for getting it are.



    Ich hoffe man kann es erkennen, aber ich habe z.B. an den Angriff auf Saerro "beteiligt". Gemacht habe ich aber eigentlich nichts. Bloß nen Sundy abgestellt und dann mich in der nähe der C Flagge aufgehalten. Und nicht mal Erfahrungspunkte gesammelt.
    Und Trotzdem Loyalität/Ehre gesammelt. Und nein, mein Team war nicht anwesend. Bin deswegen irgendeinem Trupp beigetreten, das aber auch nicht in der nähe gekämpft hat.

    Ich beschwer mich nicht das ich es bekommen habe, vielmehr finde ich es nur verwunderlich wie Inkonsistent die Bedingungen für den Erhalt ist.