How do you get 200 certs in under 20 min?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by tastyBerryPunch, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. tastyBerryPunch

  2. Arquin

    Auraxium medal.
  3. Rhinzual

  4. Radec594

    By having a ****-ton of boosts like yourself? :)


    Also, you need a direct link for that img to show up properly.
  5. Chipskream

    Yup, Auraxium medal. Nothing to brag about.
  6. Sowahka

    Afk certs + medals?
  7. tastyBerryPunch

    Seems like everyone already knows. Yes was 1 Auraxium medal with a 50% membership boost and a 50% exp boost. So if anyone wants to make the most out of their 50% boosts wait till you have some weapons near those 1100 or so kills for the auraxium medal, especaily if there is double exp weekend.
  8. shd

    Auraxium gives 200 certs, has a bugged tooltip and has nothing to do with boosts.
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  9. phreec

    Boosts don't affect cert gain, they affect XP gain. Even I as a non-member without boosts get 200 certs for an Auraxium medal. The tooltip says 100 but I'm not complaining about this bug. :D
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  10. tastyBerryPunch

    Damn. I thought it boosts affect medals aswell.
  11. Idono

    Auraxi medal. Nothing to brag about m8. I already have several of those.
  12. tastyBerryPunch

    Interesting how many people thought I was braging in this thread.
  13. Gavyne

    Thanks for the tips, I'm sure a lot of people don't know about it. It's not like that's something obvious in the game.
  14. StormStrafe

    Could you stop bragging for at least a moment, BerryPunch?
  15. Oakwalker

    Like seriously man, stop the bragging.
  16. Techup

    I hate braggers.
  17. ThePackage

    Or you can do it like a real man in 16 minutes with no medals.

  18. LibertyRevolution

    How do you go 96:1 in 17mins... I don't even see 96 people in 17mins, let alone kill them all.
  19. Rhinzual

    There's only one thing that comes to mind.
  20. PaladinZERO