How do you feel about the sensor darts on crossbow?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bape, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Bape

    Just saying how do you guys feel about all classes now able to detect enemys? How do infiltrator feel about other classes able to use darts to detect enemys?
  2. HadesR

    Not a fan .. i personally was hoping the update would make us more useful to a team not less ... But not going to worry about it to much , at least now if there are no darts they have only themselves to blame ..
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  3. Bape

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  4. NinjaTurtle

    Terrible decision, this update was supposed to increase the infiltrators effectiveness to the team.

    How does giving all classes access to the Infiltrators main utility accomplish that?
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  5. gnometheft

    I don't like the idea. Seems every other class else should get a weak medic/engineer gun for their pistol slot if I can get a weak recon dart shooter. Sensors were what made infiltrators valuable in a squad, and now any engineer can spam them indefinitely.

    They dont last long though, you sacrifice some downtime keeping them up.

    With that said I am using it nonstop on my engineer. While im playing engineer I love it, but I dont think people who main infiltrator enjoy the fact that I can now do their utility to the squad(excluding hacking).
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  6. KAHR-Alpha

    This is stupid.
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  7. Sigmundr Rumare

    Horrible idea, we need more class specialization not less.

    I wouldn't mind seeing recon darts on XBow an ammo option for Infils only, or explosive bolts for HA only for example, but not this wishy-washy give it to all classes crap.
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  8. Gustavo M

    Infiltrators sensor darts has a very wide range detection compared to xbows, so no big deal.
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  9. AzureKnight

    It's possible that they're giving the utility to everyone because they plan to release a new utility, perhaps something to maybe hack vehicles? I don't know.

    What I do know is that infiltrators currently can not live up to their name right now since they can't go behind enemy lines to cause a true ruckus with things like taking down enemy shields unless a lattice is connecting which makes that difficult. So maybe a new tool that allows them to live more to their namesake will be made.

    In general, I don't think many people are going to sacrifice power for that sensor dart. There will be those smaller squads who will find it useful, those who like small battles (trying to avoid the term ghost capping here) but outside of them, I don't see them used so much after their initial glory goes away.
  10. Sigmundr Rumare

    Not necessarily true when the xbow fires them much faster and carries a **** ton more of them (I know the amount doesn't matter when standing on a pack, but every infil will tell you how many times they've run out while on the move)
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  11. Metalsheep

    Dont they only have a really tiny radius and take up your pistol slot?

    It makes other classes sacrific their Sidearm for a weak version of the Infils dart, and it cant be certed to be more powerful afterwards.

    I have no problem with this. If someone wants to use the mini recon darts, they are giving up their sidearm. They'll no longer be able to quick draw a pistol for emergencies.
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  12. WyrdHarper

    The thing is, as an engineer, I can just spam a bajillion of them and cover as much area as I'd like. And a couple of engineers have a lot more utility than a couple infiltrators in many situations where you'd want sensor darts (tech plant balcony holds, for example). Although, really, balancing any weapon for the engineer is kinda tricky since we have infinite ammo, but there's never been a weapon that has the same role as another the tool of another class.

    Also @Ash, engineer doesn't have an ability--we have a tool. The recon dart is the infiltrator tool, the ability is the cloak. When I press F as an engineer, nothing happens. The closest thing is probably our turret/ammo pack, and you could argue that our "ability" is having lots of toys. I'm with you here, though--one of SOE's implant ideas is one that gives you ammo for killing enemies, so you could kit out your Heavy like this:
    -Awesome Primary Weapon
    -Rocket Launcher
    -Crossbow w/ Recon Darts
    -Ammo pack Implant

    ...basically allowing that class to use things from the Heavy, Engineer, Medic, and Infiltrator classes, which is a bit silly. Yes they're diluted, but that versatility is a pretty hefty advantage for a front-line fighter, especially as it reduces the demand for support classes. I hope SOE re-evalutes their current approach to these class updates to instead start making the classes more distinct or diverse, or go extreme the other way and eliminate the class system. The Infiltrator update seems like it took more away from the class than it gave.
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  13. Goden

    This dart shouldn't exist. Player detection is the Inf's job.
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  14. iMartyr

    I'm good with it it's not like my faction's infil's use their darts anyway.
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  15. Devrailis

    I'm not sure how I feel.

    I mean...

    I've maxed my RDD. :confused:
  16. PhantomOfKrankor

    There should be less sensors / radars in the game. But I'm ok with infils having a few.
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  17. Wobberjockey

    the only possible benefit i see from this, is that there are going to be so many darts blanketing indar that the enemy won't think twice when i put one in an enemy base to see what might be around the corner.

    other than that? i've already switched all my load outs to use the new motion sensor beacons
  18. Gammit

    I hate it too. Might as well give other classes the ability to use a jet pack for a few seconds. Or maybe use a HA shield.

    We need more class specialization, not less.
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  19. Dregan

    Recon Dart: 40 seconds (around that), 50 meter radius, fast radar ping rate.

    Recon Bolt: 8 seconds, about 10 meter radius, slow radar ping rate.

    For 1 engineer to cover the same area 1 recon dart can cover he would have to fire around 10 bolts. Getting that many bolts up in the time it takes for the first one to run out is infeasible but even if you could do it that engineer would have to sit there firing recon bolts all the time. He would not be an engineer any more but a glorified radar. Add to this that the range of the recon bolt will not be able to "see" far beyond the surface it hits. Because of this you won't get the few more seconds of warning when people are coming for the building you are in.

    In short: The XBow will not replace the infiltrators recon ability in group play. Saying so is a bit like saying that you don't need heavies as you can get grenade on the XBow or because you got UBGLs or saying that you don't need medics as you got restoration kits. Yes these things can help you manage without 1 but having any of these will not be as good as just having a heavy or a medic there. Same thing for this recon bolt. Yes you can use it in a pinch but you would be better off bringing an infiltrator with you.
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  20. CaptainYamerica

    I rarely play infiltrator. Very rarely. And I think is kind of "cheating" infiltrators out of some of their uniqueness if nothing else.
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