[BUG] How do you exploit onto the biolab rooftops?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AnnPerkins, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. AnnPerkins

    So, I was playing my NC toon and we couldn't even get out of the teleporter room because a bunch of engis exploited onto the top of the biolab rooftops and were spamming nades. I managed to jumpjet up there on my lvl 8 guy and there was a whole squad up there with trac-5s spamming nades with infinite ammo thanks to the engis sploiting up there. So my question is how did they do it?
  2. BlueSkies

    Walking up terrain like trees is not exploiting...

    Also, you couldn't get out of the teleporter room because 80% of your forces would rather sit behind the shield and shoot at the occasional person playing chicken with bullets
  3. Slaidd

    First, is that troll poo I smell?

    Second, anyone can drop a galaxy full of engineers on the roof of biolab.
  4. AnnPerkins

    The rooftops of the buildings inside the biolab
  5. Cl1mh4224rd

    You can jump from the spawn building to the roof of a nearby building.
  6. Threat

    Should always google first.

  7. VanuSovereignty

    You can get there from the spawn room. You don't even need to climb up trees anymore. If SOE wanted to remove it, it would've been gone by now.