How do you change the render distance?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by BiggsVIII, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. BiggsVIII

    I've tried to do it but to no avail nothing changes in-game some help, please?
  2. Mansen


    Change Renderdistance to (positive number) 1000.

    That WILL have a noticeable effect for sure.
  3. BiggsVIII

    Alright I'll try that.
  4. lachenderMann

    Do you change the value to 1000.00000 or to 1000 without the ".0000" after the 1000?
  5. Mansen

    Doesn't matter - it still becomes 1000. The important thing is to remove the minus at the front.
  6. Purgah

    I was playing on 5000 but that is still to low. It is nice to see that enemy but when you take shots at him and get closer you see he is behind an object. Wasting your bullets. 10000 seems to work fine though.
  7. Mansen

    Think you've added a zero too much there mate. 1000 is pretty far - We're talking further than your average tech plant hex here - not far enough for pilots to properly see far away though (use 1500 or 2000)

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