How do you aim an UBGL?

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  1. Drewbicus

    The reticle that comes with it seems either very hard to figure out, or just not particularly helpful. Can someone give me tips on how to use it? I hear an UBGL is super useful, but I'll be darned if I can figure out how to aim with it.
  2. Snorelamp

    It has a large CoF making it random pretty much. It's not you, it's the weapon. It was pretty overpowered for awhile after they fixed some of the bugs with it, then it got nerfed really, really hard - seems like they couldn't find any creative solutions and just made sure it'd stay dead until they decide to revisit. I don't recommend for most situations, I think it's pretty much just for spamming at chokepoints and crossing your fingers now, can't really be precise with it.
  3. a-koo-chee-moya

  4. Whatupwidat

    Under Barrel Grenade Launcher :)
  5. Selrahc4040

    In my experience, the markings are not helpful at all. The only reason I can use it is because I've practiced with it. All I can say is to keep on keeping on, your aim will improve.
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  6. a-koo-chee-moya

    Thanks. Its just that I don't think that there was ever a thread on it since I joined.
  7. Drewbicus

    Well that's too bad. It sure would be nice to be able to aim with it.

  8. Morti


    However we don't want to go back to what it once was. You couldn't set foot into a bio-lab without being shot at by this. Made for some boring gameplay.

    Though soon after it was replaced by rocket primary.
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  9. Corezer

    it used to have no cone of fire, it was really worth using an S carbine as LA, the problem is cod kid engineers standing in the spawn room with an ammo pack.

    if they just made it not able to go through spawn shields like a hand grenade, and not able to be replenished by an ammo pack, that would probably been fine, but there was such an uproar by the community that they had to respond harshly enough to quiet them.

    oh well, it's one of those things I don't know why they would make happen, you know, sharing weapons with another class that has such strong modifiers for their equipment (infinite ammo in this case)

    ... pain to balance.
  10. Stargazer86

    Don't use it. It's absolutely horrendous. A complete and total waste of certs nowadays.
  11. LibertyRevolution

    Switch to smoke launcher, equip HSNV, murder people?
  12. Fellgnome

    They turned it into a TR weapon :[
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  13. Drewbicus

    I was just going to say: How is that worse than a heavy with a dumbfire rocket and 2-3 times as many rounds on him?

  14. Iridar51

    You can still fire accurately with UBGL, just need to ADS with it.
    The reticle doesn't help. Just right click to aim down sights to tighten the cone of fire, so your grenades always fly on the same ballistic trajectory, and then eyeball the projectile drop.
  15. Drewbicus

    So basically it's the "How do you get to Carnegie Hall" method? :) (I might be giving away my age with that one)
  16. OldMaster80

    They were forced to nerf it because in the beginning players cried as it was a 1 hit weapon that could not be reloaded. Once they made it reloadable the spam of grenades became unstoppable so the nerf hammer hit hard.
  17. FieldMarshall

    You have to sort of "get used to it". Just like when aiming grenades. Forget about the reticule, it doesent do anything.
    Also ADS before you fire to tighten the COF and make the grenade fly straight.
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  18. Linedan

    Practice with it outdoors in VR. The reticle doesn't do much to help and it doesn't have a flip-up sight like real-world grenade launchers so you have to learn to eyeball the drop based on the angle you've raised the weapon. I admit to having shamelessly used the hell out of it back when it was good before the velocity got nerfed and had gotten moderately good at slotting nades through windows into those second-floor point rooms at medium-sized bases. Once they drastically cut the grenade launch velocity to Nerf-gun levels they made it much harder to accurately aim. That launcher was the only reason I ended up getting auraxium on the Gauss Compact S, which isn't a real good weapon other than the UB attachments (I use the Razor now and much prefer it).

    If you play with a squad the smoke launcher is still useful if other people in your group have NV sights. It can be fun for tactical group play. It has the same ballistics as the normal UBGL but the smoke cloud is big enough that you don't have to be nearly as precise.
  19. ShoeFlip

    This might be slightly off topic, but at what distance does the grenade actually arm itself? I've shot at tank mines ~10m away and not set them off before. As for aiming, always aim really really high in my experience. At least twice as high as you think you should most times.
  20. Canaris

    oh my poor UBGL how I miss the old you...:(