How do we incentivize defense in conquest matches?

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by GaBeRock, May 28, 2015.

  1. GaBeRock

    Without redeployside, conquest's single biggest issue will be ghostcapping zergs and incentivising people to play defensive battles. Here are some suggestions on how to fix this:

    More xp from fighting a defensive fight
    Points for taking back a point in a defensive fight
    Points for defending a base
    Allowing redeployside only to uncontested facilities
    Points are awarded only at the end of two hours, and only for held bases, not just capturing a base.

    Note that these aren't meant to be implemented together, just a list of things that could work.
  2. Littleman

    Kinda how alerts already work...

    Defense will be incentivised by denying the enemy points. A team willing to win WILL do whatever it takes to move large numbers of players across the battlefield.
  3. MrJengles

    All of these can be exploited by players to varying degrees:

    Flipping CPs
    Defense (you let the enemy flip a point, or 2 points and make progress, then show up to defend in overwhelming numbers)

    The single best solution is to earn points over time for owning bases. Nothing else.
  4. RedArmy

  5. GaBeRock

    Were you around during WDS? The best way to gain points is to ghostcap in large zergs, every time. Defense isn't supported, at all.
  6. Hicksimus

    Consolidate small bases into territories..maybe 12 territories instead of 70 bases?... and make them the only source of Nanites or resources or whatever it is we have now(this makes for many less places to attack so defenders can reasonably be expected to make an effort and a reason to make that effort).....make the big lattice bases each provide an important bonus and be the only way to win.

    It's just an idea.
  7. Littleman

    In a race to gain points, denying the enemy points will also be necessary. WDS didn't last long enough for any real solid strategies to develop.

    Current alerts favor defense too heavily. Gain plurality land holding, and then just move around defending your stuff.
  8. user101

    I see no point in doing this unless this is for 3D / 2D high end PC's that use full multi-threading and full PhysX that can not be done on PS2 standard game. And have this support full 4k monitors and extra wide screen monitors. And have this use DX11 & DX12 support.

    Other wise is just a remake of PS2 with different rules that gains nothing for the DBGC money wise.

    DBGC needs to focus on 6 & 8 core PC's of the high end market and dump the 2 & 4 core machine.. this should be for future PC's that are coming down the road.
  9. Navron

    Your horse is pretty tall.