How do people feel about ADADA and bullet travel

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  1. gibstorm

    My favorite FPS games is Counter Strike. In that game they have no bullet travel so bullets hit their target instantly. If you are standing still your first 2 bullets will hit their mark almost dead on. So the goal becomes finding times in combat to stop moving and fire off perfect shots.

    In PS2 against good players. We both ADADA but because of bullet travel. I feel more like I am guessing while I shoot. You never truly know where the enemy is going to be or where you bullets will be when they get there so You just sort of make a best guess while you track them and they go back and forth.

    This even happen at pretty close ranges inside. IMO

    This means you just don't get the feeling that you made an some awesome shots as often IMO.
  2. _itg

    I think the issue here is that bullet travel is a somewhat realistic feature, but infantry movement is totally unrealistic, with all changes in velocity being instantaneous. In a realistic shooter, you'd be able to predict your enemy's position fairly accurately because they can't be magically running full speed in the opposite direction 0.02 seconds later.
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  3. Alarox

    This exactly.
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  4. Axehilt

    Instant bullet speed creates a shallower shooter. Mostly what matters in those games is aiming skill. If you can double-click an icon in Windows, you can score insta-death headshots in Counterstrike.

    Deeper shooters like Quake and Tribes have projectile speed, which means first you have to predict where your enemy will be, then you have to know your own weapon's projectile speed, then you have to perfectly aim at a location to send the shot to that location based on the distance between you, and you do all of this while dodging your enemy's shots too (and possibly managing jetpack fuel and skiing.)

    While you can juke off someone's aim in PS2, you can't really dodge projectiles to the extent you can in the deeper shooters. So I actually feel like it'd make PS2 more interesting if there was more of this type of gameplay because it'd be an additional way of becoming skilled at the game (and that keeps games interesting far longer than other shooters.)
  5. gibstorm

    Except CS has been one of the top competitive shooter for a long time. I am not saying that no bullet travel is the answer I don't think it would work in this game.

    It's just an example of a game where you know when you make an awsome shot.

    In this game, against really good players their just a little feel of spraying and praying a little because what was a perfect shot can turn into a miss instantly. It's why the game heavy favors full auto weapons. You can't really count on a shot to hit.
  6. Desann

    I completely hate strafe speed and character animation in most FPS games.

    I would like to see a person strafe back and forth as fast as a video game and shoot something accurately.

    Sure Strafing is possible in ONE DIRECTION, but the body simply cannot change directions that fast to be realistic. There needs to be a momentum delay when changing strafe direction. You should be able to go into a full speed strafe from a run, but as soon as you change directions, the body needs to turn the hips before going full speed. Otherwise you are doing a sort of side step back and forth, and essentially sitting in place. Go ahead nerds, go grab yer nerf guns, get in front of a mirror and tell me how fast you can strafe back and forth in a 4-5ft will look completely idiotic.

    ADADADADAD is annoying in shooters, but alas it is the game we play.... I find that trying to compensate for enemy strafing is more harmful than anything due to the input lag, server lag, MMO lag, etc. Its better (for me) to just shoot sort of in the center of their movement.

    Edit: BTW no bullet travel would make for serious TROLLOLOLOLOL sniping.....
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  7. BobSanders123

    There needs to be a deceleration when changing infantry directions. This could also make adrenaline pump a better option as it could make the deceleration less drastic.
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  8. AssaultPig

    I wouldn't mind if ADS cones got a bit worse, especially for longer-range weapons
  9. Exonis

    I hate it, you ADAD and become resistant to bullets, it feels cheap.
    Desann and BobSanders123s put it perfectly.
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  10. gibstorm

    i know, The maps are too big for that in this game.

    I was just using CS as an example of a game where I don't feel like I am guessing when I take a shot. The idea to make it take a bit longer to change direction while using ADADA seems much better
  11. Exonis

    No thank you, We've already had enough ranged blanket nerfs, everything is CQB, and the CoF are RIDICULOUSLY huge already.
    It's sad to tell someone they can't reliably kill an enemy from 150m away because the weapons are so inaccurate.
    Look at the battle rifles, they're appallingly inaccurate, to the point where you're better off using a pistol.

    If it was any worse this would be a console lobby shooter. (Oh wait it is)
    So far the only thing keeping it from being that is that we can move OUTSIDE of the maps bases instead of being sent back said lobby.

    Unless I'm mistaken and you meant Hipfire CoF.

    ADS means Aim Down Sights, you know, hold the weapon to your face and look through the scope.
  12. Klypto

    ADAD with almost no momentum should go die in a fire. That latency-heavy edge is not something that we should root for.

    Magically strafing at 3 meters per second in one direction and then suddenly strafing at 3 meters a second in the other is ridiculous.
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  13. ajma

    SOE should kill ADAD.
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  14. William Petersen

    In general, sure, but this game slows down bullets absurdly.
    Per Wikipedia: "in modern rifles with high-performance cartridges such as the .220 Swift and .204 Ruger, all the way to 1,700 m/s"

    WTB "realistic" gun performance (including vastly increased recoil).
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  15. LibertyRevolution

    I am on this bandwagon.
    They nerfed jump.
    They nerfed crouch (teabagging).

    It is time they nerf ADAD.
    Nerf it just like jump, so you press ADAD it slows you so much you are stuck in place and get wrecked..
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  16. Xasapis

    The game already has momentum. It's just that it is really weak for infantry and a lot stronger for MAXes. I've lost a couple of MAXes splatting to the ground falling from a Bio Lab helipad, because I thought I could reverse my momentum fast enough.

    Just keep in mind that if they do that, it will feel like we're ice scatting or running on grease.
  17. Doc Jim

    So I'm not the only one who absolutely hates ADAD-ing latency-abusers*, that's nice.
    I'm all for introducing deceleration when changing direction. Especially as ADAD does not work in real life - sure, during basic training I learnt to strafe [edit: or sidestep, as we call it], but sidestepping and maintaining aim is hard and takes quite a bit of practice, jumping left and right while maintaining aim does not work.

    * hit ADAD fast enough [can be done with makro or even manually] and you will appear to warp side to side to other players, this is due to the low frequency of updates between the client and the server. Some scumbags abuse this excessively.
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  18. LibertyRevolution

    Which is why they should do it like they did jump and SLOW YOU, not make it like ice...
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  19. Xrkr

    I do believe you meant "skating"

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  20. Xasapis

    Alternatively they can reward standing aiming with much higher stats than moving aiming. Last thing I would like to see is something like the annoyance it is to move up a cliff.
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