How do I recognise allies and enemies?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ripples, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Ripples

    Hi. I've started playing this game yesterday and played about 3 to 4 hours of it. I think once I get the hang of it, I think it will be alot of fun. But I've been having one major problem however (apart from being bad) - I can't seem to distinguish between friends and enemies when attacking enemy bases.

    It's not a colour blindness issue - it's that I'm new to FPSes in general and so when I enter an enemy base and see someone with their gun pointed at me I shoot them until either I die or they die. But I've killed 4 people this way and the game started to tell me that I won't be tolerated and will be punished for it.

    I don't mean to do it but I don't really know how to differentiate quickly between allies or enemies. The type of armour looks weird and looks similar enough that I can't really tell just from a glance. Does the remote arrow targetting thing reveal who it is? It might sound funny but the harshest thing has been the fact that one of the factions is Blue and all your allies are marked blue too while there are also purple (I'm in Vanu Sovereignity) arrows on the map so I keep shooting people I think are the New Conglomerate only to find out they were on my team.

    I really don't want to get banned over something that seems so... stupid. I would appreciate any help in differentiating, especially quickly, between friend and foe.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. 13lackCats

    If you're new to FPS, then you have a curve to climb. Enemy recognition is a big deal.

    In this game, you'll have the red triangle.

    Without red triangle, (I NEVER press Q), it will be a matter of conditioning. You'll figure it out after a while.
  3. DiscetoPT

    Spam the Q button.
  4. Cute-CandyPants

    thats the whole point of the cammo,its ment for you to blend in,even i get caught off guard by this sometimes,but its mainly due to theire red dorito not appearing at 1st glance so i think they are on my team,lol,not only that you can use the infiltrator radar darts,i hardly see anyone useing this but they are very usefull.
  5. DiscetoPT

    Recon darts? The slot 3 tool that recons carry? Is that what it is? lol
  6. Goomba

    Every faction looks alike in the game except for the guys in power armor. It gets worse when people get the camo that makes them look like your faction at a glance.

    The art design in the game is pretty ******* awful for that so just look for red triangles above people. Friendly fire isn't a thing you have to worry about if you stick to that simple tip because it takes a lot to get punished for friendly fire.
  7. Zer0range

    Just shoot and see what happens. If you get points, then it's an enemy. If you get threatened with weapon lock, then it's a friend.
  8. WhiteWolf

    All allies in this game will have a blue or green arrow above their head (Blue for allies, green for squad mates). If you don't see an arrow, unload into them. LISTEN! If you start getting friendly fire warnings (every friendly fire shot will sound a klaxon), then stop, press 4 on your numberpad, and say "Sorry!" into your mic.

    Beyond that, hopefully you will start to recognize your enemies by appearance soon.
  9. Yian

    And weirdish-yellow for Bravo Squad, purple for some other squad and think there's a 4th color but I don't recall what that is. It's all a big mess in the end, especially when the camos totally mess things up. Gotta shoot that NC guy! Oh wait, it was a friendly Vanu wearing a camo. WELP.

    Roll combat medic, shoot everyone, ask questions (revive) later.
  10. Jestunhi

    It's all about the Doritos above their head.

    Except when there aren't any, then I press Q and / or fire.

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