How do I cancel my membership?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Quimcity, Aug 15, 2020.

  1. Quimcity

    How the hell do you cancel membership in Planetside 2. If I follow their instructions and login to my account management page it gives me the option to view or change my account, but when I click on it it says I don't have daybreak all access membership. I know that already, I have just Planetside 2 membership.

    I have no option to cancel, if I click on contact support it says I have no support tickets open.
    Is there an email address I can contact them on?

    Not wanting to pay for this crap anymore, game is terrible since the Escalation/Colossus update, especially if you play as a solo player. The number of cheaters I have encountered recently has also made up my mind on not giving them anymore money, especially as they do nothing to remove the cheats.
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  2. Twin Suns

    There's no cancel option. Just don't renew.

    If you really want the Devs to know how you feel. Then take to Twatter, the toilet licker's Network for mental misfits.

  3. AlcyoneSerene

    There's no cancel option anymore? I had a one month membership which I let accidentally turn into a second month by not cancelling before the renewal date thinking I'd still get that extra day, maybe things have changed.

    This is still my favorite game after thousands of hours, and I will get faster internet and maybe experiment with different routing too. I'm hoping it will fix prime time play when servers are overloaded.

    It's no exaggeration walking with paper armor shooting shadows and practically invisible players, burst damage everywhere (since when do pump actions sound like high RoF fully automatics?), trading with players who have long died up close (bullets aren't still flying towards me), delays in seeing the players model die despite more than sufficient damage in (ex. godsaw headshot count at ranges it should kill already but doesn't), players teleport-strafing nonsense, likely higher use of lagswitching and other network exploiters, dying well behind cover, always receiving a delayed chip damage chunk from nowhere, game giving laggers peeker's advantage.

    Enough is enough.

    It's not my positioning, my opening with headshots instantly, unpredictable movement to throw off what laggers see, choice of gear.

    I wanted to make a video recording compilation during prime time to show just how completely non-competitive it feels, just how nonsensical it is on my end. If it isn't improved, I will.

    If faster internet doesn't make it more tolerable, then I will know this game is a failure and was never designed to handle the large battles with competitive, fair engagements, and probably go back to arena shooters that at least do at reasonable small instanced battles.
  4. Quimcity

    Hmm, it seems to be on auto renew every 3 months. If there's no cancel button I will have to contact credit card company and get them to stop payments which is an A rse ache.:(
  5. Twin Suns

    Auto renew :). Just think of all those people that stopped playing the game and were still getting charged. LOL. It should trigger you're "shadysenses".
  6. Johannes Kaiser

    Most such memberships are auto-renwe unless you buy a timecard - which usually amounts to 60 days. I know for a fact there is a cancel buttoon, because every once in a while I get a month and cancel immediately so I don't forget. This effectively circumvents the auto-renwe and still gives me the full month.
  7. Quimcity

    Any chance you can tell me where this cancel button is?
    I don't get any prompts to tell me my subscription is about to be renewed so I need to be able to click this cancel button at any time.
  8. NotziMad

    1. sign in (to daybreak, not the forums)

    2. hover your mouse over your name

    3. select and click "membership"


    if not (I'm doing this from memory)

    3. select and click "account management"

    4. then click on "membership info"
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  9. Johannes Kaiser

  10. Quimcity

    Thanks for reply, but that's the method I tried first.

    When I click on that option I just get a web page that says I don't have all access membership. I already know I don't have all access membership, I just have Planetside 2 membership.
    The only option on the screen that tells me the false information is to close.
    I opened up a support ticket which sends me an automated email with the same instructions you have just suggested.
  11. JobiWan

    All Access membership is Planetside 2 membership, there's no such thing as just PS2 membership.
  12. Quimcity

    All Access membership is Planetside 2 membership, there's no such thing as just PS2 membership.
    Fair enough, but I still can't cancel as it says I don't have all acess membership but I am still being charged for it every 3 monts
  13. NotziMad

    I'd make a ticket if I were you, in my experience, they are helpful, answer (reasonably) quickly, and don't mind fixing mistakes.

    For example, I bought more than one month membership by mistake, I only wanted one, I made a ticket and they payed me back.
  14. Quimcity

    I did make a ticket but only got the automated response with the instructions I'd already tried.
  15. NotziMad

    check on the ticket's status, it will be either

    awaiting your reply

    Also, it can't hurt to ask them again.

    I had a couple tickets which took a very long time for them to reply, but they explained that it was because of COVID restrictions and I get that, it's understandable, that might be it. Other than that, I don't think I can help you more, good luck :p
  16. adamts01

    So glad I happened across this post. My 1 year membership was about to renew in 2 days. Shout out to NotziMad for providing the steps to cancel.
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  17. NotziMad

    haha np, I have a few accounts, so only want membership on one of them at a time, so each time, I take one month, and then immediately cancel it :)

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