How did you pick your faction?

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  1. Astraka

    I like the VS aesthetics the most too, but I can't stand that most of the vehicles/weapons in the game are common era (tracks, wheels, bullets, etc). The NC Empire aesthetic just meshes better with the NS Common Pool garbage that comprises the majority of this game.

    I'd switch to VS in a heartbeat if I could get over that.
  2. zdzieblarz

    I liked TR at first glance, but after ~25 levels decided that
    a) Their visual style rather bothers me
    b) Their weapons just feel and sound bad, plus not enough "kick" in them.

    So I moved to NC...their weapons suit me MUCH more. VS have probably the best visual style overall, but their guns didn't feel (and sound!) right either.
  3. Kemano

    I had a friend suggest an outfit. It was the kind of outfit I was looking for: Well established, organized, and with no requirements for joining other than being 18+ and agreeing to abide by their code of conduct. Wound up NC on Connery and haven't worried about buffs/nerfs, population or such silly things.

    our website with more info
  4. Goden

    I played TR during beta and a month or two after launch. I picked TR because I liked the colour red. It's that simple.

    However the VS (at the time) had a extreme population shortage and were basically permanently stuck at <20%. I felt really bad playing on the overpopulated TR (at the time) and made VS character and never went back.
  5. FieldMarshall

    I didnt want to play as space cult or terrorists so i picked terran
  6. Planetdoge

    It's not an "obscure page" lol. It's in game when you make a new character and are choosing a class, too. I'm saying the description of the TR is the least appealing, they look the most physically frail, and have the ugliest weapon models (again, imo), so it shouldn't be a surprise if new players are more likely to choose the other empires.

    I know not everyone thinks like me; that's why I made the thread.

    Edit: Just glanced over your post again, and honestly I don't know why you're so upset. Fascism is a form of authoritarianism, so I casually used them synonymously. What's wrong with that? The game itself states that the TR is authoritarian.
  7. Regpuppy

  8. Planetdoge

    When I first picked a faction, my decision was fairly arbitrary. The word "authoritarian" does tend to be a turn-off for me in general, so I knew I wouldn't like the TR at all, even though all three factions basically create a pick-your-poison situation. Looking into the backstory just confirmed my initial feelings. :O
  9. Felkuro

    I choose VS because at the point i joined the fight 21st feb 2012, VS was underpopped on miller. and i looked and Craved for a challenge. Now in 2014 VS is underpopped on miller again! And it still manages to give some damn epic fights!

    So i stayed with VS trough thick and thin, Leaving for 2 months to try out a TR, And then straight back to VS and to my outfit. ^^
  10. Radioactive Bomba

    Picked TR for it's history and it's views,

    NC in my eyes = Corporate controlled if NC rebels ever got to power, what they fought they will become themself once civil life and war has calmed, corporate facists buisness men and women whos only priority is money.
    Basically rebels with guns and lead by corporations are never and will never be a good thing.

    Vanu = Im against any kind of extremist religious views in real life, wether god or alien lol

    TR = Civilization, started by all countries in the world prior, gave birth to a single united nation, a military society with ideals, loyalty, being a true proffesional army out of the three, money isn't first priority and religion neither a true society where men can be men and justice is given out to people who deserve it, only people who have done something against TR will talk bad about it!

    So i chose my faction based on it's views and history and not weapons or models or anything.
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  11. Rogueghost

    My faction was chosen for me by higher powers.
  12. Iridar51

    So your line of reasoning "I don't like TR for their politics -> nobody likes TR for their politics -> TR is underpopped". Considering how factions' politics have absolutely nothing to do with what happens in game... Obviously nothing wrong with it. Whatever, man.
  13. Planetdoge

    No, that's your straw man's line of reasoning. I'm saying that there are reasons the TR doesn't have a larger population and I'm postulating that a few of these reasons could be: 1) unsavory faction description, 2) meh character aesthetics (especially for first-time players who have a chance to take a good look at the loading screen before creating their character), and 3) bad weapon aesthetics.

    I'm not saying that the TR should be underpopulated, just that it shouldn't come as a surprise if they are. You're just singling out one thing I said because it offends you. My opinions are just that--opinions. And my conjectures are just that--conjectures. If I thought that my opinions were worth more than anyone else's or that my conjectures were necessarily correct, then I wouldn't be here asking for other people's thoughts, would I? I'm genuinely curious as to the thinking behind choosing a faction, not trying to offend anyone for having different preferences. But, as you've shown, intent to offend is not a prerequisite of offending someone.
  14. NinjaTurtle

    Picked NC because I liked the FREEDOM thing and who doesn't like guns that hit like a truck.

    I now however plan to play VS almost exclusively because I actually just prefer their weapons more and have dome for a while, just could never find the motivation to start over again, I love the Scythe :oops: and although many people complain about the Mag I prefer it to the Vanguard. I also think VS cosmetics look better.... so much so that upon starting my new VS character I spent $40 (£25) on VS cosmetics as a kind of "right spent the money no going back now". Also like the VS music, I love metal and the NC music comes off as a poor attempt at rock/metal.... needs more thrash

    Only plan to play my NC now or whenever/if the VS population booms on Waterson too much
  15. jiggu

    One faction to terrorize, one faction to crusade, one faction to unify them all and create peace for the good of mankind. Guess which one I picked.
  16. Kampfgeist

    just 1 pic :D
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  17. veselie

    First I picked NC because I like the will of being free and blue is my favorite color. Then I found out a classmate was already playing VS so I switched faction to not be alone.
  18. Iridar51

    All three of those reasons are personal =\ As I said, you don't like it and proceed to imply that so many people feel like you that it actually affects population balance.
  19. Camycamera

    I picked TR because official government guys trying to bring order and stuff.
  20. Paperlamp

    Both NC and Vanu philosophies seemed extremist/unreasonable to me. I am not all gung ho honor and loyalty but I'll pick sanity over worship of "freedom" which often means freedom for the privileged to screw over everyone else, or worship of a dead alien race and the desire to emulate them. Maybe that alien race died for a reason, Vanu.

    Also TR is the least stupid looking aesthetically. And I say least stupid looking rather than best looking for a reason.
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