how can i STILL have cpu bottleneck?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by CaliBased, May 13, 2014.

  1. Dragam

    Udnknome :

    No... just no.

    If you are cpu bottlenecked, it CAN cause alot of stuttering, cause you are constantly waiting for the cpu to finish commands, where as being gpu limited doesnt cause anything, except getting a few less fps.

    So ideally, you always want to be gpu limited... however, thats not really possible in this game, unless you have a very odd combination of hardware.
  2. BlackDove

    Well youre probably always going to be "CPU limited" because of how easy this game is to run graphically and how poorly it scales across multiple cores.

    I get about the same or better performance on all ultra, including shadows and flora, as you say you were with my ancient air cooled i5-2320 16GB DDR3 1333and a 20% UNDERclocked 660ti. Considering you have a 4820 and a 770 you should be getting better performance.

    Did you actually DO any of the drivercinstalls and configuration or actually CHECK for malware? Youtube was serving a banking RAT earlier this year and the most effective way for criminals to install malware is to compromise legit sites. If you have been on the internet you need to check. Since youre posting on this site im assuming you need to check.

    And are you using driver level adaptive vsync and vsync off in game?

    Check to make sure your heatsink is on properly and the heat exchanger and pump is working right?

    Probably the most important question i havent asked because i wanted to rule other stuff out is: whats the exact model of your PSU?
  3. entrailsgalore

    You are always going to have a bottleneck. Even with the highest end CPU available, you will be CPU bottle necked, if you have a sufficient GPU. That is not a bad thing, that just means your CPU is the current bottleneck of data transfer at that given time. You are never going see the bottleneck disappear.
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  4. CaliBased

    yea thats what it seems like. currently my main goal is just to maxamize FPS @ ultra settings. i will not settle for fps drops on ultra.
  5. Rougen

    I was going to say that you were wrong when started to type this post, but then I remembered I am running 5910x1080, so I never see a CPU bottleneck with my 4770k @ 4.4ghz. Even if I remove the frame cap it spikes to 120fps and the GPU's are the limiting factor. Never see a CPU bottleneck with everything as high as it will go with all options on and max draw distance.

    I think even with two TI's or titans the GPU would be bottlenecked thinking about it in my setup because of the amount of pixels being pushed.

    So I won't say you are wrong, and I will get back in my box lol.

    And OP the game is still poorly coded, so don't expect miricales!
  6. TeknoBug

    Not that overclocking is bad, just depending on what you're overclocking with. On a 4+1 phase motherboard, overclocking too far will cause the VRM to throttle back the CPU.

    But overclocking is recommended for any enthusiast gamer, just don't use those cheap $60 motherboards or pre-made PC's from Walmart or Best Buy.
  7. CaliBased

    i have checked just about every "lose" end and have had this game optimized by geforce experience and game booster.

    my PSU: 700W OCZ ModXStream Pro - 80 PLUS
  8. BlackDove

    Thats probably half the problem: game booster and geforce experience just screw up settings. Get rid of that junk and manually configure it. Also ive gone over why 80Plus ratings dont matter in a separate thread. Who makes the PSU does. Sirtec actually makes that one and i wouldnt even consider it for a high end PC.
  9. zaedas

    See, I've had bad FPS in this game since the Beta.

    My new rig from 2 weeks ago still has the same problem. 30 FPS in VERY large fight (200+). It's annoying as hell. See sig for rig specs.

    Basically, this game is just badly coded. There's nothing else to do.
    Hell, this is the only game that runs "meh" on my system. Everything else is running like butter.
  10. Dragam

    Dont use ultra shadows or fog shadows... problem solved.
  11. BlackDove

    I use ultra shadows on my ancient i5-2320 just fine. I dont use fog shadows but he still should be getting much better performance. Something is wrong with his configuration, either hardware or software.
  12. CaliBased

    this is my PSU :
  13. BlackDove

  14. CaliBased

    I have a warranty from IBUYPOWER on this system. so if that becomes the case, i will get a new PSU of equal or better price. thanks for bringing this issue to light so i can prepare for it.


    i dont think this PSU thing is a issue. my overclocking is not too intensive (raising CPU from 3.9--> 4.3-4.4.
    everything Seems to be working just fine.
  15. BlackDove

    Are you monitoring the stability of your voltages?

    Did you configure the drivers and check for malware?

    Get rid of the "booster" software?
  16. Aircool

    It's CPU speed. At some point, your GFX card will be tapping its feet waiting for the CPU to do it's thing. My CPU trots along at 4.5GHz, but I still get CPU bound as I don't have shadows on (I don't like my GPU fan to get too noisy). I could increase the level of detail until my game becomes GPU bound, but that would cause my framerate to jump around too much. I prefer to cap my framerate at 60fps, meaning that it rarely drops below that, even in the most intense battles.
  17. LordMondando

    That's becuase MMOFPS are ridiculously demanding, its why there have been to date 4 ever made.

    Comparing it to anything else is apples and oranges, just the unpacking of all the UDP packets alone, let alone then using that to populate whatever the datastructure is that keeps that track of the game world, is something orders of magnitude more 'CPU intensive' than what most other games have to deal with (why after all do you think most games cap out at 64 players).

    You'll make singificant gains by turning shadows off as many have noted, thats ridiculously intensive in large fights.
  18. CaliBased

    so far the only person ive seen post on here who runs full ultra with 60fps+ at all times had a GTX titan video card and a superior i7 to mine. probably a 2300+ rig.

    with my specs i run this game on full ultra, max rendering distance..etc and get an avg fps of about 50. (taking into account the heaviest of fights and when fps is very high)
  19. BlackDove

    Notice how disabling the HUD improves performance? Check out the thread on the scaleform ui and potential causes of people getting 50% CPU utilization and 50% GPU utilization AND STILL getting terrible FPS.
  20. Deladin

    I sit around 60 fps on a combination ultra/high with medium shadows and drop to about 30-35 in large fights with my setup, but I can tell you it used to be FAR worse. At tops I would get 40 fps and down to 15-20 or lower, before the game optimizations. But as a general rule, this game, or rather the forgelight engine, is pretty craptastic when it comes to performance. For some reason SOE went with archaic architecture when they made the engine (only DX9 support, no or limited multi-core CPU support, etc). But they are optimizing it to run on the PS4, which is an 8-core AMD cpu so hoping it gets better. Before the optimizations AMD's would get **** on, but getting better.

    Honestly they need to FIX shadows. Either make them less intensive or just get rid of them. I like shadows, i keep them on medium and would like them higher but too demanding, however, shadows also play a vital role a FPS. Being able to just turn them off it BS in my opinion. Why should I be easier to spot because you have a ****tier computer? That is my thinking. The sad fact is most competitive players turn their shadows off and their particles as low as possible so things like smoke and explosions don't interfere as much with visibility (seriously a smoke grenade on high will cover an entire sunderer, on low it will look like knee high ground fog).

    It sucks that people who like their games to look good as well as play good are at a disadvantage to those who just want to flex their epeen and show off their pwnz skillz KDR's omgz.