how can i STILL have cpu bottleneck?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by CaliBased, May 13, 2014.

  1. CaliBased

    My current specs are in signature. getting 60-80fps on ulta with smoothing turned on. fps drops in super heavy fights as low as 30+fps. Any tips on how i can even further improve my performance?
  2. Krayus_Korianis

    Yea... I have an idea. It's Planetside 2 itself, not your PC. The game's code is horribly, if at all structured in a way to make absolute use of hardware through software, bad.
  3. Blippy

    Turn off smoothing.
  4. Imij

    Are you overclocked? What's your Ghz at? I run at 4.7Ghz on a 2500k with a GTX 670, 8GB DDR1333 and no SSD. I rarely drop below 45 fps, and I don't think I've ever seen anything below 40 fps, which is extremely playable in my opinion. I do tend to turn off Shadows in the huge 200+ fights, though.

    Worst case; have you thought about reformatting? It might help.
  5. CaliBased

    this computers brand new so reformatting is not necessary. video card is superclocked by default and cpu runs at a peak of 3.9ghz.

    is there a reason for this?

  6. IcEzEbRa

    Yes, turn off smoothing in game video settings, think it kinda caps fps.
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  7. Blippy

    Smoothing limits your FPS in order to make it more "consistent" and in a tighter range. So instead of your FPS going from 60 to 120 depending on where you look, smoothing will keep it around 60-65 FPS.

    I don't know exactly how it works at lower framerates, but I would assume that it's very similar.
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  8. blackboemmel

    3.9ghz is the bottleneck. more speed = more fps.
  9. AdamPA1006

    I have a 4770K and 290X and in the huge 100, 200+ fights it can drop to 40FPS. Its really ******. This game needs MANTLE or Dx12 to reduce the obvious CPU bottleneck in these situations. It helped alot in clear CPU limited situations in BF4.
  10. icon

    my first gen i7-980x @ 4.6 ghz rarely drops below 50 fps, needs to be a two sided 48+ at a bio lab for that to happen. CPU bound 24/7 with a single GTX 680. (high/ultra mix of settings - no shadows tho) Most fights I'm at 90~120 fps. Couldn't be more happy for a 4 year old CPU.

    I have a second GTX 680 just collecting dust since this game cant utilize it (re: SLI stuttering) - no sense in the extra ~120w power draw to let it idle.

    a DX update for Forgelight, even to DX11, would be huge. I plugged my old GTX 285 in the other day for the fun of it. Sure, i was GPU bound, but my frames were still very playable, even in medium to somewhat larger fights. 80fps down to about low 40's in larger battles.
  11. Mastachief

    It's the game (see sig) i'm cpu bottle necked too. That 6months of no development (OMFG PU's) seems to have been thrown away for the sake of tat based updates
  12. TeknoBug

    Most MMO games are very CPU bound, seems PS2 is no exception (PS1 was extremely CPU bound), even setting renderquality at 2.0 it often shows CPU bound.
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  13. Tuco

    Bottlenecks are relative, you're always going to have a bottleneck even if you run a super computer.
  14. Taemien

    CPU bottleneck means something other than your GPU is the bottleneck. This could be RAM (not enough, or even a bad stick), the MOBO, or even your Hard Drive. It could also be other processes in windows, drivers, and a myriad of other things.

    System is good, but if you're serious (or crazy might be the better term) about getting more FPS.... try this, get about 64GB of RAM and load the game on a ram drive. I'd be interested to see how much performance gain you get out of it.
  15. Boildown

    Unfortunately this has little effect on anything but loading times. I do this, I have 32GB on my motherboard and run the ASUS ROG Ramdisk program, and the FPS is unchanged from running the game from a spindle drive.

    For complete system specs, check my Twitch page.
  16. Taemien

    How much quicker are the loading times?
  17. Imij

    Yeah, you need to overclock that CPU man. 3.9 is stock. 4820k is capable of 4.5Ghz ez, and most can get up to 4.8. 4.8Ghz will net you a nice fps increase. I'd say you should get at least another 5-10+ fps added to the 30fps you're getting now.
  18. Tommyp2006

    Because you will always at some point in this game have a CPU bottleneck. Doesn't really matter how powerful your computer is, unless your GPU is a massively underpowered compared to your CPU, you will have a CPU bottleneck in big fights.
  19. DrTingles

    This is why i'm waiting on the ps4 version. Since they'll have very specific hardware specifications to develop for hopefully these problems will be fixed. Well at least I hope it'll get fixed, or at least minimized to a rare occurrence.

    I think they need to head to the FAQ and bump up those recommended system specs they have listed there for PC users. The ones in this thread saying they aren't having many FPS problems are posting specs far above the "recommended" specs the devs put on that FAQ.
  20. Udnknome

    Overclock your CPU past 4Ghz. That seems to be the magic milestone you have to vault past to get improved performance on this game. I have a 3770k, at 3.9Ghz it still ran like crap. At 4.1 Ghz it's super smooth.

    Since you bought the "K" model CPU, you should have some software on the computer for overclocking somewhere. If you built the computer yourself, then the OC software is with your motherboard software.