How Auraxis would look if the War Stopped and an Empire took over?

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  1. AdmiralArcher

    yes, you are right, except for one thing

    the NC got started back on mars, they were created because the CEOs wanted to take control of the government to decrease the protective regulations so they could get more money. they knew the laws wouldnt change, so they were going to do it by force, they wanted a number of other things out of it as well. so they sent loyal employees with Tom Connory through the wormhole, most ships were destroyed, some made it. the NC members eventually got cocky and thought that they knew better so they tried to take a ship, in the end it was destroyed along with a **** ton of loyal TR.

    the NC isnt simply corrupt, they are evil and they will do anything for profit, and justify it through freedom... but it isnt free...its just another form of slavery.....the NC are slaves to their materialistic desires
  2. Einharjar

    This is true via lore but note that everything I posted was theory crafting.
    I believe what you described is in line with what I theorized which either means the Lore of Planet Side is rather predictable to me or that the original lore authors and I seem to have similar points of view.
    The NC being a Conglomerate is a huge tip off that the Capitalist Elite is in serious control and it's not a path of freedom. The only reason to become a Conglomerate is to evade Monopoly Laws, recirculate your revenue within your structure so it's never left volatile like Stocks and to grow to such a size that you can simply absorb competition (while still evading the laws because hey, two companies that produce guns in your conglomerate are "competitors" to each other when viewed from the out side.

    Each Faction has got serious problems. Each faction has got some merit.
    The NC aren't Evil; they are just lead by arrogant and greedy bastards.
    The TR I feel are not immune to the same thing the NC are. If the NC represents the Corporate Interests under the TR in Sol, than the TR was and still is the Government that the NC would be trying to Lobby for in order to control the Senate.

    The only truly bad faction is the VS, in my opinion.
    Not because they are innately evil. Actually, they are the more forgivable than the TR and NC. However their naive and ignorant "belief" and "brainwashing" can and will lead to Doom unless the Vanu really are Jesus Aliens and turn out to be Benevolent. Which again, I tried to state my theory as to why, courtesy of Stephen Hawking.
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    Needs more spandex.
  4. Bankrotas

    I don't believe, Briggs killed himself. Better grounded theory is that he was made a martyr for church of vaniu. Religion is one form of control...
    What we see here on auraxis is eternal battle of 3 schools of how to control humanity: force, economics and religion. What would end up to humans, if one side won, wouldn't be pretty.
  5. Regpuppy

    Even the assassination of Connery by Commander Waterson is put out in the lore, even though it's not technically common knowledge to the majority of any faction. With that precedent being set, unless lore states otherwise, we have to assume he did.

    Otherwise I could just say crazy things like Vanu are secretly brain controlling Waterson to start the war.
  6. Bankrotas

    And you made Briggs and VS more boring for me... Great job, even less reason to play VS...
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  8. Epic High Five

    I think we can all agree that nanites will be the downfall of all factions in the end, with the VS possibly ending up on top because they'll maybe figure out how to transfer their consciousnesses into nanite clouds

    It's been noted, and I think it's particularly relevant, that the capitalistic robber barons aspects of the NC was blown up or died out 200 years ago. The modern NC (aka the NC in game) is basically the great great great great grandkids who view themselves as a splinter faction wanting to stop the iron boot of the TR and really have no fully formed ideals past the theoretical. They strive to bring down, and the propping up of something else will come later.

    It's not explicitly stated, but it seems like 200 years of martial law has pretty much extinguished capitalism as we know it. There hasn't been an economy in which capitalism could take root since before even Auraxis was discovered. Remember that it is the TR who are the ones spinning the NC as capitalist corrupt pigs, in all probably for their wanting to own something that the TR does not have the exclusive access to that they have grown accustomed to.

    Also lord help me I cannot find the mention in the lore of the TR attempting to get the VS to alter the rebirthers to sterilize the rebirthees, but I swear I didn't make it up. I'll have to keep scouring