How are infiltrators seen so easily?

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  1. LaSouris

    I see them in deepcloak a lot, I know what to look for and I know where different infiltrators hide. For example, when I am chasing a smgfiltrator and he goes around the corner, I can make an educated guess on where he is deepcloaked.

    Different backgrounds make it easier to see them though to be fair, and I tend to try and contrast possible stalker spots with those
  2. Ryme_Intrinseca

    If you're having to scour a room for an infil that you know is there then they're at least close to invisible. Otherwise you'd just walk in and instaglib them, as apparently happens on PC.
  3. apcr01

    Wanted to ask same question today because every time Im sitting somewhere with stalker cloak someone kills me from distance. Even got some sniper headshots after remaining still for few minutes.

    Im sure many people just using ESP hacks thats why they see infiltratiors, even if you in maximum cloak other clients got your position
  4. LaSouris

    A lot of people SAY they get instagibbed though, when there are a lot of factors that can go into whether you've been seen or not. And let's be honest, we ALL get mad when we get killed any we have no idea why.

    I've spent some time on PC and infitrators have similar visibility there as they do on PS4, only the PC people are smarter with their cloak
  5. Vanapapi

    Situational awareness will do. Also, ears will help. Sometimes you don't even need eyes.

    You saw the distortion running 20 seconds ago, now you're on high alert. You check the potential locations when neccessary, and... Oh! Look, there were 3 of them around the base. All dead now ...And now im a cheater according to one of them. Thanks for the compliment!

    It's moments like these that just happen from time to time. Legit luck and legit whine. Rarely cheaters i'd say.

    If i called every guy with tiny bit of luck a cheater, then who would i be if not another cheater? Stop whining, stop blaming - try understanding.

    It's not the god angry at you when you trip on ice!
  6. OldMaster80

    Ok but this is something we've always known. I've been playing Infiltrator since day 1 and I know how it works, but still I agree with some players. Something is wrong here, cloaking might be messed up again. With my Stalker Infiltrator I used to be able to literally seat among my enemies and they couldn't see me. In deep cloak, with Sensor Shield and paying attention not to have the sky as background, I used to be 100% invisible.

    What happened yesterday was instead a player that just turned around the corner and instashotted me and another fellow Stalker. He did it 3 times at least: I was crouched and I hadn't moved for at least 1 minute. He had no Darklight on his carbine but he could see us, I have no doubt.

    Maybe we're back to the old bug that makes helmets and / or weapons not to go in deep cloak? Or are we again to the age when some graphics setting let people see Infiltrators clearly? It wouldn't be the first time this happens.
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  7. Mefi

    Helmet bug is still here, Emissary doesn't go in deep cloak (I though it was fixed already but it's still bugged), idk about weapon attachments.
  8. ZDarkShadowsZ

    There's one thing a lot of people seem to forget about whilst crouching in deep cloak and it's not just the shimmer, but the fact all characters breathe. Even though you're crouched in one spot not moving, your person is still breathing which causes some uncontrollable movement.
  9. Taemien

    Mind showing the 2 minutes prior to the death, I don't think you were as stealthy as you claim to have been. Also you're video is showing you moving around like crazy in a lit up area before being shot.

    And lastly, what did you expect? You're in an open area. Everyone has LoS to you. I'm surprised those two that are within 20m didn't open up on you too.

    Like I said before, its Active Camouflage. Not Invisibility.

    Should a Indar Camo in the same position render a Heavy Assault undetectable in the same situation?
  10. Liewec123

    what is the purpose of stalker infiltrator in your opinion?
    to be just like the other classes but with less health and no primary?

    before recently deep cloak was very VERY hard to spot, and thats how it should be,
    there is no justification for someone to be shooting you from 70m+
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  11. orangejedi829

    Emissary, for one thing, is broken in cloak. The other day, I was killed from afar so many times while stationary in deep cloak, I knew something was wrong. I started asking the people who killed me how they saw me, and I realized I had been using the Emissary the whole time, and people saw it because it doesn't go into deep cloak. Also, supposedly, sometimes your head doesn't go into deep cloak either.
    It's total garbage.
  12. Okjoek

    Sometimes you just wish you could trip those idiots that run past you while you're cloaked before they realize they had just ran by you and turn to engage.

    I use my cloak as an offensive tool rather than a defensive one most of the time. I use it primarily for crossing gaps in open country to get to a more advantageous position you wouldn't have been able to get to without the cloak. After that I use the cloak for peeking out to check for targets so as not to give myself away in the process.

    It's in more urban battles that the cloak's cons become visible (literally). You need to be able to fire the moment you peek around that corner which is a problem since you require time to uncloak and by that time you're dead because the combat is too close. That doesn't mean you can't use the cloak to cross a compound of the base, just don't get too frustrated when you do get spotted and roasted in those situations. In these urban scenarios you need to turn to your other infiltrator gadgets. Recon darts, claymores and terminal/ gun emplacement hacking.

    Best weapons for infiltrator (IMO) are the TRAP, Armistice and KSR-35 as far as the TR is concerned. I only use bolt actions if I have the intention of camping on a distant hill and I'm personally a pretty lousy shot with them anyway hence why I prefer faster firing weapons.
  13. Taemien

    Stalker Cloak fulfills a role that doesn't quite exist.. or more specifically doesn't apply to Planetside 2.

    I could think of a dozen uses for it in a game like Tribes 2 or Battlefield 2142. But the issue with PS2 is twofold:

    1. Not enough stuff to hack. If there were doors, facilities (resource generation), automated defenses (not limited to auto turrets), bridges, gate shields, ect. There'd be infinitely more for the Stalker to do.

    2. Too much info is given to everyone and everyone is way too mobile. This issue has two parts in itself. One is redeployside. Being able to instantly transport across the map to deal with threats, rather than traveling there by foot, track, wheels, or flight. And of course the information overload on the map. Any derp can login, press M, and see exactly how many enemy are everywhere on the map, even unconnected enemy territory.. hell you can tell if there is a build up at the warpgate without looking at it.

    Now imagine if you had means of hacking more stuff. Say you know an attacker is going to head out of a certain base. But you hack bridges, terminals, gates, doors, and so forth. Well crap... that slows things down. May even bog them down if you do a coordinated infiltration. We don't have the ability to do that currently.

    Then apply that to attacking. Imagine taking a gate shield, even if it was a temporary timeframe, at a Techplant or Amp Station.

    But most importantly imagine having to use scouts to determine troop movements and build ups. Not sure how to properly reward this. But its a role that is taken away from the very class that would be good at it, just by the press of a button.

    Going off topic here. But these things are what the Stalker should be excelling at. But other mechanics or lack of them is crippling it. Making it totally invisible isn't the answer. And I'm sorry to say, but even if we did give them the Level 4 Enchanter spell from Everquest to make them invisible. It wouldn't help.

    Personally what I would do with Stalker Cloak as a short term fix.. or rather a bone thrown their way. Is allow Stalker cloak to PASS through ANY shield and be immune to pain fields while cloaked. This allows them to be something they were made to be. Infiltrators going where you don't expect enemy to be.

    And yes, I would allow them to go into Enemy Spawns and Warpgates. Warpgates make players invulnerable (but not the cloaker) to attack so those are still safe. Spawn rooms still require them to decloak in a pain fielded area to do any sort of damage.

    I find this suspicious.

    If there is a bug, you fix the bug. You don't balance around the bug. So why bother bringing it up in a balance discussion? Because that's what you're implying.

    I see videos of people getting greased in cloak from 'someone' 70m away (gif in this thread showed a shooter half the distance of 70m btw). But I'd like to see videos of someone doing the shooting and killing from 70m away. I get the feeling we'd see green and yellow squares and rectangles everywhere if that was the case.

    I've been able to spot infils sprinting while cloaked up to 100m away. I've never really picked one up at those distances in deepcloak crouching and not moving. I've happened upon them by accident a few times. I've also taken a best guess and gotten it right a few times when seeing a red dot appear and disappear.

    But just randomly seeing 70+ meters away a dude perfectly still in deep cloak. I'd like to see the shooter's point of view on this one. And an encounter that isn't staged, obviously.


    I decided to review the person in the video that got you. SKIILZx3, apparently he's got a few characters named in sequence. That one specifically appears to have gotten a ton of headshots with the solstice in a very short timeframe.

    I'm not sure that video qualifies for evidence against Cloak being bugged or weak. But some other questionable activity happening.
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  14. Diggsano

    Because there are many many many Bugs online.
  15. SquirtAttack

    Well, the damn Emissary seems like it may be the culprit in my case. I am PO'd about that. Finally get a automatic secondary weapon, and it has a dang bug that gives my position away??? WTH???

    I guess I will switch back to the Blackhand and see if I am still easily spotted.
  16. Foxirus

    There is indeed a bug that is currently happening where certain parts of the infiltrator will not update its coverage correctly. You can reproduce this sometimes by reloading your weapon while cloaked. Sometimes your battery or mag will be a different level of cloak than the rest of you. Yes, Your enemies see that too.

    Other times its the helmets not cloaking correctly.

    Other than the bug, Cloaking is a ******* joke. Its just too easy and might as well not even be used if you aren't 100m away from the enemy looking your direction.
  17. CovertYank


    STOP SPOTTING PEOPLE WHILE CLOAKED. So many Infils have met their death doing that. Veteran players will hear you and know right then and there they have a cloaker in the current area. Spot enough, and they'll track the sound of your voice. Easy.
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  18. Khallixtus

    Cloaking isn't perfect. People will certainly register you in their vision, it just takes more time and can be distracted by more visible happenings. Use this time as they figure out if a cloaked someone is there to uncloak and kill them. With deep cloak it's different, you mostly have to hope they don't see you, the pistol won't kill them in time.

    Also, don't call anything out. Any decent players will hear that, look in your general direction, and they will know you are somewhere there. People very rarely see what they don't expect to see, which is the real reason deep cloak works, as if you do it in an unexpected spot, people unconsciously don't look as hard, and so, wont see you. But if someone knows something is there, they can, and most of the time will, find it. In this case, you.
  19. apcr01

    In h1z1 (same engine as PS2) game was ruined by hackers for first year and they still there (less flying hacks, more esp and aim) Daybreak even added big REPORT button on death screen to atleast catch aim or flying hackers and they still ban big waves each month. And it is buy to play game.

    What makes you think that there is not a tons of ESP and AIM cheaters in free to play game? I cant even find report player function in game.
  20. Ryme_Intrinseca

    He's not moving with the keys, he's looking around with the mouse. I thought this wouldn't make much difference to visibility?